World's Meanest Mom?

Monday, May 2nd


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Or one there is a woman geez self identified herself as the world's meanest mom. She got a lot of attention a couple weeks ago when she listed her daughter's trunk. For sale on Craigslist. Okay. What the daughter duke she'd skipped school loans bite we is that track and that this is what it wanted to outline of it a million things that she's done a test of this is like the finals drop sushi skip school. And moms is that there and get ready attract. So her name is Amy Adams her daughter's fifteen years old it was due to inherit the track in one month when she got her driver's license. Feel better learners permit Jews working. It's counting down the day's work in that calendar to get this sixteenth birthday in a driver's license you to brand new track no. So the kids skip school. Amy gets and the computer and types and I got a truck for sale. 2750. Bucks here's what's great about it here's what's wrong about it. I'd come pick it up tourism fifty cash unless and that's what I think for the Nixon wrote me unless. The person who will be driving the truck on a daily basis will attend north branch high school. That it will give you a 300 dollar discount Hawaii. Because I in the world's meanest mom and I would love for my daughter to be reminded every single day of all the mistakes that she me. I think you know. It's all about if you follow through on the discipline and it works I mean too many parents don't follow through and that's my kids are brackets. And are spoiled rotten what was that kid. Out of Texas or whatever what do they call him. How bright you are who was in the car Iraq. Yeah they said he had half. A flu also and that its use of flu and he was immune to the right consequences that come with breaking the rules and his mom covered his butt a hundred. All all the times how can go to Mexico well yeah help to escape and all that kind of stuff so most you know pick a lot here at these days are like that but this mean some. She's very good kid. The idea is that you called the show and you go out that mom was mean. But mine mom was meaner 404741. 9400. KE how our ability sari billion noon and welcome to the show. I. Read your mama's meaner than this woman. Column did not dodge and what it means that show that you woke me up one night. Check out that thought and I am 39 years old. Eight clout that that. Well how old were you when she did this to you I would say about the rear or all like all. Wish each week but she she yeah. I had forces you don't want to let brother and she does I guess she sure I want to sleep a little earlier. While bad explained that it's just cruel addicts looking behind you eight pounds that is terrible. I beg you to share the story though. We don't think you liked did you ever had your parents ever do anything above and beyond punishment lies egregiously grounded and stuff I think. It was to poke it typical game grounded I got the phone taken away like phone privileges taken away re the car taken away. I was gone bad. I had one guy who lived on the street now once again for a foursome for 19400. Mean mom stories -- realize and I put us on the schedule it this is Mother's Day week but mother's days a week from Saturday groups that seek I'd be tough and being mean and actually being good parents so this kid down the street we used a pocket knife. To carve into. The back of his garage. Like initials you know. His initials loves whatever and Harvard all that stupid stuff. I think he did some light naughty words but instead of doing on a tree he did on his own house on his around on the garage behind the house. And he lied about it this is where the parents went. NASA column is a widely viewed and used that in due I don't know who did it. Somebody's trying to get me in trouble while they found his pocketknife and a head like rape paint on it in the tip was broken off so it's. Clearly hear them so they said you're gonna have to paint the garage. And go back to the graduate to fix this and then you have to repaint it. And he mouth off about having to do that loan so they made him a true story repaint the garage. Using paint brushes that you would use did you models. He had to deal whole thing it took him like. Gains but he's dip and then a little tiny thing that's me into the thing you'd use for color by numbers or something like that lets me that's good yep that's effective. They had Karen welcome to the show itself. Pay. Oh in the ninetieth my brother went to. The governor cut their cash in on a school night and boy. God. Doesn't it specifically. Italy sitting on the H yeah back home at like 3 in the morning from you so late and get out and get the call on. Go in with a pots and hand certain hanging them around. I. Did he know I did they know the news go to the Guns 'N Roses show or was our. Did a that he tried to sneak out seat back and. Now they knew that going and it you're gonna go on the morning and you know I guess he I think you're probably hurt on him he didn't realize. That they get on stage overly. Right. That'll toughen it up out of Syria and Israel are. UMB you have me up a 3 AM that's fine about a school. Go whoa whoa we'll keep taking your calls nearest. Still ahead this morning Leach effigy and the world's meanest mom tried to sell her daughter's drug and Craigslist an operative discount. To her classmates just it would be rods in her face. She now.