Worthless Gifts

Wednesday, June 22nd


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Do you previous glitch today Jesse. Charlie Sheen is giving an interview and he told this story about now from the street from me. About five years ago I was at a dinner with my ex wife Brooke and her family has meant. About halfway through I noticed Donald staring at my watch. And so he started saying it Meola so I'm I'm I'm I'm sorry that I wasn't invited your wedding this and that are so I can't make your wedding and I and I invite you this. Sources but you know wanna give you a an early wedding gift as a gesture from Myanmar on him. So he says these are around these are platinum diamond Harry Winston and he pulls off his conflicts. He gives in to me. It's on my own cash and a restaurant you've you've really should know this is now knowledge is the least I can do when you know have a great marriage and all that. The six months later I'd say yes and jewelry gets the praise of the house you know. She took the loop spent about four seconds and and kind of recoiled from it much like people do from trump and she says. In their finest moment this is cheap computer. And bad deserve Tony has. And their stamp trump. And I just just. What does this release saying about the man you know that he said here's like a great wedding gift and it's just. This is the bag or dog. I say what does it say about you Charlie Sheen just doesn't trust him. And praise. I.s so here's our farmer 4047419400. Do you people in real life. Do you this give war a nice gifts leg that's fake. Gifts or. I'm guessing jewelry it probably happens with all the time because. Unless you were really trained higher unless you know exactly where it came from. There's all kinds of jewelry impostors right have you ever been given anything that was a fake I don't thinks now. I do have a story that I remembered the the other day that. I remember it goes we it was a week ago today when we had the very cool opportunity to meet Elmer. Yeah from the Atlanta brain yeah right so you're lifelong Atlanta Braves and Elmer needs the he's the man and a guy and those years right so. I had a friend of mine he admits. Like ten years ago to all of us when they were out. We were just talking about I I had mentioned that I have a bunch of rain and ice to work for the Braves have a bunch of random baseball's. That I Chipper Jones won and Phil Niekro won the body counts one and they just sit on the shelf in my office. And I and I said yeah I Robbie you something more of these miners are worth anything to protect him better. Hands. This girls and a UN here great story about my brother. And her dad was a huge Atlanta race. And it was Father's Day this is using a pen and he doesn't the guy doesn't remember this father's. He's literally driving your dad's house for what he thinks it's just dinner and he start new sister on the phone and she's equity dad for father's things. He gives to Dick's sporting it on the eyes of baseball. Google's del Murphy autograph on his phone now. And then duplicates. And dale Murphy signature on a baseball. Puts in a plastic box gives it Tuesday. Then the dad got a degree in early. It sits on his desk work still to this day. Using Andy does now. National advertising appraiser authenticated something hey Renee and coming welcomed the jet engine jam. Get more or hear about let's hear about the work with gives you guys. Well I've ever going to be aware of it yet my aunt works or eight big automaker in Michigan yet. Literally part of the battle when my grandma have signed and it went about her jewelry and I can't get regular just you know I think what we again. Drink but under what our second half are and argue and it turned out a lot of the real. And it really affect my heart because what department evidently a lot and so for him you actually put money into my grandma. It just really love. That's just me what was the most expensive piece work. Trouble Allard. What and. Yeah. I in his sixty dollar. In. Orbit at the but you need QB Kurt Graham or. And now. That's awesome that's really all it is the opposite flow without any 4000 now. 4047419400. Worthless gifts. That word attempted to be passed out Israel Melissa welcome the jet engine. My bad boss gave global. Lack churning ill person being here. Picked up working like a legislator Joey Cheek and here paired and watched a guy. They could be counted that they. Are wrong. And passer all ax did your dad ever call his boss Aaron. Oh absolutely right at the box and you would like I. I never said it was a real lack. Only excessive buster zones it. That's a perfect.