Worst Summer Jobs

Monday, June 12th

Boy did these people have some rough summers!


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The jet engines kill every. Our goal is to summarize. Your worst summer jobs. In one sentence for example. I delivered flowers and almost every day had a woman's scream at me about her cheating husband and and is bouquet of flies off impossible hall. If you think you can tell that 404 or she seems very. 0941. Summarize. Your worst summer job in one sentence. Everywhere I go everyone is asking me how is your baby girls do in. And I appreciated so much send in a milestone update on recess for you we talk to her doctor last night so the issue with the U. Results of this big milestone that she went through I'm here and few minutes. Keep waiting. Text am trying to today get through the important races for. Leg. She like. Newton. Along few days note in. Mummy about it and I'm real task one summer I built an entire report from my hands. And in Mary Ann's. I got paid in chocolate points high. La or worst summer job that our that was my worst summer jobs for 042630941. But make sure Wayne's arm from. Many of you guys have GPU alleged burial ground. I was but I just realized that I have freshman year of college I was picking up trash around campus. And I got to milk shake the ram me. On. Oh 100 degree days. On grown. It's your does that I don't college kids. And then like my. Like out of the car window they threw at you while you're out there picking attraction up all weekend that is horrendous and so humiliating death. Lorraine in Atlanta. House of your own words emerge out in one sentence. Okay and I worked out pitch at bat I sort I would probably be at an early and catch one air and I would only one. Example. And that's one year. Why they're rumored. So. OK you win day in one ear how is that. We hear that. Common yeah. He sounds orders her bra and how she. How then an accurate but now I don't but other early. Also. She can terrifying in one year but yet they share everything sounds like we. It's been that man. I'll act seriously. Don't jump on how he hasn't used its funds which he has in news and events even. Tiffany and act worth welcomed the show. Hey Tiffany what was your worst summer job and all time. And where you and me learning and heritage ballot and that is not projects are ahead I'm embarrassed. Operator has. They dragged there had about ten different even than he had yeah I'm a lot into the air and they're true. It's whole you support that may NEC. Completely gut it out. So was a big schools so all these parents think their kids are in. What's your columns. That's certified. You know whatever yeah legitimate at any. School. That's horrible move. Oh horrible horrible. Cynthia and add worth your worst summer job. So I would their patrons put my key here all. And the people like it's unless they offered me a job and they probably the talk and that I felt I Bernard Pollard and their secret high inflation in the background and like that they were trying to daily chart try. I need pentagon yeah hula. And I am at least it'll pop fly. Kemper insurance can't. And I'll raise it has terrible I Mees meetings organized can shops and literacy guiding places in the. I haven't. My brother works and I screen shot over the summer and said that was in his worst summer job ever for sure but it was because they always made him make the waffled and any time Mac and like it hits and a singers are only so burn. The ball on the hey I love all hold hands and hope I. Had a summer job is action that first job ever and ever is busboy I hate to be a busboy at a restaurant but like you know bus waiting is that clearing tabled the the US is there's an entry level bus boy position. So I was in the back. So the big guys and clear the dishes and bring them to me and my job was to use a tiny little spatula. And scrape out unused ketchup mustard and man he's out of the ramifications. And put him into being to be read. Are stuck in that some day. At some of the kitchen of the restaurants you go do you did your fried but it doesn't look too contaminated. Site would have won that looks clean. And then the other one would be another rom for that it was a pet food particles or whatever it is they would use that to make a barbecue sauce and no I can't buy content disgusting word load is because staying at there's when you could relate TJ pay a woman yelled at me for watching her swim. I was alleged. Art and after Arafat's time. Time apart of the gate event happen I Wear a summer job well I Wear a summary justice working with my dad and it was so black had to fill in for the lady in accounting. Who is out for the summer sometimes some injury. And it basically just accounted for like filing everything all day long so I leave for two hour lunches and stared all Scientologist. Because his offices in downtown Clearwater Florida and that's for the headquarters aren't they all Wear uniforms and they're really creepy cult like and I was like. I Tracy and and welcome to the champ. Trying to show my first job out of high school let other catch and turned on shocked. And restore our car quarter when diet can help out and I edge. Andy card little about in plain on the aren't ready I'd like to convert a. It looks pretty solid this could be called first in that situation. Look what happened to go to an opposite direction and and all that smoke inflamed and turned around for a could be an exit the car so I think they called auditorium. At. It's worse here's some from the Internet a customer complained that her French Fries tasted too much like potatoes. Since I thought. I don't his son from lowly Vasquez I worked for a chiropractor and my boss said that one of my job doozy duties was to Brady is air and cut his food huh. I play it's it's it's it's not. When I was a tour guide at Niagara Falls the most common question is what time you turn the water off. It that's I was fired from my summer job moving furniture for having quote. A sub par attitude towards moving furniture. The hotel maid and was told not to change the sheets but it just smooth them out between gas gore oh god now. You know now now now I know now. Oh. I knew I get and then seeing coming on FaceBook or you can cause for a 42630941. OK and NHL all star for our. Marianne Laurence Ville what was your worst summer job. Somebody in our school five of those were hard to put together so merger we didn't know how much. All they gave us we'll we'll all screwdriver cards for our church okay or or former wall the course of the summer we pretty much had leading into mr. Ayers. So when they're five revue putting together furniture we only had one screwdriver and wrench between the. None out of Atlanta and a screwdriver. And Christian church and our tools. So our hands were blistered and bleeding by the end of the summer it was terrible. I bet you've never put together furniture cents. No I could get it quite a bit of surgeons then. I owe you something different just a screwdriver. Because I near IKEA and gets a panic. Absurd I'd cleansing through his little Allen wrench things I've found in little piece in the eighties hair your fingers up. How about this on my coworker and I had the exact same name and also me I was getting a raise until he realized I was the other Justin. It's a so stay at the fact you can't take the rays record that we can him. I'm I'm yes and again it was summer job Amanda and I Stell welcomed the shelves. And the morning on your worst summer job. The one summer where I'm. At. Laundromat that hurt her outlook on what is our ninth and like most. Teenagers are our summer not that bad they have all you want them and got weak and are. Sure. On new endeavor no problem a couple of later depletion. Out. And I didn't sell we're trying to they're going on to make that. Called because mother children called and said that they're eat her beat her children. Yeah and only mean and why they are kind of like him and I happened to walk away to what what are content they claim that. Port 88. An annual. Over the air. And yeah yeah that's optional. And so uses ads is that you think the area and work covering for themselves is that when you. I would say and it's sick I have think yeah I GL AM add things. Laura and I port as lifeguards first summer and I had some kid percent to squirt and what do super soaker. It is children here in. No lag no no no no no no no no. But Jeff has known that he's kind of lasting in Cincinnati. I know you icy smile I'm. When did you realize that it wasn't water. Immediately. Mean and they started hurting each history. Jill. Bag says Nancy says sorry did you quit immediately did you have to write it out for the rest of the summer. Out there this summer. Instead like I had that tool. On. I joked thank you for the call I guess it's cause I'm fascinated by the way on how they probably don't have failed. Club opening we would play in the water. And then Mina he's and in some analysis I'm guessing it wasn't a little girls are more filling and I'm. Exaggerated feeling they're in now. Apparently took turns sounds like. They talked. Was around me now aiming at that way you know and I have used marriage based mixed together really do their own hands it. All my share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook.