Wednesday, June 29th


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One. Jesse James shot. And told a story Monday about spending part of her week and getting to Owens ready to go to the pool. Hours. After it. Hours. Of preparation and mandate to save most delicately I'm. Somebody. Not engines family. And let me Eric. Somebody did not use the swim diaper. Which means there's a submarine spotted you wage cause the entire pool would be close. It that are around. You may floater. Yeah area of the water. It basically they had to clean the entire pools so by the time it would have been done that it's been melting and he and in two hours later 120 degrees and yes those two hours of preparation fight this evening and then over. That story Jan inspired a friend of mine to help me it's Hal. Of the worst. Now Tennessee uses words the most horrible coworker. That he ever had. Like when you defines him and is the most horrible coworker. That's pretty but most horrible anything right click and typically people describe bosses that way not co workers so. That's the direction today that I'm gonna take this nominee tell this story but it view. Would like to I guess I'd give it to share with us one up you yeah. The story of the most horrible coworker. You ever had 40474194. Van to eyes past or present can be somebody currently or whether convince somebody worked for many jobs ago 40474194. Details about must. Oracle co worker while. You've ever had and while you do that I will share this story different OK. He. Worked. Mean age I am rec center community back. And he worked alongside a guy that we will call Brad. And Brad Brad. Brad. He says is the most horrible coworker. That he ever. Lot. Because. I'm more than one occasion. If Brad was a lifeguard at QB. And and more than one occasion. Bradley a gate in the pool. And dispatches submarine. And Lola. Why. Yeah while there was like kids. Swim group or somebody's idea positive ones during an elderly time. People in the pool. He was dispatched submarine. And he would get out. You know why he did. Because McNamee and shut down the pool you'd go home. Four lifeguards and one of them had to be present if they lower the clean. One person in the pool room whatever and he was the polls. It is. Horrible. It my apologies but in the pool after a submarine to its advantage is that. Oh. Right. Out. I'm saying you can be. Ordered rehab the air. That we make that same elements and everything seems arts. Made a decision and more. Well. All. Well. The you don't like the. No it means. Have no idea. If that's why exactly all. All the people on the bus back. Home. Rob and each other and. Cork. And water. Any kind of answered any. And the challenge Tommy tell us about the most horrible co worker unit ever ran. And trigger. Much. Day. But. Looking at the locker with a record. And wrote better track. Indonesia. After our. And that they cannot mean a lot. And they're mine pursue other than seven years. You like the TMI lady TMI why why did she throw up and her trash scheme. Because he was crazy I mean she would get on her and couldn't act forward. Employees of the company like it was she was so great teaching and all of what you let in under the same guidelines that you know. Occasionally and Logan the most horrible coworker you've ever had. Hi good morning jet jet about the show. Must warn will co worker. When we get our ballots are. So we would he would delegate all. And get on his work round the business route and call us well next a little bit at. Worst part about that number one that we want it bad nutrition. Do remember that would call back and give it also just like all right. It just it blows my heart. Did you ever hear. Talking at worst. Now I've got no idea what you would do it ought to shut that. That the work I was not about you that. Oh. And yeah if you're wondering what pediatricians now it is it's one where everybody wears gloves all the time there's even if there's okayed. It's disturbing. Right there. Oh. 404741. In 9400 will keep them come in the the most oracle co worker you have ever had asked. Or breast. Thanks for making this lynch and Jesse yeah are in April and.