Worst Time to Travel for 4th of July

Tuesday, June 28th


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It's our life. You're traveling in Georgia for Independence Day weekend. The folks it wave is wanna help you outweighs the navigational. And travel app. Says the the worst times to be on the road this weekend. It's Thursday evening from six to eight the end. And Friday afternoon and 11 AM to four. Okay it's Thursday evenings because everybody's taken Friday off work. May be out and I think is to get Monday at the holiday I can take Friday and have a forty long vacation with only taken off one Baylor so that might be people cut Panthers it and turnaround trying to get deleted each of the mountains where he asked them. So you've answered packing tonight tomorrow and you jet right after work on Thursday that Thursday from six to 8 PM is going to be wrapped Friday from 11 AM to 4 PM is going to be wrapped. Which is where an army and the the fine and Saturday all day is the best time. To travel I'm fourth of July and people not be on the road Saturday afternoons CD can hold out do you wait till Saturday. Wait until Saturday we need to find out as they do in any construction and they would suspend construction and I'm holiday weekend. I've been stuck in a couple construction things and we can play. It's progress in the matter progress. We jump in here and and and selling 94 law and.