Women, Why's it so Hard to Love Ourselves?

Friday, June 23rd

Jeff noticed the women of the show have a hard time thinking they're awesome, so we had an intervention for all women who struggle with this.

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The jet engines show every. I am a very serious question to ask all the women and the Jackson can challenge. This can be real talk. Yeah are you joking Syria no not joking seriously real talk face and something I've observed and JD's observed. Over the past 24 hours. We need you and intervention. You know. A woman in a wrench and. And I think I'm just mention it. I'll ask you guys this edged seriously now chip you serious question here's the question that I have. For you Janet Eugene you Kelly and every woman who can hear my voice right now. OK if you wanna answer it 4042630941. What is wrong with the U. When as happened why don't you love yourself. Why don't you understand. How amazing you are as a woman let me see Santa. We did this bet this segments this silly little radio thing where we were all gonna make like summertime bucket list. Things right for for each other. Summer resolution so Kelly she says for me Hamlin Jimmie just silly video every day can relate James has been makes Ford Jan. Are you make a silly video telling Jens husband what we're doing in studio. And sedated to gentler maybe funny we'll share some associate chief Janine says to JP head like you spent ten minutes every single day learning a new song on guitar. Because I'm did you spend enough time with the guitar and he love it's I wanna hear in Tucson and I want you update me every week that's it that's those are fun right bone. The ones JP and I gave TU JP gave us such a poignant Wendy's chili cheese. Tell us you've got a compliment now she can't take your compliments from the white river. And I'm Carol so you can't she can't take accountant. The one that I gave project and is you have to take a socially every day can yelling to take self he's because you think it's too soon. I am just so I well I never liked the way that I look at them. When I attempt them and then I don't know it just seems too self involved in the one you gave did you mean. Is about her doing. Felt affirmations in the near term all summer long and one per week so JP and I. Men of that's he more than he thought. I'm from both received fun little hey this would be goofy fun things but tick eat to the women we gave. Inadvertently. We gave you all lessons in respecting and loving yourself in self confidence and self confidence. Self assurance and I think that means something I don't know why. Well why he isn't so hard for women. Tell love yourselves. Judy regular actually break in burst into tears while. Again and again. I don't it's it's hard to it appears so you know I mean. You know actually I don't know and you're right here I don't know where this train from you or your biggest hand them. I think that's a lot and I think a lot of us are our own biggest critics for a 1463941. If you can answer that question better than we can. Why can't women love themselves. I think for me it's about routes. I don't know if it's a good it's a great question and don't know exactly how to answer but I know that. Do you agree pat summit earlier about perfectionist picture move. Did you always looking at things you can improve or do better. I think it's some of that self confidence gets a little bit easier with eight inch. I care a lot less now all about what other people think of me. Then I did it five years ago ten years ago that's definitely twenty years ago and now. Well if she's saying islanders for. I mean you know older women get a lot of light Sheen thrown at them in our society and it's you know there's one of ageism. But there's so much awesome confidence that comes with age so I feel like I'm getting better at it and I can honestly tell you I think I'm a great mom. I pride myself on being a great life. You know I think I'm good at my job I can say all of those things later. Physically. In Ireland the Celtic challenge you gave me like I think that that's weird to be like I think I'm pretty I don't know there's that that it's looking pretty. I mean I think I'm pretty it's not about. It's it's about it wanting to see I can do for you like I can tell you why it's okay yeah I mean by light southeast yeah itself is like the duck is self Ian like the weird to think this is my thing is knee deep quote those that kind of heat. A tunnel I don't Indiana but just like a summit is like saying and I like. I feel it should cool it is my favorite lipstick it's not like this lipstick makes me look better than ever in the world and I. I see this lipstick makes me feel like African rock star turn Leah in Atlanta maybe can shed some light and that's what's actually out. Yeah and I hit it hard for girls now eleven bad result because. It's not just that judge found that everybody else. And even my grandmother comment on my way. And. If you think about how much only get backed out of the wings know that other girl professionally guides. Lots. Melodic. Are all good. I think that judgment falls on physical appearance. Most of the time I think it does and people don't seem to like is always really indirect and even in my own head I can tell it's not something I would have thought it's something I'm like someone else's thinking this about me. One else's voice telling me it. Christie and Atlanta the question I have is why isn't so difficult for women to see how awesome they are. I think has so much to do it that way the media portrays women. And what's constantly. Around that in the media is on television and their stories that are told and that tradition that we can like we have to occupy. Always trying to look like a magazine picture where are always trying to be a mom who can balance career and can go to school can do all these things and she truly hard to be successful. At. All of those things at one time so it becomes. Just being down on your channel. There's a lot of pressure there's a beauty ideal. Food for sure want a very difficult and OK so outside. And maybe you can answer this secrecy outside of the beauty and the physical and then. Because of yours has to do with this yet yours or the somehow. JP's suggestion for Kelly to accept a compliment. Explain the deflection of the compliment why can't women just appreciate. And I don't always like hey Kelly back in here and saved Christina. I just think that in a wet day you're never let down. This year never starting to get your self esteem back I tee off. It is or else. Out banks now are candidates. Was just trying to send you a nice shirt on today announced. Let's not let's scrap line no line for. Bonnie. Welcome Bonnie to show. And no matter what. OJ compliment in our own it is not okay. I'm not gonna touted by straight and I plan. Got a Benjamin JO. Jerry. And say look it didn't care. That's. So we settled. So when somebody gives you a compliment why what is it that makes you feel like you have to have deflect that immediately. Why can't you just say thank you so much. Yeah the golden god. I heard coming from LA. Compares well you know. There are people outlet. Most aren't. Pork or clash or whatever I don't. My goal here so I'd tell how. Am. Saddam act as they eat out there I would