WTH Happened To Our Van?

Tuesday, June 13th

The van is in ruins after a fire, but the only question is: Was this foul play?


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Okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James Jones all of now. The jet engine show was attacked on its own territory. Yesterday next. Somebody torched. Our fans. This is not a drill don't believe me go look at Marion Seagram account I posted a picture of the barbecue. Could Harvick Sheila the star of the but this is scary just barbecue. And double. If it's not funny Kelly thank. I'm just piggybacking off the engine jet IMAX is taking this very seriously I'm asking. Don't get me a whole. Yeah somebody was it was a personal lord Jesus. Did not rain and adding Brad knows. Jesus not your old. It's all they have Brett is. I can't ever today. Yesterday we got to pay. A text message from JP he came back to the radio station because he needed deeds had used their printer and our virtual wedding stuff right so he's unhappy mood is like. Instead he comes on the corner you say if aliens burning. And there is the shallow. Of these star 941 that would ban. The one that has our faces damage and so we'd call it the favorite. The one that's got your face in my case on the back. Earns toasted. Clocked. The ice pictured is sixty takes it all has a picture of it which is now have on our face a page on jet engines have recently and I turned. Unemployment at Barnes and learn how is today's Gary Payton doesn't even look real and I'm like oh what is this a fake thing oh my god this is for real. The thing that I can't believe is that your faces are fine dining out and scratch like engines gone doors blown off smoke everywhere corrosion. Jeff Jones faces still smiling party Lazio try to tell that tore off before they caught away as I would like right. Face it doors are blown also existing. At peso is obvious entire engine has been Malone out the played a full Lou back and busted out the windshield of the T side windows and blew out the door and blew the back doors open like it's. Now here's what you don't know the man has been sitting in that spot for 24 hours it has not been running. It never even turned to not it hasn't there hasn't been used to send this weekend's is probably. Saturday afternoon when JT whiz at the meals Nissan dealership Ranariddh town attorney sunny Tucson you might wanna be really nice in this house Ernie some people we might can he might need them Sandburg is it vehicle so. It has probably hasn't been used since then so it just spontaneously Connor and fire. IA and blowing the whistle and I'm saying we were attacked. I'm carrying. My oceans. Teens get out the email last night and said the firefighters thought it was an engine fire firefighters don't have all the info OK erratic. You have to understand the present and make your case presenting a case count one. Yesterday morning I told you that I saw somebody lurking around the band that's true and I pulled in at ten minutes 5 in the morning. I didn't investigate for a couple reasons mainly amateur hour. So I didn't do anything without the there was somebody lurking around her and yesterday it in ten minutes to 5 in the morning so I don't know they were doing something that would catch fire later I don't. I don't know but there were summary there's that's one. Two it was our dream there are two vehicles. Okay it was ours Jen was the moment our faces on it. So that's 23. This weekend are events brunch all night. Happens this weekend at terminal west okay so we have an event coming up in our main catches on fire. For sonar to yes four are less demand that we did was start in Swanee. Drew almost fifty. Thousand people it's almost unprecedented. For radio station event to draw that many people. Let's forty years saying 40000 in something people. This could be competitive work. I don't know I'm just saying it was just sitting there and manic hedges and fire where does that have to okay. I first thought was it was a robbery because he keeps speakers and oh yeah and stuff like that in the van and you saw somebody casing SI thought will for sure they were just trying erotic and then. Burn the evidence I forgot number five it wasn't around everything was still on the. So it was somebody just vandalizing it as what you're saying yes foul play yes I don't know if I believe that's not a grant them. So when you eight cents. Mark Arum. I. I can't change the way back he's a good news now. Ratio for Chad. Now Mark Arum if it is pathetic isn't it ESP people's honest. Fierce let's say he's got a lot of time on our hands Melissa turner it's fun. Aha and nice as human being ever. I'll bet. That optical gave me a whole. Thing is somebody was IQ was a personal lord Jesus. Did not rain and a cutting grant knows that nothing chase. Your ball. And Davis all gas app Brett is. I can't ever today. Yeah. All learn and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook.