Wrong Things to Say at a Wedding

Tuesday, June 21st


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Lots of choices in the morning and he tells us we appreciate that yeah starting 941. I've this is. Important to me each and it is four months. Countdown. On month. From the can you know I last summer when you are planning to propose that that was yesterday. Exactly when years and years. If you like so far away and he decided. That's. And from this hash tag and Twitter. Yesterday she says kindly. When the entrance about them. I think at half past dead wrong things at say at a wedding astounding yesterday and it was really funny people are witty. So we'd love your contributions to 40474194. Under and he got wannabes to add to the conversation. Some of these this is my second marriage system of these. Hash tag run things the state of wedding you know so much nicer than his first wife. Somebody related thing that in earnest when they really are trying to be nicer out that compliment it's. And it's it's life. Have to Negron in the same wedding don't worry the other wife meant nothing and. Another worry I don't great divorce attorney who has tagged the Rhonda thanks to say Atlantic. I do think these are well intentioned people probably. I like that's 1 I am a citizen now yes. Touched tag on consisted of running the only guy didn't have the little accent with sanity. That's when I actually like this person would get points for creativity and thank god the wind cases cheap to me it looks to dig. Can I get my wedding gag gift back at this doesn't work out passion on things that wedding. This one was almost as nice as your last wedding has run things. Yeah not have a wedding. First round right I did not we've been to Vegas right this is my first wedding. Let Nancy that too. Where's the free alcohol I don't really a problem that your fine with that absolutely. How about. I used to date the bride and the groom. It's the drag to moms single. I think the bride's mom and take that as a total complement and went right that's right. Things to say it allowed a. In. It. Most of her ex has turned up dead and a mysterious circumstances yes they've run these. Kelly what do you have. A couple of. It's night time is the third third. For a Jeff Jensen. Ron hash tag rock in the Atlantic. Well. I'm on my head actually. Career now. That. I actually thought ma. Or. Yeah. And the are a lot. You. Are you glad she chose Yale. It teaches you got it got it. I checked on things is it that way. This friend was in the party. Hash tag on things and Atlantic the wrong name yet. That's Enron thing sit wedding Wi-Fi password no problem that listen you know I'm thinking. It'll work done yet but that means to Graham's. I if you have any of these you're free to to tag please I am I wrong things to say. A wedding. You love rejoices in the morning news shows us we appreciate that yeah still are not before one.