The Worst Mistake I Made For Love

Wednesday, May 30th

What's the worst thing you've ever done for love? 

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They jet engine shop. Heard their love is blind love make CD stupid things. So we announced. But the worst mistake that she ever made for a loved. Lord knows we have all made now and lastly. They have. But when you're that big advance. It feels like the right decision and we need and that they give me are you with every. Ounce of your being used against the rate decision. Sometimes it comes from desperation. Yeah sometimes it comes from just BM. Blind from love. To hear the worst mistakes did you ever made for love 4042630941. Doll inspired by day a man who called us to tell us about her boyfriend who had that tattoo with G aid on his shoulder. And she couldn't figure out who was Jenny he wouldn't talk about the tattoo for the longest. Well when she finally figured out and got him to open up allow about what G-8 man. It was from when he was in high school and head over heels in love with this girl whose nickname was JD. And this girl got ten guys. To prove their love for her by tattooing her name on their body. What does she say the one and that date it gives the tattoos the one that Al date so they both did it and then she has made fun of them and left the ma. Yeah are all this ex girlfriend and I mean girls thing so I'm sure exact I would say that was the worst mistake he ever made for a lot of. 4042630941. Is our phone number if you wanna admit whites. You. Did it for for love that that you consider the worst mistake we ask that question yesterday on line and the answers Jeremy I. If you have one of these down perfect. Come on and now. I was I mean. I if things that I do. Regret like you know you guys again know exactly on time out. You know the boyfriend that wouldn't leave the apartment. Like narrowed her arm and the girls channel roommate moved and mining town it is moving in BK is. Still had a Mallon address elsewhere. But I regret being that guy Larry. See you or head over heels in love and you just thought she wanted you there all the times he moved into her apartment that she shared with other girl roommates and now. I'm Aaron cause I like Baghdad grave and pennies a pay mileage Tracey bill and I Waterville me I rarely your boyfriend wasn't Sharon. Everyday and maybe save like six bucks in I think you are still on. And I I'd I'd it's gonna take me aside and remember the details of this fine. But I do remember falling on my knees on SII Lanka begging a girl issue locked away from. Young man. Yeah turns out. And so that men and Monahan. I maintain a what did you do for loves it was your worst mistake our. I woke up 1 morning and my girlfriend Brooke now let me in and out of nowhere. After Valentine's Day and I hitchhiked from a lot of go all the way. Marietta. Look if I can take from Taiwan to get him one now can get it right for a loan it's pretty. What how all night. Lease. Says this message about a household full of stuff. Late leather sofa is small appliances dishes. Before I got the rain. Who now. Cash bag egos than me hash tag still single hash tag WTF. This I'm from Lauren and Brookhaven is dead at says. Not studying abroad in college because I was scared we wouldn't make it through the six weeks that I would be gone. And then we broke up before the trip anyway man ever so many on social media one RN Megan McCain said that she didn't go to medical school. Got into metals medical school and decided against sick to save our relationship that didn't mark now. Are you breaking. Injury in midtown I became a vegetarian for six months just. Went to Mexico. Back E. Coli. And a parasites. Because of all the vegetables I was consuming and how they were prepared. I've never had the runs so bad. It was so awful. That Health Department heads are being notified. Of a man. There are having diarrhea so bad that any federal agents say it I think in needs to be gone. I have heard music area 94 line if you wanna add yours to Lance two calls that worry our screening rate now that we'll take. In three minutes. 11 main Judy made sure Alexia seize and hold. I she went to jail and oh no on behalf of her acts. While she was pregnant. And now that is and now we're gonna turn gives us on the other woman and hold. Who. Was intimate with a celebrity. To get a gift for her boyfriend's. Star in 941. We've been talk about the worst mistakes you made four love because we heard a story on the Jeff intention this week about a guy who got eight. Tattoo of the name jade just to impress a girl and try to date her and she dumped him anyway. He's been living with that mistake ever since so. Your stories feminine are are pretty cute and you're so let's 40426309401. Some more from the Internet so I got their initials tattooed on my arrest big mistake huge. As had been pretty woman voice. Jet engines show friendly member Bridget says my ex says the fight here and I didn't press charges. Why its worst mistake I ever made love one similar to that line probably as serious. On I handed over the remote during my 600 pound life. Now I'll never know of Douglas the wait is he happy that he keep it off. Ailing hander allowed anyway she didn't. I'd I Jan I'll let this be your choice to hey wait to talk to first. Hooked up with a celebrity to get something for her boyfriend well our went to jail while six months pregnant for her acts let's go straight to jail all right. Can have bad hours Alexia and a wind her what was the worst mistake you made for love. How frequent are out trying to in my church child in my expert on partition so evil and stupid and patent or money on private property accurate the charge so you get back to jail. Adobe can afford Internet but there was no dads and I was praying that awful period so I. I would basically nothing