Wrong Things to Say at a Wedding 2

Thursday, June 23rd


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Now starting may be forewarned. Hash tag who has. Was it things today and never say it away. Kingston never say at a wedding I think is the hash tag is turning a couple days ago. And they're very. Iraq there's hash tag wrong things assailant. Though. Some of the hash things were. Don't worry I know gray divorce attorney hash tag from things the same way. This wine taste is cheap is the maid of honor and looks. I think it. This when was almost as nice as your last one hash tag on things to say pierce nicer than his first wife. 404. 741. And 9400. If you have real world experience. With somebody who just doesn't. Have proper etiquette. I'll read it we running that mean the Internet ones are great for Twitter Windsor great. We wanna hear this story real stories behind the hash tag wrong thing to say way. I thought of one had actually happened to me but I thought this would be really terrible if you went to the Bryant and he said. I or the exact same wedding dress. Into his friends are going to be completely 1% unique and letting Brian eighth. I am hash tag wrong thing to say and a wedding was. I am citizen you have to you don't you get an accident on a. I am citizen now yes with the food and. Editing and Elena accident is. I used to date the bride. In the groom ash tag wrong thing to say that winning 4047419400. If you can contribute to any of these. Meg and he could be the first column. Well. The bright and a group they said. You're not that indicate ever had that you're wired. And at the reception. There are. Some keys. I. Strike and take advantage that way. Assembly that it is. Yeah and analyze your line at the buffeting when he said Tia. I mean Venus and Christmas and Thanksgiving. Union the rest of your life. Yeah I'm not particular spot and hit it further that. You know what's the relationship like now. I'm thinking perfect and it. Lately trying to be cool and it did what. You know it it might I don't care here. That's. Like the one trying to be too funny guy. Yeah. Is a general rule weight jokes to women's faces are not funny ever not something public. Thanks for the comment and. Wrong things to say at a wedding Rangers got one favorite. What's the wrong thing EU. It. My cult Hanley did not want me he kept calm act now. The bad. At the wedding before the lagging actors away. Here's the question you still married in that we're not. Have a great relationship. Out yet that. Edward Moore and not ever. Actually Elliott youngsters have once you know I mean when. Yes right. At ten wrong things to say add a wedding gel and Alpharetta. And at a rehearsal. I'd hardly ever. And play and it'll for the group has been. Oh. I don't. Think he learned. You know like. Kerry Kerry premier. What is the general lie. And I hope I do not know any. And more importantly why would you here. We like them. My heart. I around the school as well. It. OK I. Did okay. Health and. And and. There were why I may say that it's like a really scary. I. How. Is at the Georgia. That's great. I thank you delta. Air but while these fishing off the company pier right there. Martin's got a story for him orient. We'll have the servers that are England ankle and my husband and so he would sessions it was really cool. And as they were cleaning out she popped up to me hide me and whispers I took his virginity in senior year and he cry. Among my god and. Why the three inches total shot. Yes she just walked away and so everyone arrested that night for me and I think about it every single day would be great for a year and I've never told it plan. He told him you. Know oh you can't tell. The cried after. Just that was so rude why did she do that. It's a jerk jerk out there that you were far pastor that's why why did she do. I get justice. Lay claim to somebody and now that it was horrible. Now you. Can you say you think about it every single day. What part of our what part of that do you think about it. The fact that you know the person that he was first wins or the fact that he cried when it happened. But kind of lean generally bother me that the weight it she. Whispered to me hugging me. It was almost like. Threats not the right word but it felt it felt easily. It's like our new or something weird. We can't have that we'll expect I've argued that opportunity here at. It's as more it would hurt it looked horrible taste in my now but I don't like talking about it that I mentioned. Now. I don't audience know it real and are the. How long how long have you guys been married now and yeah. Is it ever cried media. Check at 220. My gosh thank you for calling my thanks Morgan. Do you or making this switch today Jesse.