WITRG Christine & Rich Part 3

Thursday, December 8th


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If your drive and knows drought out try. National duty your boss. Join us for Gonzales in a row every hour while you're the one story now before one. So we just talked to rich inside where is this relationship going on behalf of Christine and we will check in with Christine see what she thinks about. This phone call here into second. Memory match game happens again at 925. This morning when some awesome prizes to put under your tree or keep bring yourself. I get is using at 925. Kinds that apple products hatch malls concert tickets it's all there wolf played and it actually. This week the where's this relationship going is with Christine and we just talked to rich. To see if he is at the place and there are couple months of dating to go to her company party. And used to all that and so Little League. And be happy about the snake scene. So what do you. Well. I think it it really really out and that he will. I don't think Aaron good and I and you make a part. I might. Maxine you know and kicking him around it. And I kept everything pretty by looking around the urgent economic co worker like what if any day. We're we're gonna grouping together like it would have been very late. So. So I don't. I don't have that pressure Ryan. Knee or my coworkers. But I it are that I'm wrong. All right after I think he was just trying to illustrate for us. That the relationship is going really well and that way in a conversation about being more serious even indigent UA came up heated freaked out about it. Yeah he think he was just saying that. Now I mean I corporate general and will interpret the meek but clearly he got great guys dull it. If he's kind of gonna freak but he's even worried about potentially freaking out I don't think it probably get a yet it. Take him around Miami you know Turkey coworkers back. You know back it internally clearly that's a lot of pressure for unless it. You're not the same girl that we just hope I felt like ten minutes ago didn't you originally say. You wanted to make sure that he was really into the relationship. Before having. I write to. I don't either hearing him talk about it it is I don't write about it. All of that and particularly awkward as we told him we're gonna ask into the Christmas party to get even said at the and have fun at the Christmas party and ginger out. We're asking you refer to ask you. I got to have a conversation there about why you're not. Going to. This relationship is going down the genuine about where it's going to help just invite him to the Christmas party. Think it's me I'm out again earnings and tell not to bring up of lease agreements. It's not even an issue he wasn't saying that like that you guys wanna start a family together he was just. Pointing out that Wayne. However it came out when he came out in and accumulate. You know. I create I would ask you to reconsider. There. There party. I'll think about that. Thank you are saying I mean. You. Can you explain it U mean Jan. I can honestly. Because I've actually act at this was going to be actually really. Easy easy easy and party and everything's. On and on. I won't let them. The whole thing was great. And she was actually now. Think she got a text message from a coworker in the middle of that. The Fed what possibly could they don't re numb June oh she changed her. Multifaceted like a dime back home I and so. News. They Elisa. Hi. Now and right now. I'm in. Straight. 88 well I and that I would have little Yankee green and happy but I'm kind of light. Earn you. Much. I want aren't the words the over thinking. Yeah. Money. That was Canada that is kind of bizarre it's. Color and I eighty others. Are. Even. Roger thank you listen Brooke and Douglas hey. Hey Ventura is completely Matty. She wanna get on the great he had an athletic ticket meant that attack in years and act there aren't that well now but at. I am gathering that he not so women treaty you know she met they like you really are together and that added that it and they Indy and she really well are you damage that he or she he she want it there and lay it not happening. You in your mind do you think then hard to get angles interesting do you think it's something we aired. Hard to get thing because now he has to call army like are you seriously that aching me is yes he tuned in obviously he heard it. And now he's not Holler at me like they me. Not everybody like that. And. Just see where. Broke several of us are are quite normal. Well Christie seems to me to be the type of person who needs fifteen different people to help her make a decision on what to have for. Or what to Wear out on a Friday night. You aren't saying you know people in fact it cannot make a decision without holding people. Getting involved and yet. Indeed that's how she feels. Hey Sasha in sugar though welcome the shaft. Gadget I think that you see it at one at all only like I. Don't like her back and nap. Hit it even you know like they're happy not into that she meant it a lot back. I should do it as it happened back quickly. Think we can have literally happen in the course of one phone call. Yeah I mean there are kind of liked that she. I never liked hot and that OEME. Allocate a lot of and it made it an app. Thank you Sasha. I like my analysis multi fascinated and you are but. Our phone lines are always open for 0474. Line and you. We love that about you especially if you have some in state that we haven't you're afraid to give us a call its US. Let's yards and an easy one Smart things break. Christmas is in Shia and Shia.