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Friday, May 12th


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Errors this relationship. Going. Kelly James and Jenn hobby. Legions of jet engines show fans listening across the globe. Please welcome to the radio broadcast. Jasmine this week's first participate in where's this relationship going. I hate jasmine how are you. And Rory. He. I'm feeling like here little salty talk because I was started are you OK is your day off on a regular night. Well I mean OK. Okay. So. We need to find out a little bit of background on the relationship between you and Brian and then wal make a phone call and ask him what's up with you're. Relationships we're elected again. Yeah I am album Ryan's. Great we actually have a connection and you can track it and are known and hurled a bit but it wearing a weird police. Where. You know I think it has been cooling down where each other a lot protecting lands. And I don't steal all they perceive each other and now Rudy Gay. What are reaching each other right now. Yeah I'll. Let I don't want to. Just eight other people on the operating within the idea being made him. How long have you been dating Brian. How can you want a couple months but the three year so we've been flirting might spend something per year. And and are you dating other people as he did dating other people. He's dating other people achieve their open and out I can't see other people I'm just not backpackers and I'm loyal to the idea that something neat yeah. So is he while that's that's cool statement. They're whole lives he wants to think about what that means I can't even ride. I'm eating I know what I want you know I wanted to. Just that one person. So did the idea of Brian being that one person is enough to keep you locked down. You can if he is someone wild oats votes are willing Leo. Not doing that. You know. Yelling on other eight of the nine person. And friends that are exactly like jasmine and it's nice notes that line so to. And happy that we understand everyone's different. But in hobbies given me the best advice ever and it's you don't follow with the right the somebody fall in love with. Some guy as she just am like he's taking up all the space in her brain in her heart and now she's got her sights set on issues romantic. I I am I guess that maybe a good luck on. And now we didn't say disgusting. So what is changed over the past couple of weeks or however long span bids bids made you think that things are different. Wow he he would. And I know he's working harm by it like it or not the third as much. I can't help we're just getting your body and her relationship where he. We need lack of action you know if that happened. Or seen by interest and we're just talking on. I feel like it here in the first few months of our relationship agents only. A lot of affection and I and an angry. Each month giving more like going on. Official plea and sentence. So yeah per geared for what his answer is going to be mean long week ons yeah because I feel free. I wanna know timing and direction. If marriages that with the idea. Pam OK let me the idea of of him being the person is the fact that. You have to ask this question is that can him. Make it seem like you should already be moving on. Monarch there early on court per cent daily he showed not everything immediately we hit it clean and. I am sorry because I just tried to jump into a female's brain and it hurts. And I do enjoy it here are the. I well what. We do here is how will play you. I don't hold and then you get to listen into the conversation that we have we have Brian. And will own and and general ask him for complete honesty. And complete transparency. And that won't come back to you after you hear what he has to say for. York and a final box and that conversation. All right so in three minutes we will come back and give Brian Zimmer will make the phone call. And will find out what's going on between Ryan and jets. You have that moment where you go can't believe people still are brave enough to do this is our conference. Every single week a 100% of the every single week. Every time we put on hold on each of the really last night closer. Let's just go yes she sure it is a night. Three minutes from right now we call Brian is and is proud operatic it's good to welcome Brian and I get to part two of where's this relationship going and the Japanese and you know you can do it clubs and that makes it easy or birthdays fell hundreds LC. Please check it. Insurance 100. Skinny people are still in line. In the middle where is this relationship going about to make a phone call on behalf of jasmine. Guide to writing. To find out. Why he he. Is asserted that I'm a little bit in their relationship the first phone call from Vicki hi Vicky. To me how proud. You. Our only. We were in the name. A man all. I am very aren't they. Yeah. She may lead I'm. Or are. Not yet. We don't. Now Vicki and have everything. Yeah I don't know I. I love your hashing and I just want to put my arms around you and your time. Oh. I'd Vicky lit this and Vicki I can you explain some things of me. White guys she's making my arm it's burned what does that mean. You kick and I sir for your phone cut out why. All our. Is advocating low. LA to San Diego I turned bright Iran gen have you ever earning on Vicki