Your Husband Did What?!

Tuesday, April 26th


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This show should really be called the jazz and chanting you show those we can't do it without you. Lots of world war 719400. Information. Is still not before one that it was so great seeing their rage. In. At a Major League ballpark. We've his eleven month old son he's got his son tucked under one arm as a home run is it. Dad stands out in his outfield seat is the ball gets closer and closer exchanges and and catches the ball bear and while polian the eleven year my eleven month old son and stay in the big TV stations I interviewed the guy just that first block out. Did you make that catch bare handed with a baby in one hand. I don't even know I just not coming and I reached up and down dispelling my aunt Jen was so fired up if she went in Arenas studio and that I would like to record a spot. Is it though. They interviewed the baby's mom. That's good and that's with this and here's reverend going with this we want you to fill in the blank I can't believe my husband dot leg. Would be a good idea though we regard child I got a couple of 4404741. At 9400. Here's James response of the news interviewed her as the mom. I got another hour and higher body with your body I guess everybody about not take him in the game. All. I ask you do you like. By the way. You wearing that son and I need your kid is burn out there. Outfit. How does take me out to them all game at this shelter Sheikh. He adds I saw he's got. Pink skin ever heard of SPF. You're about forty week that I scary. And all game and I. Let yourself. Have them. How little gym and your voice got this week. Special exercises soft failure I was just trying to emphasize that point yeah here's the deal put the phone numbers for 047419400. Jenn what she did share. Two. Did tell all of us what your child's father thought would be a great idea. We've had that kid and the reason we're doing this and begins its used and talked about it. She said he emails and text messages from friends in from show listeners Euro like and which it. Oh yeah this one of my friends with helping me a hilarious story about. When they had their very first and you know newborn baby the babies maybe eight iron. Ten weeks old or something like that you know tiny baby whatever. And she tested make it target rounds as she leaves the house are gonna target and she comes back and her husband is so proud of himself because he's got on the baby Bjorn at the backpack that. UA your baby on. And he's got that kid in the in the little contraption strapped on them legs dangle on there. And her husband is grilling dinner. Always baby Rachel and around. I and my husband so. I'm. In the baby's feet like Deng out Bob. She did legs. And I heading towards kids beg mortified. Yeah. And dead a site does an egg kids' feet didn't touch the Grail. Allen's I mean I I've a friend of mine this is I forgot all about this story until you brought this up. 4047419. U 400 if you wanna share your stories as well. So. I have a friend who thought it would be a great idea. To you put their child let their child play in the yard. But because there is construction going on might on one side of the house and there was a quick mean and cement mixers and just stuff that happens when you. Put an addition on the house that he knew they just letting three year old runner in the arm would be bad parenting. And stated everything by share this destruction there products so he. Quit vacated. In the dog run. And let the kid playing in the dog run so they put him in there would like some toys right everything's kid. To play and then win his wife came home was sold proud admitted they I. I look I'm keeping kids safe. She pointed out that for the past two years. For 2 hours every morning. There is a German shepherd whooping and digging and he game and six foot wide thirty foot long. Dog ran page. What are they neighbor came over and looked out the kitchen window in the backyard. Is our child. Any dog run fifth (%expletive) up. They how fast would you call these facts and that. Here is like there isn't any isn't she is is brilliant isn't genius yes. You know the big bumping actually happens more than you think that it adds that yeah because I click on ESP and got highlight reels all the time of death adds. Catching balls with kids right nearby happened to my buddy Tug at kicks he was telling me about his son Jacob that he actually. Had to it was like a really fast like hundred mile per hour land mine dropped a lay out a line drive out all right in right. But ends like his instinct was to stick his hand out and catch the ball which she did and prevented it from hitting his kid's head and right miles an hour. I'm is that enough to play baseball so long that was my instinct. But he was saying that he and his wife had the debate because Laura was like I would've just protected ticket like I would just like. Hunched over landmark. I'd take that Lara how well the. Start before one.