Yearbook Quotes

Tuesday, May 23rd

What quote did you decide, at the wise age of 18, to put in your senior year book?


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Die before one thanks for waking up when Jeff again. I waited days here about quotes here in just a second if you'd like to share with us. How a few short words. In your high school annual. I was gonna change the world. Astronomers for a afford she's 630941. And this season have high school graduation. We I'd call ourselves out. I'm means you're that close that viewers. And earbuds being passed out you read these comments from all your friends. Tom and about how they're gonna change the world's. Jenny and swine anyhow where you. Tell us about the yearbook quote it changed the world. Like Ernie say it Heidi we're. Thinking now. Yeah I've got. Print. My guys at tournaments so much troubles and Alan. What school was that. I get exempt from Cleveland Tennessee at Bradley and drive. Bradley sent off highs go where sex is quite great and mighty in year my AD and where the class of nineteen and ninety. Is absolutely area way to change the world Janney. If Danny the naughty little rebel. It's a can of tennis the Adriana Adriana right. AJ is Janet and Riverdale high. Good dinner and we're looking for the year but could it seems the world's. Not much and thank you oil. A slow down here later I'm like yeah I. Wrote this when he got. Only about shaky because Jermaine I had a you're record might drop right there. Since I never I let it slip through art. OK John do. Do you wanna give us the whole thing or is that it is that enough. Why don't mind if I enter into lemonade I went there are. And then you can dream. Can't. I can't get on earlier about. OK okay and you can't tell people that's why you only use the acronyms at you good okay here. Larry had what I finalized a Jana when ice goes that. We're really let it out injury yes. Don't hate Adriatic says she's beautiful. Nader is your man. Yeah he's that's a English and language you know Amato and. I knew I society JP you and the honors and sharing your yearbook quote murders yes because mine's probably the most generic on all bars you can. Hunt was. Don't be afraid be yourself. And a good pitcher would say yeah. When I know we only deduce we need to make thank you Yoder JPJ. Genius and simplicity but that was simplistic and very now. Around we can definitely gotten that we need to at all. You put her quotes I get a graphic of at a sunrise huh yes waterfall we need to put our close over the waterfall. Good quote yeah there's my school year refer last. Center right what was your grad and yes six is out funny eleven. Now yeah grass. I really is a quote freely give big deals Kelly just nine. And with it in Haskell. So I just highlight of years and then I had initials and all the friends that I liked and can't talk to house. And it is I know we're going to be friends for. Hi Kelly she's really got Richards yearbook quote this can change the world. I graduated in 2005 from Harlem high school and that might your local. And by the way town in Georgia that Borough of New York CIA evaluate things and if I had neighborhood in Manhattan I'm so cool until people say that I closer and Harlem. Anyway hum. From Georgia 20055. On Sundays here the dogs and Sundays in the fire hydrant. Because I'm food. And that can make everybody think this though. Iron yeah. Hired they're gonna. If you didn't obvious visual banana. You're just joking about the inspirational and Syrian photo that we can make out of all of these mine would have to have. I tapestry in the background to. Imagine a beautiful tapestry. Here's my quote and somewhere below what I probably signed it LYLAS. Let my guy says there. Okay. Here's mine now homeland who did that disclaimer though Jen is only influencing eleven people because she went to shoot their families that are bigger than her ice and yeah. Total yes mangling his total nineteen kids and my senior classes I bend your family reunion of panic can make that little. That are bigger than you are seeing again. I now. And we always pulls together all grown up so we were all like Brothers and sisters trips I truly knew every weird couldn't date in your own senior classic hits he knew everybody way to well like. From the awkward teenage years that the middle school years. But here's my club ready. Each day is a thread in the tapestry of life. And we have the power to choose the colors. I. Earned it it was once a little bit in that on grandma again and doesn't even make sense that. Each day is that there had okay each day isn't threatened in the tapestry of life in the tapestry so every day. Contributes to this and we have the power to choose the color so we can choose and angry we could choose red thread. You could she's happy to Brad threat I says you just always Jenna and have been a red thread day. I. Turn and change much tough. Steve and if that's. Wish you collapsed futures were mine after so bad it's so deep. I guess I I can remember where I got my yearbook quote from OK I and I wish I remember the guy's name. Is it was Steve something I think he actually he may have stolen this quote from somebody else and then he's solid from scenes but it was a full page actually I think I credit him in my yearbook. Right okay where you are joking me jokers and yearbook I know I always areas OK and there's a full page dad. Aim at the Syracuse newspaper where I grew up on an idea junior senior high school. Tigers there is a full page ad. And in them it was a blank page in the middle the page was a quote. For a mall that was being built on and former industrial peace and industrial land okay. And so the guys quote was. Where some see. Only what is. Undersea. What can be. And I yearbook and ladies and gentlemen. Came from a mall developer. I had them all by the way he's gone nine. To become the largest shopping mall in upstate New York. For outlets. Global whoa so if you wanna grab yourself a banana republic sweater that's gonna last. Re watch specific. You you do Wear my yearbook quote just. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion. One star not before one and it.