I love you but you might wanna see girlfriend Jeanette. Yeah I'm. A little more. Yeah you know. And it won't the out. Our Greg I guess I got associate that oh. Here. All. 80. Oh all right we're gonna take her back out there and and and made them alone and made the phone call you're not talking about it and they're not any and making it big yeah up on you. It all into. All I Vicki Collins banking of unity sponsored day. It's. Right deep breath there about eight at their readiness. Jenny rated this and so I. Where's that you asked me awkward question where is this relationship going. Brian Ford jasmine right jasmine you've had a moment is the thing about SE sure and check and stop and out the latter. Jazzier starboard right. Okay Willard and asked him to be honest I just hope you're ready for the answer. I hope that jasmine a. I mean just doing this segment. Hello. Up. He and you create the on top off. Brown and it's gentlemen Jeff intention of Narnia. Why won't. You for complete honesty and okay Nicole yeah. They're okay. So I will just get right to that we are Cullen about your relationship jasmine. And she look like us to find out where you art with things with her. What's assessor relationship and where's it going for you. Will prove to people are sincere I'm I don't know you know if it was going pretty well I've I I like where we connect twelve. Good. Baht. Lately have been noticeably in on the program she is what eighteen pictures learned. Like I remember when there's usually like in pictures of attractive dude got the right let it almost nonstop. And I don't know this is it sort of it sort of not well I'm. Confident that acceptable and other members have a tough time. In little leery of the relationship. So how do you feel like she's being too flirty on the line with other I. Yeah I mean she could excuse. Just climbing all these are not talking about model pictures on the starter although she like finding. Attractive guys like regular civilian guys and liking a lecture. I don't know celebrity's civilians and so. That's what the good old sister was good old some celebrity but those are also glad that but it not for me this course of of course the Mike. And I'm pretty secure how I look put its arms stop she's Spartan. We are like that cartoons as. I mean are acceptable her relationship to go I can't open it from the African when their attention is somewhere out. So you get on answer Graham and you do they'll thing Maurice sites and use concealer ever I like him you Dina. You know I noticed these things that. Didn't Google about you know. So. What what's interesting to me is that you haven't talked to her about this that you just been taken a lot of meaning. Yeah I mean this is kind of watching unfold your own and advice. The wars that get put wherever like in the pictures of them are kind of the more check out both sort of smooth as. They have to make any headway with a relationship of them go and you know if she's so advertisers and other dude and I'm not gonna put my intentions are a little red. There are they your mutual friends as I you're saying you know I like royalty and examine Jen hobby like this in the local. Is that your mutual friends are you actually going where you can see like when everybody's liking as our you're on. Once you're taking pictures of your mutual got friends that are attractive is that is out making him comfortable. At first it was just and I don't look you know we're also on board back in the spotlight. It is I just noticed more and more her name popping up or break. On our god and even rim devices. The country's deeply hope. The attention of these other guys to outlook or I don't. The. What is the bigger violation because I see where your. Trying to go. And you're trying to a point that I'm thinking you're trying to point out that Brian spends a lot of time looking at. Let's talk of people's activity. Ridge. How and the EU. Crazy me pattern now on the inappropriate in a relationship meter. Is that higher or lower than liking and when I mean that's way higher. It's a bigger violation that Brian is looking acts. What she's doing. And I think it's a bigger violation I just think it's crazier because you've got regional brands are or even have on my girlfriends things iron is hot I'll give satellite that girl yes and it it's a hot guy in a picture like. And whenever a pivotal like if you read and do it and you don't sane thing to me. At that point it's an insecurity and then you're just itching for problem and you're going on incidental look at justice C. Hey did (%expletive) what guys pictures did Shiite day. That's great. I have another president grant trying to help yeah it says on our land another example but I have another question. Is she looking a whole bunch of stuff. And among those things are just that attractive guys like when you go and look at issue liking like. Fifty pictures and three of armor attractive guys Ted I've ever since that's kind of our puppies and government like baking and it writes it means no. It's like sixty album art guy I met my real little are like. Someone's food that's basically what are they somewhat nice meal that they could pick up to breakout heard from what are certainly that is the best whereas. And show you can't tolerate that in a relationship. Not a good Ouattara. I well when we talk to her