WITRG Jessie and Drew Part 3

Thursday, October 20th


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So are in 941. What we just up to your roof or where's this relationship going and he's seen justice. Is never about having the actual girlfriend's. Now one of those Jesse was listening into the call. Hey Jesse. Any easier on. Yeah. And what. Crude. I mean. This is nothing. Wrong right now like I. Am happy and he is all really being on and so they know everything you need a break up partner and right now older than and you don't want you. And I really cool. I had an urgent need to go lenient in its itinerary during now. I'm an idea of prosperity and no it's like any kind of trajectory. What me what's sure to cut out of like you're at six months now which are caught up nine months a year two years. Three years telling how Long Will you stay in this. Q girlfriend situation. I mean I got when I me. Really feel like as I turned my life skills you've heard anyway. And I'll have to speak up about that say it. I don't feel like I'm real pressure that happened right now. Isn't so about the competition that keeps you in it. It's a great question. Do they don't. And that hasn't done me any reason Kelly they're the competition. Except that he calls somebody else's girlfriend. Yeah that there's another person he called the cops and is just so we I mean you. At. I mean you need it he blew. He isn't that he didn't really. Clear nobody wants to do it in me and me like a little early. Gay equality attacking me in Miami remember is important Catholic and as I. Let's not. And the army has ever contact and any parent can. More types of he made me when we ask the question is this is it going it's like it's in the state same. I would venture I don't know you Jesse but I would venture to guess the Euro probably. More deserving of what he's giving. Then he's giving yet. She's deserving of more than just. Bright but I don't think she knows that. So what I'm saying Big Brother her for a second that's I'm trying to do like I got I I would gas that if you're at a point where. His relationship with her is making you uncomfortable enough that you wanted to know about your future. Gain your awesome win a point where you can demand certain things out of people that you consider partners. And if they can't deliver on that demands I can't even you know camp Big Brother her because she's okay. Can't it works for you that North Korea Jesse. OK and we need to act it doesn't turn around. I. And I can't there's nothing else to say Jesse thank you. Yeah. Light lime and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook search saw in 941 Atlanta.