never give her a had a little lady. You cannot assure that whatever your whatever side you're pressure he ever shaking. And then you can go your child and get everybody else. Janet question I would ask you is because we have to keep trying to every single line is without Serena keep this conversation going down by. How would you. Raise your daughter's. To be able to accept compliments yeah. And to be able to look into the mirror and say things yet to be able they take confidently takes out she's in daylight I don't care what the world thinks I would keep right now. Or I'm doing some funny right now we're look what I'm doing right now. That's a big question for ericsson's dolphins. Get into the next championship. Real talk this morning on the jet engines show Jeff for the very poignant question for all the women. On the show and every woman listening in right now why is it so different goals for women to realize how awesome they are. It's a great question for a 426309041. And why we beat ourselves up why can't we take compliment is that why can't we realize that our work is more than physical beauty and fight so hard to deal and he also has a question to raising two daughters. How do you change it for the next generation and that that as a man that we ask ourselves daily. I'd part of the reason that I'm asking this question here Jen is because I'm I'm just an empty a little bit and any age to get mad mad Max okay. I'll be here the next segment is definitely gonna get in trouble I'll always answer back. I have a conventional way about the next yeah there's that segment that's coming up after this is. We'll get emails. And by we I dep I and isolating myself so I take the heat for it. But it's gonna be about seven or eight minutes a radio that's gonna have people's hadn't. Man. They can't. OK. Let's just get to these causes that want to take vanity asks him a little bit nervous you are. Can't say that they say so we got your back we got sued Stephanie and Marianne. Why can't women realize how awesome the AR. Well I think that but it's society like I am middle aged kids that I had a darker. Everything I heard all of that image. Benefit people what they're supposed to look like eight years. That area. I don't get that act curves I'm not a one man. I'm gonna college. Semi kid you don't have to be that stereotype that could ever make it a college kid is a in nineteen blond hair beauty. And I'm actually not. Battle you know I'm glad I work full time I go to school full time migrating to you can't. Due to the mom thing and the why I think. He. Might need that howdy change this procedure. You know Joseph and stuck. So that the act in that area I. I'm no expert and my kid and you need certainty that Arctic. Size double zero everything. Some banks and I don't think that I had so much all the time on your weight in your side but your accomplishments what he'd done would you argue what he got it. I feel like Dell and pregnant I'm Ron Jenkins you touched on this. What Stephanie was saying is something that comes with a longer than that wisdom comes after you've had the kids. And kind of your position in the world. Changes. I. It comes with children or is it just comes with age because overtime you just learn to accept yourself a little bit more. And you learn so love all of your talents and realize that you don't have to be everything to everyone who. And to be off some young and so I think that self confidence comes over time. Hey Mary M welcome to the show. We're trying to get to the bottom line women don't think they're awesome and Kelly chief was answer child she's back in here now she can't take it compliment to save her life. What reality compliment satellite condiments of some people put it on things that the cover us. He did no better east com. Sometimes you both chase something you're not mean you have an insurance it's parent. I did it make it still didn't have an anxious to play the movie mean girls home it's not always genuine. And kites he always figured corridor when you get compliments is that it's sometimes yes especially on the come from. Some people I guess this is because hang around toxic people arena toxic relationship. You never know what's really genuine so toxic groups of friends I had for a long time that would say like oh this is so great they needed in Canada and menu here in the next say that they were talking crap drafting luck health kind of thing. I is more like an insecurity for a long time like I can't really tell your continent is genuine you know it's just like him mean girls I love that skirt an anti suddenly as her never seen my people you'll do that the people on them all the time and especially the girl long girl so there's just kind of like now runs and send him a gimme compliments and JP Ali got a great show I'll let your shirt CJP. It's never just like I think I'm. It is always come up Sosa how bad apples have rooted for people that are being genuine when they compliment yeah here's. And I think you have to believe it in order to accepted my exam so when did he gives you a compliment that. Kelly you look beautiful today yeah if you don't believe that yeah except that and just say thank you. You have to deflect it a yard and usually out it's about really believing it. Believing it you're so I am leaving your beautiful kind he'll tell me regularly he looks so cute today I'm gonna have our makeup are barely brushed my hair yeah he can hang usually on the ambassador Tom Blanton like I'm saying. I have an idea let me run this let me just float this just thinking out loud right. Thing and Allah. What if we all complements. Kelly shirts. Leg Monday and Monday Shah a compliment Kelly sure. But before we do that we all take our shirts off for. That way again she can't say you have and I shared too soon Jan and Jenny you guys go first so I think you're manipulating us I'm not sure exactly but. I think for me. They get out loud and there's no bad ideas of Bristol the sudden JP trying to help. I've been trying to help women that made him take the shirt off and Enron and. I. K now. My mom used to always tell me so I would feel that very. Insecure about somebody out and got a lot of value. So whenever you'd all like and I saw don't worry about it as always going to be someone can actually about. What an awesome mom you have that is so grainy as well as I mean yeah. Eighty advice one more time. Anything you don't like about it out in particular at all. Somebody out there is going to like that insecurity about JF whatever you don't like about yourself somebody will love. That's perfect perfect exclamation point on the conversations. And there's so many phone calls come him over the street Louis post it unfazed recommended and I can ask the question why is it's so hard for women to love themselves on FaceBook and on Twitter I miss some of their plan to revisit yeah. I don't think that we will will keep bringing this up because we'll get to the bottom of it and he really can't by doing that and sunny the conversation maybe we can change. Or start it that way has it think about taking your shirt off and I'm. Only if you do that first Andre a clash in new right sorry I. I'll be uncomfortable because of the compliments. There won't be anything. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.