Is 'Women's Intuition' Always Right?

Monday, August 28th

Is a "woman's intuition" really right all the time? And if not, how can you tell?

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Women's intuition from Maine it is it's frightening thing. It's a scary thing because women say things like I just know. I didn't know it from guys here that we're going. Really it's. My intuition. Avoid answering and again and zoo here in a few seconds 404263. 0941. If you have a strong opinion about women's intuition ladies. And we know from social media that a lot of media. For a 4263094. When we lived here from the conversations are eighties innocent man out last week when a guy called out and said look I hired a friend of a friend to be mad personal trainer she's given me a great deal it's super convenient for both of us. I have to get a gym membership I got some work out equipment in my office. No problem but this friend was at an an attractive females. And his he overheard his wife. On the phone. Telling somebody. That he is working out with an attractive female so this got him thinking my. And I laid violating some sort of marriage so that it Chang now. Have got to fire the hot trying to hide him on personal trainer and and sort of the jury. Voted in it was close but that decision was made that now he can keep the trainer was a real from his wife deserves a lot of but he can keep track. Because we had talked so much about trust. She's married to them she's got to trust him this trainer was married to a friend of pay is. Just seemed like the situation may be she was blowing out of proportion well and we get a call from a woman named Aaron. And errand said that's that's that's. His wife was telling another person. About her interaction. About his inner actually that's not personal trainer means that her intuition set up a flag. And that means everybody should be paying attention to their foolish if they. My question though is how do you tell the difference between. Your intuition and or just your insecurity. That's on of my favorite comments clothes and tuition is different and and security. Com and it didn't sound like Aron was capable differentiating between the two. That was a really Smart comment because. That was that was a great line person or even question it within yourself and and authorities are. Many court in Sandy Springs today to answers to she says women's intuition a 100% a real thing recording. A I'll shoot your phone's breaking up a little bit try to get corny. I'm Yasser she's as well and 4042630941. If you have a strong opinion about women's intuition I Jan what are your thoughts isn't a real thing. I. It is a real thing. I'm trying to think of a recent example for me for me it's and with child care. Because it takes a lot of free to trust a person take care of your kids right. And in hiring difference child care people to help our Stanley make it all work. Whether it's nannies or babysitters or. Or anything like that I think you have to go with your intuition and one time. I went against it and that person was not able to work with us for very long time. So it was a situation where that the person might. Presented themselves well had a great Reza may your kids love bad news. It beat everything just seemed to check out but there was just something where I was like. I don't know there's this sense where I was like do I trust. Your what I'm seeing. And I went against an intuition and we had a person anyway and then. It didn't it didn't end up working out so I was mad at myself that I didn't trust my intuition in the first place. But that it can also could be just insecurity. Right because I had I had that feeling that person worked out great. And I would have been like oh well that feeling was just being insecure and they proved me wrong right. And I think people do that relationship slammed into bad feeling I wanna get much chance because what if it's insecurity and a new enhancements like LA interior Dirk her. Hanging is too many red flags and wrote maybe that's a good morning did you have any red flags. Just this feeling back in the beginning have a little feeling and I think my husband detailed. Initially just his lemons into. I just took I think what integration isn't I think intuition is intuition is no red flags and everything looks great and there's no red slightly as. Reasons why I should be questioned in the you know my girlfriends relationship with a guy that you works is seen no red flags it's. A thing. In Mike Cox yeah. Tell us now is it intuition are could be affected by your paths to. Because let's say you had been burned by at you know that last ten girlfriend he had been in this one girlfriend's doing nothing wrong Jan I'd burn people out and get lectured. Yeah this is an example that's okay anyone from social news is and I say your intuition influenced by your life experiences have you been. Relationships don't automatically believe that any little problem could actually be something bigger it Elizabeth and rise was intuition a real thing. And hearing that amen amen I Ali Iraq. So you have no red flags but that gut feeling what you're saying is always trust. I'll say and it never aired. Princess and McDonna. Is women's intuition a real thing. Yes absolutely. So if you Aaron are dating the most wonderful man in the world and everything is terrific but you just have a weird feeling about the way he acts with his co worker. Trust the intuition. So prince ST yeah science okay do you have intuition more on men or women. I end everybody out there how our brain operate like we put everything together wait consciously. Like. Build finish. Wouldn't you know got caught between may get it may can be cute. It. I'm not coral Schwartz he's 6309. Shoreline indeed discussion about women's intuition. Continues next. NC I'll star. Thank you always stress here. Intuition or could you confuse it with insecurity sent the debate going on this morning of the jet engines and you're just joining us. You can use your 4042630941. Of all opinions are welcome ai and Natalie in Atlanta welcome. Japan and dead women into any real or not real. And I'm certain that we are talking feet. He and that LaGrange where his interaction real or not. A little bit. 100%. Net and the yeah yeah. So have you have heard not gone with your intuition. Add yourself. Well absolutely. So how do you know the difference between being. Insecure about some things and it being your intuition. Okay. While it's hard that he does and however. I'm a bad debt Ricky don't get it all white and you're back at every diplomat. I love how condescending you just sort of to have her. It's just days line anything snowman now but let me jog and I had an idea. As indentured and the senate comments. Yeah. And her out of well also on how one could be heard him Matt my dad's telling me that Leslie's anonymous. Macy's genius ideas and Lawrence OK so this. Is women's intuition real. I mentioned crazy like or. Subtract it. Okay. I think you hit tally of this would be about because street and here's how I think you now OK let me man's claim that stealing is a great and I. Hear me out at least you know you're doing all right here. Hear me out with women's intuition is impossible. To know there is Eugene insecurity and intuition. If you insecurity. It's based on some thing that is happened you were summoned closer there's experience related to it it's true intuition. You just melt yet I'm saying. Feel it rather than it being cerebral right right it's it's insecurities in your brain if it's intuition it you feel it in your body right. Is that is that possible. There are exactly right from 20 temple in Obama you are crazy. Including. You become Aron. OK it's OK Vicki in Atlanta what do you think. Limit situation didn't want to. 10030. She's batting outset it the more I. Okay wow all right we're passionate this morning. I'm so base and the calls today man here's a warning for error if a women says I just now. You've already lost soldier he ran. She's as I just know. Whatever the sentence that she's had to raid before that is what's going to hang up right so just roll with it. All my share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.