Worst Gifts Ever

Wednesday, November 29th

Kelly Cheese thought her mom was the worst gift-giver, until she heard these calls.

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole now is. Devin didn't show family we are gonna need your help providing Kelly she's a some comfort and numbers because her mom is the war isn't he gives giver of all time. Insulting. As a gift giver she'll explain your second and then we need you to. A call out the worst tip givers and your life to see which is a different name for people already sure though he's MM XM my mom picked Hillary you know. Our next segment your name will be Shellee Shelley he tells them telling you it's. 500 dollars coming your way Jerry Jones bonus cash Evans and 830 and it's open everybody is not a secret contacts and so on have times really go no website or whatever. Letzing 830 give 500 bucks I Kelly grabbing it. So far Sorgi 630941. Is our number and Kelly explains. I mean love your momma cheese Keller passed and mom are best for and I talked to my mom every day I feel like she knows Xena. And then Christmas rolls around and this I sound like center Brad and I don't even like saying us. Because I don't care whether I gave gifts or not but if you're gonna spend the money. You know maybe give me things that I need or things and I could actually use for things you would actually like rain. He intends that I is and and says it's so hard I and that Christmas is the frustrating time measure opening gifts and you want to be nice. And then you open and I brought some things photo I don't tell me I never ever Christmas last year except for the extra large pair of sleeping pants and my mom coming because apparently. She doesn't know what he's having his. I can watch the wild and I honestly coming in his mistake she's I don't know the last thing I like those exercises. Where do. I had been problematic I had about I'm white and actually most of my Christmas present I in the donating. Because like I feel like someone could use them but not me. OK so shale summing misses just kind of put Shuster Lester we get some how happy holiday music going oh yeah. That Christmas music for it barely out of that has beautiful. So in my hand I have mail lavandera found case that also doubles as a wallet. You'll notice and visit the iPhone case self in a seven or eight plus I got this for Christmas last year. I didn't have a seven plus forty plus well that could just be a mom not understanding technology of state. Sure is cute I was I had an write I write I need one then. I got beat us. Trouser socks and like sonics black trousers socks and it can't really ever Wear trousers. Ever. Ever night when you're like a leggings girl is Jean Connor and I wears off dresses are fitted their athletic socks. Trousers pockets does anybody Wear trousers under the age of seventy. Trousers socks are hit well and I'm trying to come up with YE a while before you do that. Let me say that had a pair of trousers socks now are also. What cow in many vlan. Now I feel like Versace's everywhere want and where those pulled out this passes sneeze in like a silly race where he was doing a cost Indiana good idea yeah. Smiles and they want to open nationwide. And online. Abuse. In her defense Kelly. You like to go to your festival things right Cuba who Wear socks up festival. Notes but they're colorful. They're tied I. And so was Woodstock. Gimmicks and cents. Suggests any incoming. I'm. My mother noncommunist scale or Christmas. Last year. Noon yeah. Love or an inning I did it sort else. And that is the greatest thing I've ever heard are you even. Yeah it would pretty awful. Like how would you say when you open that. I mean I said thank you and why all the what do you and it did your mother locked. Who's oh my goodness I lose my area and I know some people would throat and it's only a frisbee. Aaron in Munich and. Eniac and in my it died died you'd like storage unit any dietary take advantage that's where she gets tickets from. And so worn near I gat it back a similarly use spat adult toy. No. No unknown. Can't. What do you say it's because I'm problem that may come I don't. I don't think it's even know if they learn so I don't very the other way. Every or guilty and then you add this hero LA it's the only dose toys should've wrapped up we gave back to her the next year. Your of your ticket yet yeah. That's it she can do with all this stuff strapped OPEC having give it to you mountain I've got one more thing that you had the speed and honesty courage. Next we mean yeah I'd say these next. Innings Georgina and where's our for a four to six Leona and horrible what the hell is that how. And jump. It's darn ready for a one. Some comfort and numbers to our dear Kelly she's here who believes that her mom is being the worst