WITRG Christine & Rich Part 4

Thursday, December 8th


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Die happy for law and thanks for awake enough will Jenkins CNN. I double file. Hey merry welcome to the show and now. I need can you just number because I have all that it won't matter to me that I. Odds and five seriously really they play he don't like it then don't let. Are you get a 100% serious because we'll get turned violent and and thieves use overdo it. Absolutely. Okay sounds like a good time to. Well I'll. She's got a little Nadia and her voice. Vote today. That a gay marriage. I won't work out and I. Camera inane are coming is nine. The side of Christina at LAX explain. I think I think what she heard was that he was well admitted commitment old and I ink. You know I think and all that really kept saying he I mean you know there are yes our relationship. Like I am tired and Matt eat at home. I was clicked this. I not read a lot of relationship but I didn't say. You're no where like. You know welcome you kind of I don't know I just freak him out. I think I think it freaked her out there aren't you like that and I thank you Cameron thank you LL. I'm. Tiny I just wanted to say thank you so much your show because. I have a final today and I literally hyperventilate that night and all of that is the only thing that economy down. Any bed every morning oh my gosh. Why are gonna do great on that final been preparing. Or even a late I'm guessing integrate. Little tequila and I am a bit but chuck and yeah. So what's the what's the course that you're taking the final and anatomy and ideology. Is there any thing it you need help with rate now that I can help you. Amount. Pick sides can't be overlooked marquis rich and the lunch and makes me so happy right. The only number these are. Listening to you and everything out that's how he announced an. That's basically what you need right now try to limit the say about. Your blog will come down here okay and use this in the go to if pituitary gland. I'm always. Fall back and the pituitary gland about. Letters and yet I don't see right and all else fails circles. Right Julio takes him deep breaths you've got as your rates no stress. And please call us back and let us now I needed now were worried Korea. Okay slumped on an out there acutely. Article talking in two days you've got this car crashes and when you when you get an A will be yeah some might be. Okay. Julie and there's an art is to Julia Julia. If there is an answer to Terry gland please make that. I want my god and he actually help it answer I. Pay a little time thanks Julia. I don't 1088. I. You and your beer and I'm anxious in high school and junior high school. Well. I'd iPad using it's it's thinning out. Then frock says that offered in the air right now I think he's sweet column how much we appreciate you and anchored in India. Creepy old guy Melanie thing erupting Harry. I'd I'd let us how you did Julie I'm attached and it will eight yen by remote it all right and and if you're over 21 will throw some glue and that that good at our paper about Juliet thank you become. Bloody minded and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook. Search star in 941 Atlanta.