WITRG Jessie and Drew Part 2

Thursday, October 20th


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Arizona where NATO and keeping them. Now back to. On starting for life Jane and I think I could use the word flabbergasted to describe the right now. Well I'm just shocked because we just talk with Jesse. About doing a where's this relationship going with a guy she's sending troops for six months and she said that they have been exclusive except for one other girl. So journalists facing they've been really honest with Jesse and some of the girl that he's been dating both of them for six months. No one. Fine too much it's Clinton and best a year of your life you're investing in somebody who. It's in two relationships. May be time. Maybe I'm just not a modern dating girl bit me if I'm cool enough freedom hang out on me for six months I'm wondering an outlet for six months. I Jesse were about to call drew years did with this you ready for estimate the call. What I you'll be at some answers for a promise you I'll be nice. I I you'll be on hold that you won't be able the new talk back to number welcome back to you rate after the phone call and New York imports. As we call true rate now and ask him where is this relationship knowing you're gonna ask. He community that I didn't yeah yeah. Pop. And the only thing for her. I'm actually withdrew please. Israel I drew answer Jeff from the jet engine and show Mario. Area are good at any objects the couple real quick questions. Related to send the murder and the show right now. We understand. The EU are fast approaching your six month anniversary. With chassis. Yeah now a tank Jesse goes yep Jesse is just curious. About. The future of your relationship meet guys. Your apparently dating someone als as well. Yes let's. That's true. I mean injured in the future years. Well I don't know I mean like that there were good renounced them. But as you approach this miles down the six month anniversary of semi exclusive dating. She just wants answered the question. Where is this relationship going. I mean I'm I'm called situated and unite. Check in military and see if she's happy and she seems to be so I and it it's. You know we'll keep being together and getting closer and injuring toes time and whatever back in time I liked my girlfriend do not like Aaron broke relationships liberal and Eric. Yeah that Turkish or the problem with it and she sort of said she'd rather be just but she's still happy. So. Agers in Christian. So I urge you soared girlfriend do you club both Jesse and the other girl your girlfriend's. Suggest he's your girlfriend and other girl is your girlfriend but. Are you splitting time equally elect how does that even work. Mean I don't like I don't like you know keep a clock running but I try to hit balls it could amount. And you're just open and honest with both of them about their they both know that they'd. It's easy you might be. I mean I. Really created people who haven't tried it but like you know. Secure the Moammar reminded can really work. It is impossible the EU are open minded to it because you have. Few women but maybe there is starting to get frustrated because they want something more exclusive and long term. I mean if that's the case and they need to tell me that you know but I've battled her over and particularly Turkey she's just like yet that's what you serve but she's you know in any. You know further right reasons and she's happy to be achieved regardless so that's what I been basic you know. If it wouldn't make its choice on one or the other. Issues. And I think you are gonna get married or something that we I don't know but did she issue like trying to dump me that's an interest thinking about it. What do you enter hypothetically. I mean let's say issue rise. Let's say that's what was and the table that's not what's on the table let's let's say let's say that it's on the table. Yeah I mean you know I I don't know I like both girls I'd like where Matt manulife so. You know that would beat. Outside it's it's that was what you wanted to but. And this is where I am right now is I personally am in mind. So I particularly fortunate mr. You know Ron. So you're break up with Aaron and you mediating the other calibrate double unbreakable serve and that's what she wanted to do you know. There you its code you would just fill in the blank with somebody else. I would probably yeah I get like sort of you know back on the market try to find another person. Conference I am fascinated by this I mean you are an enigma to me or maybe this is how it works now I don't know. I think you can work however you know the people involved there is a one hour. Have yourself a great rest of the morning thanks again for toughness. I will be break back three minutes from now. Any predictions on what Jesse's gonna say. I think she's going to be OK I'm the guy because he's being told. Everybody. I mean. Really talented a lot of things you know and it means that. And at what you mean you women happy I'm. All right we're gonna come right back we'll talk to Jesse and we will take your phone calls. Three minutes Evans into a stunning 41 to sort of make this alleged in the chest congestion. On stone not before one.