Worst gifts Ever: Part 2

Thursday, November 30th


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Okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James Jones poll now. Yeah. Jeff can show we find comfort and the numbers. And we got comfort for. Our executive producer Kelly cheese move boldly admitted yesterday on the radio that her mom is the worst gift giver to rob. There really close friends are riding on them. Just terrible at giving super. You don't do time Inkster Graham and go to either start I'm 41 Atlanta out or jet engines show army should ramp. Believe these are wherever they tell booties. Yeah there and their real house again cal fir. Duties. And they are just might be somebody's style but they're not your style at all and here's the funniest one I thought that you mentioned yesterday was that yours. Mom got you dog man it's like wipe your dog pause here when you come into the house but you don't have dogs now I am when I Atlanta and other this must have been for awhile my Brothers who have. And god and that. I handed a Max Ernst and put him in your house anyway and I mind. Men are closely my life I really I forgot one of the best ones ascertained or any I was reminded me NN. I opened up a gift and it looks like a ton of finger listen gloves which dialogue I'm all about layering in the fall and the winter. Nothing better than singer was closed for touch found keeping hands in your palms warm got your fingers talent. And I might how perfect they were like bright pink and bright yellow and red and white candy cane patterns felt like she's getting closer. And I open them. And I'm for your hands. They're total list coast south of south after I cannot comment there I would I get happy times as. You somewhere with your split off all of my. That's almost two years now when have you ever seen the end of your funds are never know what I'm. Tomorrow 4263091. Line. And we are embracing Kelly she's 'cause there's comforting number I just say view I have a terrible gift giver in your life. Call us now for a 42630941. Some highlights. From the last time we talked about this Stephanie incoming. My mother I'm on Communist scale for Christmas last year. Now noon yeah. Or. An inning I'd let it spread well. Read back gains in these rings. I went near my mother at all brought me. They dressed in different sizes so just think tank are lost weight back it's still Wear the. Man. Just in Athens my grandmother gave my dad it box atop let slip one of them bitten. Old. Is seeing the endeavor as well yeah. So my grandma every year give me I'm already relived it really cute I did today I'll solutions. And and it. And I think be a prize from the callers yesterday losing air in Indian and. My it guys like storage unit any dietary thing I that it says that's where she gets tickets from. And so worn here I gagged similarly used that adult toys. No. No no. Who can't. What do you say it's just wasn't my problem that they have I don't I don't think it's even though they where so I don't. Very little way they're. Toro soared to 6309. Of war line. There's comfort in numbers shared the bad gift givers in your life. Star in 941. I appear just to joining as we're talking about the people in your life who give the worst holiday gifts of all time. Inspired by Kelly cheesy them some real doozies from her mom. And I did either given with love of corner so it probably should be given as someone else absolutely to. Kelly has no need for brightly colored socks. That don't cover your toes. You know their their toe gloves. And love I have I don't know mr. Kerry even if they're so there. There throw lists I've seen you can Wear socks with flip out exactly 40 George she's 630941. And you can provide some comfort in numbers I'd Daphne and Lawrence can you top the 20 list. Flip flops Sox for a woman is never weren't flip flops and life. Actually I. He decided to cut entirely Kellogg an. So I'm I'm I'm I'm not a month lied to did you say when you open match. It's. A well I don't know. And yet they all went through my head but it's not actually what I'm. Ams so many questions for you can add. Up there what are we let it be they would commit. Maybe that what this oil Ali have a piece that they will all I'll wait. Yeah other men and an extra hairdo is a land her house. I'll go is it like just I don't know whose ages ago loose thing hairy Bonser on the bonds or was it was it it. Tied to the robber grander things grunge years. Tied with the river again where is it added I'll write about the rubber band I Wear this right now. And the top unlock all they can't he will come back in passport at one point eight eat don't have enough money to help I don't wanna say it. He was so proud that he won his daughters to have. All. Of primary here I would put it on a stick and just went. Okay yeah I feel that you know butter on your pumpkins every Halloween. A little to drag it out and it is openly look costume for your content and we'll Jacqueline and two. Jan in Logan had a home. Hey I'm proud might bring cabin air. They're one month at Ameritrade would that girl even dating he eat her teeth are and that the 88. No rule. A little subliminal message not so subliminal. Horry just had a great visit to the dentist and he's economical. But a practical for got a gift in hand to the car and he got out that little you know. Doggie bag beginning of the Dennis he just got a little appointment reminder carton gave the rest of her this. Yeah I remember thirty days and yeah it does not black F Kerry in Atlanta. Hey good morning and and I'd rather every year recruitment okay Iraq and Christina she is grant that I'm just up and many contending that actually get black and Lanier regatta still look at Blair immediately what he stood on it costs an eight colorectal brash. Everywhere need to run but that's a little thought into it again at. You can bet the wrong things kids don't knock that checkout line at Ross there you know when I'm a Max and he says I. And I'll kind of good stuff has only answer I. And they do that in Nordstrom rack to and it's stupid because you've got your arms forced off already and bring you realize you could use a gallon of that really good smelling body wash. I all the damn I've been asked all stockings embers that are right now fill up on all kinds of stuff Jen and what. You don't get snacks TJ Maxx yes thank you. Yeah grades now they say I'm not get Powell walk you through that aisle and show you all kinds of good stuff you need to get jammed them. Not that crumbled corn in TJ Maxx was. Pop to win the first bush was president. No way no way those jelly bellies and although girl how to help the medical and I have Harold they voted. Talk client you'll yeah is you why I ask you money food the US did just first I know this is an area where you are an expert. Snacks but they have the best. So accidents is a good tagline for TJ Maxx dude TJ Max we got to snacks Zia is totally is that they got good snack. Janet announced the good candles to malign and Jennifer in a new name. Yeah morning's. So the word yet and I I had was the day I heard. And it was actually used to open a little bit her on the inside and had some clean that essentially bubble gum wrappers. No no. Other I have any. Lengthening. My violin. As he does every year actually Ali got my name. And he didn't mean to alert sketchy at my husband he is the thirty year old man and how with the puppy dog on the front. I know somebody who I gave a baby Planon dot com and and you look a thing for war having a baby or some time. But the front and that was written in already. Also all know Aggies started it for their own case and they're like I we never ended June and just pay that for right Donna and curriculum. I thought I can't edit there's been worse because Ali got the worst it's our line has been stepmother. I got a rubber and Turkey does seem about a black point here. There rappers singing fish on a plaque. And then when your are got a purple arraignment. And China. Lay out what burdens on the. Yeah my wallet got the break just as she didn't really go over the chocolate. Look out of the woomera. A Manhattan can't just let. Battle went her birthday rolled around and arts she would get my bed early to declare that it'll look the Obama. Last on. Because from Amy in Fayetteville paving. Get my hair gave me a magic airy wind when iron about thirty years old. It's hard chick filet and I'll manage her little. I. I know where. I used gift cards so you went to the store and you say hey how much is Armisen like 6024. Cents. I Amy. Tom DeLay says. A dramatic fare airline never understood it. Well Amy I want you to know this forever and ever. Amy in Fayetteville you're my little princess. So angry and then it. All like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.