Words that you just can't say: Part 1

Friday, February 10th

They're not curse words, they're not dirty words, but boy do they make you squirm. 

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And she I'll still are. We realized the other day that every one of us and they show has the word. That we don't like to pass our laps. It troubles us to say certain words out loud and it came to light. Went enters our jobs are so weird. We did that topic the other day it tell us your story that ends wins and then. There is a fart. And we realized a couple of minutes into the segment that Jan was refusing to say the word art because it was a bad word in our house growing up. I was just about Edward growing up and and so gross I can't say it I have to see to it. I'm not I gives can't say it you hate that word is so groves. And and so. Oh are we talk back to back him up and off the ever going to take you can't we get aware of the camps they would block and then I you realized. Bit I cannot. Say the word period. When it Reebok when it involves a woman. You just can't do it no. -- now there's no reason for merely to ever have to say that. But like let let's say Baird there is that. A situation where. If I didn't. What if Italian I. It's amazing a couple of tough guy like I'll have to win Cali and I decide to start a family frightened and that's an indicator of how well that's that's going so like I might. At some point during that starts what would you say your cycle I did I'd be really immature about it. It is the monster and. I've been. I Abbey's did you I don't go out and out but I can't say that word as it pertains to a woman I think everybody's got one of these slowed them JP said that he is fiance. Heidi will that say the word Tampa. It's read Tom and I just telling mumble it her dad went to go picker up some equipment one day. And she walks and village picked her dad walks in the like CVS or something. As like excuse they were your hamburgers and hot dogs. And though like well we don't have those cities like know your hamburgers and hot dogs like for. That was their code word out Arco am time pads in yes the word that you just a Tampa and so you can't city you can't say neither does say it. I don't like to. It's been examined I gotta go in there and I think that Sergio there's then went to go get him for her. Obama so wait why can he not say it is it just at any just uncomfortable same is awkward and uncomfortable Leah got it and that extends to her. Yeah Agee tacit down under her. Deanna and present and welcome to the champ. Me a what is the word that you cannot say. And I am gagging thinking about it but I cannot say or you are aware and a I do this at every night. You have denied all you are not the only person. Who has that issue like that. A pretty grotesque word if you think about it it's why. But a lot of times in cooking you use the word you like moist muffins and I'm sure that your takes a nice and moist. You don't mind to be. Tried out. Like that but that's using it in the proper way like I think he gets a bad term when you'd like let's say you're on a road trip during the summer all right. I. I'm saying. And you're sitting out my leather seats are vinyl seat I thought I'll I'll always says I'm your Bure about your job because I'll moist. Isn't condensation better too is the conversation but they had. So how would you describe as somebody made you cupcakes. And I hey how are they are they too dry but would you. What I I would say it it or. Not it's either spongy. Yeah there were. But the thought of something Maurice being in your mouth is not. Just us. Oh. Well on a scale of one to ten how much do you hate me right now. Are like and not attack him. Yeah yeah yeah it it it. I don't Campbell. Alleged gunmen who thinks I'm trying to advance it completely by the way buried common ordered. Think that race yes people there's a lot of people group. At least she's. MO IST. Star in 941.