she's really here and you're the only thing. In her work. And she told us that. Got her ballad you are dating. She told us Bryant that you are getting multiple people she was not. You were the only honor in her life and her. And we were kind of like you should dig multiple people that he is and she's and I know I'm all focus on one person that's how I work so if we go back to her. Is there anything she candidacy. If she stops doing that. Are you. Still invested. If she would have stopped that cold Turkey stop doing it we still have that now we have a truck this year now we haven't and we have to workers don't have to. We have to work. Our network hour is dating multiple people but she knows he's being multiple people want to know that she's liking pictures on them all public I'm only because he's there in the back and re search like this I know. And then it didn't. I'm inclined to get it comes finding it leg that. Because I found it doesn't make it must halt. Not saying your phone and I think she's like that either. All right well anxiety out. You dating earlier yeah I do so yeah. Do you want us to ask her not viewing it or is this just over. It. If you sit. Under if she stopped and we couldn't Bloomington market. I I can't iBook inner I will take care of that thank you bright pinks and greens on a girl look Brian you know didn't currency is admirable. And brother and her looks that. So we'll come back here in a column in ads and Kelly tees at Oscar. To stop being a creep and social media. I will not ask her to do that. So why because he makes in hating the other day other people that she can't like hot guys picture clients and ramps please I mean if you win that you have very deep dive. Tennessee deep dive out as it is it is a challenge to plant who's like why names. And especially he's like yeah I liked sixty guys like an analyst obviously gets on and I'm almost on today which means he's doing now a couple times today to see you should do and weird welcome back into three minutes and I will pick that was any adjustment. They waved the red. A girl jasmine here in thirty minutes. In this. Did he told me this morning. I think jasmine joined us a few minutes ago from where is that relationship going. And she told us that she is dating and adding Brian. And he's gotten distant over the past few weeks we call Brian out and say did what's and he says she's cool all fight. Recently she has been liking. Pictures of attractive man on line. And I'm now comfortable that so I've been pulling back because that makes her not trustworthy. Kelly she's totally understand where he's coming. No all I didn't laugh I. And all eyes. Kelly she's actually is. It's so mad at because. She thinks it's a double standard he's beating other women. You're upset and mad at her for a liking pictures on answer them you are. And any said that that's a trust thing but you are physically in front of another person literally putting yourself out there and I just. I shouted at him I want and hey I've jasmine welcome back to that. Evans exam. And I. They get a break up the line. Little you heard what he said. So different than any he's saying he couldn't imagine them saying. Well I. I'll let it going to. Yeah. You know I did that thing didn't go my way home. What are we does that help. I know he can really had to can. You're. I have no iMac coupon you know like I wanted to be an intimate relationship and it doesn't sound like yet. I don't think it was going to be about Syria. So are you who. Thinking that this is the end of the relationship. I think and to think about it. I know I'm betting they might national media outlet I don't mind that had he asked me. And I'm an artist I like Lenny at these online. And I'm a very loyal person. So firmly polite. Anything on mine is. It shouldn't be an issue there aren't all. You're just gone through and heightened girl those ads are a work of art click like. Awkward and I have this beautiful friends and I have to people LA times. Social media are just strength and that means really in picture and I think somebody that it. Well I didn't trust authority your knee is complicated and some other girl. To be honest. And this. His excuse may be. Yeah created such as well. Well hey I don't know you could just break them. I didn't get to get a kick her now you can out of circle bad. I probably wouldn't. I have. I am I that you should just be Donovan he's got on my is not gonna creep on your social media as that's weird irons out what to do on social media. It gave us broad. The media at the big deal. Is just social media now. And it turns us on now some felony of. Shark starts way that we that we elect an answer and minutes as super vote in the pants. Oh yeah I don't want to like. I have these yeah. I think I thank you. Jasmine jasmine. How rare a game Sandy Springs apartment it's fair. Get that guy went and oh my god. You wanna diet and make you feel guilty or lake. You know leading the top orbital eat yogurt. You're at that you've been repeated caddie around Atlanta. On. Its 88 king site pretty exciting by. Sure and then when here's here's the thing it's like he's not trying to control her. And just hear me out in California because he didn't say anything to her out just decided. A woman who bites pictures of other guys. And in demand that if types. I bet and they didn't bother