gift giver of all time. You change your name. Do you personally think just called out for their hair out gift giving 404263. And I'm one is our number. I do you have a spare second we just posted online. I'm stunning 41 Atlanta dot com. I know I'm trend starter and four when Atlanta diamonds to Graham. A picture. The duties. If Kelly Jesus mom god. She just it has been giving you gifts that don't fit you even though you guys are best for Anthony talk everyday and your feel really close. To her it's just odd that she gets you gifts that you had. Never aware. Never use and never really be interested in exactly orifice summing that I would where it's in this like off the wall pattern of cholera like I don't Wear bright peeing car bright green line ever. And shall I mean like a bright yellow took me chunky necklace and a link. The thing. The issue won't lose it. Because she Nelson with your Brothers gifts she crushes him my sister caused get coolest stuff and on the site. You're the one you're the only one and the electrons mom I knew I mean how can there. Activity and logos drove. So good morning why it was the terrible gift you received. My hug and Tom got pregnant on work when Damien. He's the anchor and was so excited to your opening and and it opened the immigrant extinction remote. And the light. And he's Asian arm and. Eat steaks and I think station remote. And he said now we can spend more time together. Like controller so you can play win them. Yeah. Alan and I don't glancing. Actually in Athens. And in my underlie all Barbie Cheney. Know. Yeah you're right I thirteen fourteen or like her. So what you have done and this is good for guys scenario going aimed at Christmas. Isn't it better to have clues. You big or too small. Guys if not shirt don't go out there. Rebel against Sandy Springs. I went near my mother in law bought me. They dressed in different sizes. So just think tank I lost weight I could still Wear the. Well will ensure she's young. And dad from. My cousin just checks in Maine she is dying in her car and how much has Yassir members and I am totally black and this out of my memory. My mom mommy dog mess last year. I don't think the don't have an eye on your car Knoll for my house dog man and him as a dog you don't have. Un liked your dog pause here and not intent on and I went home. Have a dog and that's. Kelly I made an observation plugs out to know how you your mom doesn't like here. Yeah Kelly brags all the time that she's at daddy's favorite yeah and maybe your neck your mom's favorite I. Our extra effort to get your Brothers awesome gifts and you're like oh he's not out of things. Yes as. That you told sir. OK so this year I went all my siblings and so let's put together a list of things we want means something we can read based on our listeners recommendation. Me I handed her the list on Thanksgiving and she said. Don't worry babe I've already done your Christmas shopping and that's how. My worst nightmare I read a banner of the American army hasn't yeah. I Chelsea and Hampton. Any. Yeah. I know I. Grandmother wrote an educator in the end. She can't she didn't know what you know I don't see how many older cousins were like when you want to play two years old. Coloring books and are. Chris and everyone I we do a little bit and it is such. I can't account is now open and heavy like can have my name on the swipe at that. And I think it make a picture of her no wait I have to print pictures like on paper. Married and that sandy Douglas well. You I was so my grandma every year against me I'm albeit limited really to try to give vague and my solution. Yeah. And and then the old people Asians do that smells the known around like you're colonel how we. All right cheap I invite the Vanilla sugar ones you like the one did you finally Dollar General or whatnot. You know more like water instead of it and my agents in millions activities on my girls are pretty sure down on my stockings and I just. But solution in the. Kelly in anchors. O Kelly than like that talent but my other horrible. He. Immediately from my 29 birthday or Democrat we put some thought it would be like the perfect yet. Are the. I. Alone and you know for these I there's a real lesson that I make an overhead. And Eric. Hey aria your wife gave you that's. So all my first Christmas with my wife she grabbed a twelve pack of Diet Coke. And put it under the tree. And tell you love the tests than it was in front in my entire and mourning a running joke. It's home a little. Aside just just in Athens and you'll read the last I'll. And my grandmother gave my dad a box of chocolates would want to have been bitten. Old. Let alone. Yeah. Calorie data leisurely manner alone man no matter at all. Ours it's. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.