WITRG Jessie and Drew Part 1

Thursday, October 20th


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole. Where is this relationship going is the question that you want to ask all the time to do too afraid to. So we do it for you rake here on the Jeff engine chow and today. We're talking with Jesse. And so what. Ma am all have a click and you're. Long term Lou. And would loan her months now. They're playing that. I'll turn it into the net and on and a lot. Andy and meet. Any UK site totally where you. I see where are completely exclude edge. Or are likely recruit Kendrick at your back. Are your rates. Or did you just say that he's. Exclusive. But we'd get to review. Lakers he's not hitting anybody else besides that just lack. OK so you know about her did she know about you. Why do they know that every human has ever tell you you dating other. Mean they made it I want you say they don't want it don't. Eight and he's at his name is sure and her. Yeah your. Ends you know this girl like you guys friends. Now. Now and I don't know her and I still want to handle it just kind of like I'm. See it as an editor Leonard bunt and he yelled we don't early morning or eat well now I'm. You know like I know Alex he's like I'm busy this week and I know that he's black anti I don't know they eat you know at. It bluntly and that's. Why I think. LA. And on and now. You know where that is Colleen actually. And why I Lanny is to connect. And I want it now if he ever and that just. Wanna do that here he is ready to be the technique. So the next step for you is to be exclusive just you and your. Hi you've done this long girl I'm I mean he must be totally awesome track. Because this like one long final episode of the bachelorette. At at and one of are the bachelor before they make the decision to people on the pictures like awkward. Wow okay. And need to clean. Really here wow he really doesn't carry it. You know like important Dayton. I didn't need a crackpot old actually has worked. So far Aaron. How I did it I don't now how old area. How old is he means it will be able to me. It adds and I'm just curious when this all happens. How is it that he informed you that there's someone else. It's all very and one other person and then leave birdie talked about it I mean who knows. The agreement relieve stress and little talked about being excluded and and he is totally an attic. Or that the record and then it out and that old little conversation with full blast happened around in time you're curious like I checked. And you know alleviating eat and. So and Jesse. Who was he dating first you or the other are. Term. Did you sites around the same time you know he was eating an apple people casually and and it. I wanted to get rich period and I guess other girls think humans eat it or not eating any other. People like eighteen casually but the true facts. Exactly how the deeper feelings toward. So after this long have you met his family or friends. And you being narrowed and using your people. Okay. I am fascinated because I would not me I would not hang out long Iowa the way it works as we just put you on hold and you'll get to hear our phone call with him. And well ask him I mean this is. Clear as these whereas this relationship going. And then we'll return back TO get your reaction to. Thank. Our. Culture I Jesse hold on we're gonna make the from college here in three minutes okay. I'd heard that Japanese and chips that 94 line as to NC today. Mike is this happen this is what happens maybe I'm just sitting in this what happened this is okay. Women put up with us this is fine I can't wait to hear it and talked to drew. And. Now extended Evans and him. And she I'll still are far.