to report it even miserable and on the record it again. So what was it that he why how did he violate his probation. He thought it would but typically that I didn't know much in the day chart on and on private property yeah. Not hot lingerie and eat different time while we got a team to pretty can be rescued patent. So great now. They showed you had to say that at six months pregnant you went four Wheeling and a muddy field. I would you care and I'll get out I. I will never did and the guy that the content that we shouldn't teach. It's something about not my friend and it's little wonder I think without Jordan and I think you're it. Etched clearly it's he the consulate here but we are aptly put it on the ticket at a record you know like pinch you all. Only still an important amount of the art and yet. It flat and probably don't produce from the repetition a record looking at the charter on electric on that he ended up Martin might play Clayton. Is he so your boyfriend. Oh. Yeah. I rat yeah. Yeah I celebrity hook up and a second the first Laura in Atlanta the worst mistake you made for loans. Kornberg reporters giving out all or weren't paying. Child with more stocks. Or my colleagues who are you came back ally. And. Comment that he wouldn't they say I'd eat all of those divorce are steady. Getting an apartment. Everything claim that he would support we're actually let her. Our own nose see you guys. Whole future planned and you. Started the ball rolling and yours and he was just made an Arab heads. And make it. Or not how much time doing for murder. Yeah ha ha. So I is literally you're so. How long ago in this campaign. A year ago who. So this crash. And I did not want to I was there. Mom reading says why don't work at a time so. And I am working. The rest of my life while Lauren ads on Duke's. Little. Chelsea and that Barnes fell. What was the worst mistake here are made for love. I. Iron out of power in the nineteen year old where they are at my grandmother. And. She had outrun her well known everything in me and she brought him off my own dished out a balance in their England. I wish every super match Andrew and I caught acts yeah. Know. You'll end up by well I near grandmother her. What did you say that she was delaying. I'm sure. She'd. Answered as she let Maine and end. I'll see your mayor. I don't know where you ever tell that your. I I eventually did after my. On homeland and live. I ran it at me and my baby sister she was younger than me around. And the the biggest mistake and allies how long how long figured this happened. This happened and my week. He gets his grandma's forgiving him. Nancy as our own. Yes. As you know I am playing but I am to my mom or her mom Margaret I'm I'm I'm going to be we have rain behind and he's an. My mom out of MI out McConnell at the bell and a special program Minnesota job that streak like. On the beach you senseless shoddy and don't give Mary's and column that's actually a good doctors are like you know what they've already got a folder and I say anything about it. I want that. I might as well what that guy out LC. I'd just be the here's my heart I know that's gonna live with you forever. Graham keep some things you can't do grandma. Call on the authorities on grandma hanging. So we're just gonna call you were urged to use your first initial RC can be anonymous for what was the worst mistake you made for love. I. Example Wiki country singer so I could get a happy birthday DE LT got a crap for replay Pratt. Willow. So your boyfriend that was a big fan of a country saying there. Sadly huge fan. What level country singer like a list or alive a they made narratives in the. It no more a less than we would know baby's name. You are deputy I didn't know his name what is it yeah and I cannot today. So not only as Charlie had to get in the situation yeah. What I really wanted to again like hell aren't happy birthday videos from my boyfriend guerrilla group birthday. And all I went you know one note character and he ended up working many of backstage. And. I hooked up with them to get the video. So it was a if you give me this I'll give you the video you want for your boyfriend like he was aware you had a boyfriend that you need this video for. Souza full exchange. Was like we know why we're here this is what's gonna happen. Yeah basically a whole oh look how that raid there savage. Did you and tell your boy. Definitely agree you gave your boyfriend the video of what how did you say you gave it to him. I guess that I got lucky and CA yeah it has. And are you in the boyfriend. Still together. Now he ended up actually see any. After huge view on hand to get that video. Yeah but it was debating how it sounds like countries on into an impulse is to sit through this. You know who aren't sitting hit some Abraham ash layer where the camera for that and spyglass alma. I'm band ma'am ma'am ma'am me ask who is the saddest. Day I am remain. I'm still here I'm Iowa so. Move which ran was a Florida or Georgia just how. And there is coming back out Kyra thank you for this very. Oh no problem did you after your boyfriend cheated and you and all that happened. Did you by any chance I tell him well guess what here's how I got the video. And. You know what I wish they would now. That maybe the biggest mistake and it. It's not telling him yeah and I thank you for it thank you for the column in my. Its cards right now I'm happy. I was just trying to hit estimated countries I'm like you can't yeah yeah yeah isn't aren't losing countries until we're all the haven't this on the I went. No we do have a limited selection of songs associated with that story. That's it that's the end of my country site. And intense music to play after a bad story really as good at running it kind of looks like Jesus. Thirteen Jeff and genteel and baseline and and here you're not.