Women in Radio Dinner

Friday, July 15th


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404741. Lucky 400. Jeff in general I'm sorry that he global. And exotic menu. On the beautiful women. Other wine. Journalist. Now you see that tired. I had a file. I let's put our awesome women an Atlanta radio dinner at preachy but can't have big thanks preachy. All of that is of their amazing the food was phenomenal. So big thanks to them. And really cool times I'd just encourage any women going to work today if you don't have a networking group already exists in your industry. Make one because we have gotten a couple emails asking about how to this'll think it started and how it began and it truly began because I knew handful of other women and radio that I was friends and you also know each other Tinto and so we put together a smiled and I think the first one with six or seven of us. It's out there on the table and told our stories of how we got started and this network has grown. Ripping you can politically because each time we've gotten together I just asked. Them to invite one other woman in radio that they now and it's without affiliation of company or. Radio station. And it's really great because most of these owners must hate each other right we have our work everyday to compete against one another we're trying to get your ears to listen to us. And and so everybody takes it takes that way and set aside for one night and togetherness is women I'm trying to make it in an industry that led by men. Which a lot of industries are. I have I try to. To somebody I asked me about yesterday because they would like to do something similar with all of their. Women in her industry. And I try to remember the rules remember Europe fairly strict on who was. Allowed to retain and rightly you gotta have. He can't just be accurate if a woman column it has to be like. Right I was specific about it being women in radio programming because they think that in each industry but I did hear a nurse doing it right you don't wanna have a doctor in the group because. Part of the networking it is. What nurses deal that in the document I about that yeah doctor or similarly if your group of of doctors. Again it's of women doctor thing you don't wanna go there's you know you and uses that worked on our floor that amendment issue. It yet and you and just addressed it best it may be even better scenario it down even further and say nurses that are neonatal nurses rank right you know because you have specific. Challenges that have to do with you're you're specific industries have you know what you do best and and how that should be narrowed down. But I think that that's an important part of it because there are a lot of women that work in radio and a lot of other depart it's yeah but this was specifically for women radio programming when you go on the air and share your life when you go on social media and share created yeah things issues that we face and questions that we haven't. Networks that we want reform are really specific to what we wake up and do every right so well and it's awesome it was great and Kelly's days. I prefer. And how massive serve and you and gone there was really cool and I immunities and everybody in the rooms that was means and he I'd worked with before so great in all places and then. I got nominated to speak at the next one which is really I and K day that I lightly I don't. I used to share studio and seeing apparently just like Obama there she is and I so. When she nominated Hauser fighters. Yes it was great to sing in a room with all these women who were. Influential in I mean just being in radio in. Lot of them have gone from radio to TV backed radios so. It does need to be an arm roomful of people with the radio cousins instigating only that we think Kelly she's anti Japanese snap Jack yes. Ideology you can't connect that thought about my whole yeah. Why things like I I said in my argument for junior's email address that she would she is. Under since UNC tree and I just think it's I really do you think it's one articles. And it's awesome it is. Working. And increase from people who heard the need for no reason enemy. Each other better as well. It was really inspiring and there was talk of podcasts and nothing would make me happier than of of the group that that those women in that room breaking off and doing their own hanging off on creating friendships that's that's all that I just posted some pictures on my face that page. If you wanna go take a dilemma whether there and let me know sending a message if you have any questions and answer your. Starting at 41.