to share that with her I mean. It's all eaten making it. Hit it you to own behavior. Trying to make her feel guilty it's already been to panorama city and he. She dislikes and she got mad green hit a breaking public forum it yet Annie picture. Aren't at that and so irritated. Double standards and art out of the early. He'd outlaw the only rights you. This summer I. Hate you re hey Randy. Just equip a question totally unrelated to this call how much coffee if you had this morning. Armpits of Bernard. And if braves ever looking for his second job she could be a fast talking auctioneer and heartbeat and I am. Hariri you know the commercial radio for a sanity and at the and they got to say like the level of an inspired idea. Aaron an accurate. I. Think. I'll let the morning. They want to. Like alma. Eight edition and. Well it's primitive I did yes isn't. It. Explain to me airing and Alley explained to me what the big violation. The floor is yours and. Signing the arena C let other email. You don't like. Social media. I. I Eric and Ari. Are you in her relationship. Where it all so if your man was scrolling through in Seagram. And click and I and every three. Bikini pictures that he around and you know like regular women liked. Hot women weren bathing suits and bikinis that wouldn't party UB right and that's cool. Now I would've been like. Hey. Not a problem. Not owning and even my dad are uploading you're. That you have common can't unite and an addict nine point land. The media is not a big deal I thank you when you are leaking the people back in the. And I thank you Dan. And we'll come back here in three minutes and I think Allen gave Kelly tees that I'm lower. Okay because ever dated a guy who's really good at turning it around on year homeland it's and you think that's at this as I would. Brian is back out. Us on percent he's been down because she's like him you know needs in agreement and our. You can formulate your closing arguments you're perfect you're state of the relationship. Address. Kelly tees will try to make me understand what Brian's big violation was apparently she's speaking for every woman in Atlanta. We'll do it after CSR. One. We just engine shop. Brian says he stopped talking to jasmine because all she was doing was likened pictures of high fat. And that's why he was fallen off with dating jasmine even though Brian if the wind if those. Everybody up and I'm speculate cheese once you have the last word on us. You'll get your chance to speak. Just remind everyone that a 100000 dollars cadence dot into their pocket coming up pages ten minutes we're gonna announce a month. If your birthday falls in that month call us we'll give you by 828 we announced that it is that easy can we at least britney's been on hold communities and Brittany. I. Gambling that I get a Rihanna. I'm holding Kelly back and she's all about the letter I'd bring that politics out of energy around him and a girl Britney you have some thoughts on this week's episode of where this relationship. Oh yeah at. Not having it by about Ed. I would he want all of you and run back and you know I asked if you're on in grand. Making all these other girl can you imagine what it'd be like when he Nat may not that I mean it yeah. Like on eight grant I know are out you. Don't ever again on me. I know Ryan jet main line. I'd love and Britney I think that if true it's true and that's that all of them. Pam man and a hell seems to Hal letter read this guy is. Dating other people and if you've established and their relationship and then you get butt hurt over her liking pictures on his ground. You got control issues you're insecure. You mean like a competence is Andy's planning and all the wrong ways by trying to control our social media. A saying you can't do this on as you can't do this because it makes me man like that control I. Think I'm getting it so what he's doing. Even though he didn't valor he knew that he started to fall off. She would ask. Because she's all in with him and then when she asked it just so happened to be part of our our our big our segment in ways that they've gone. But when she would ask he would say this just makes me and comfortable and then he fell victim he's so he's now controlling her. It's just stating what hurt his feelings and then she's not doing it meanwhile. He's allowed to ago a company. Eggs and not really emulation it's bullet in his honor from I. Hands that are way more manipulative. And is not keen you've got to grow really liked him. He got dating other people and he's nit picking her instant on like one you're being way too deep in essence dockers that we can talk about on the side. But like that isn't series. Issues right near him and them I can just get technical questions or. So if you're on in Steve Graham the only way to see what pictures somebody else's life is to do that side swipe over to that we're. It's a weird side so he's got to be checking that refreshing my every hour every us because it updates pretty quickly he's like she's like sixty pictures today like you must be looked image at least 1015 pounds a day. Yeah I feel like I've learned something actually today. And happy I came here and spend time with the guys I feel so I feel smarter. Guys hit and eight. I like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook search starring 941 Atlanta.