Worst First Impression

Thursday, July 7th


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One. Shall. The worst first impression and eyewitness. L my guys I felt so bad for this guy so. But it restaurant and you can tell it's a business meeting. I in this guy's trying to impress the couple on the other side of the table so he was Europe's financial advisor. Or a real estate agent or something match. You can tell he's. They're having is awkward first meeting Qaeda and so he you know they're they're sitting there and everything like phones on the Taylor's laptop there. And then he's stress on nice guy stands that. To shake hands with everybody and his jacket. Rush is over seas region over the table gas jacket rushes into the cup of ice water on echoes. Everywhere all over the table Oliver everybody's phones. It crashed at the water's crash ignited in his laptop. Like everybody's grabbing their technology trying to get their stuff on. I'm. That's not like Ethel worse way to start whatever meaning it is he's trying to are down that's. How do you even recover from. I don't know if you Cain I mean maybe he didn't pick they still had their luncheon were still talking but I just not buying it and I mean you can guy had been claiming his open opening and even. And rehearsing in his. Nowhere in rehearsals he spilled water over his potential new clients. He looked like a seasons like. But I sees a real estate agent do you have a guy's been in the grind for a hundred years now have a guy that just got to Israel's state license. In this is used in a zone as ours I got a split level ranch is gonna change and why yes he looked more like a rookie. There. I can't record it works and I underestimated what I'm thinking it and you opt in the it still mean it is fair partner for the which Wednesday in the hunt. Lately you're at the ticket is it really an eight and then like twenty minutes later owner of a read on the street committee Tara and though it blocking aid and need and Jack. And we at. God's heart nearly twenty minutes and. I moved. My heart disease to disappear into the flaw are. It would be aware my guys you met this HR person that wheelchair bound HR person before was this the ball. Just dedicated to you still have that job. That I can give us aid Jessica welcome to the jet engine jet. Who was the horrible first meeting in front of. And my. Mother. Mean on the corporate. I want. You were sitting in the chair and night out. Ready go on and they. Are adding fuel Aiken and what we went and I like. It and I can't. Are. And he would call girl and you're one. Law did you ever said anything about it a little weird bizarre horrible human. Did you did you say anything yet here wife about it or your brother in law. That is more I hit. Ball. Gosh and Heidi beat that but Cheryl is gonna try hey Cheryl welcome to the jet engine show. I carry out and get so I had just started my college internship at a solid I think Kirk. And I was ugly thing ramp from the girl and I thought well I'm may cut kicked in and the op that. Try to make it good first impression. And the girl I was living at pad and paper plates and adoption is the about. I played tablet doggone all of it Batman has made like me bag a lot a lot like. I think Mary grab a plate but the cup kicked on and taken that I thought that he. We sit around and it's adding that morning and he says hey anybody who brought cupcake and I'm thinking. All I got okay caught integrate present price and nobody has. And I was like yeah I met and that guide says. That late is a little and appropriate. And I was like Larry when you talking about it it's dot. Like now they're actually units at all. I. I. And I and that they'll ladies and gentlemen. We grab the horrible offers is. Aero thank you. One. The engine shop.