WITRG Christine & Rich Part 2

Thursday, December 8th


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Thanks for being a part of it. People want to. We are right now I'm about to make phone calls you a man named bridge. I'm behalf. A listener. This show named Christine. It's where is this relationship going we do every Thursday and we ask this awkward question and help you navigate the conversation. Because you wanna do yourself. Christine was just an honest that she has been dating rich. For about two or three months they have not had the ax the city conversation. But she wants to bring him to her company Christmas party and a couple weeks are in the next week or so. And just kind of picture she was on the right track before inviting him to meet all of her co workers. That Christine you get all that right. OK so it works is we are going to you on hold and you get to listen and as weak call rates and Jeff he said. There's going to be any they want. Well I just don't think there's a wrong answer hold on to the environment the call. And it will come back to you afterwards. You know. I am I Don and that's on these and yeah. Just don't think there's a wrong answer that makes sense. Psycho act now. Oh. Maybe rich of the kindness is Jan from the jet engines show. Nader is good area. I'll try again. Jeff and I are here and we our lending because. We would like to talk to you about relationships. What we do a lot of rationale. Period at halftime and specifically we won it is not to you about your relationship with Chris. Aren't local okay with you. So it around holiday time of the year and there's like this time. And it's that time of year where there's a lot of different parties again. So Christie was wondering about your relationship. Hands where it's going because. She. Invite you to her office Christmas party. She doesn't want to introduce you to that. Much of her life if the year not into. So. I guess they're calling to say. Where is this relationship now because. Far. I think Larry. Didn't handle oh and I think part of browser doesn't wanna like overstep. Yeah I mean an invite you and have you go well. Yeah. And a sense. Yeah I did. So. That means there's so far gone unheard of us are gonna turn into a pretty early on oh then dating. Two months I guess that there's only so it's still pretty new but none of digging at him elected. Well I am so you'd be at four meaning co workers and you know and on nights out hit me in the Boston staff that would freak you out. Well I you know I think in most of my past president probably word that there's some others looked a little different right. You an example even have a conversation that too long ago. It was casual in order for a moment that Dan Bartlett as we kind of mentioned that. Both of our league is on our respective apartments are. And let the next or the six months and well you know fingers don't know about that time elite it. Talk about the idea of moving in together again and again real initial disk. Just kind of talking about it but the fact that I didn't freak out what about that I was participating in it if I have a big deal. You're like actually that sounds kind of cool I think. That's very bad and I cannot stop regularly denied it saying yeah. Yang or weirdness no I get a look at what's. So your thinking is if you guys are willing to have a conversation about. Moving in together even if it's six months down the road and your cool all Sharon some eggnog with coworkers. Yeah I think solidly red downgrade is a really. Academic and. That's really cool are you typically commitment phobic. Yeah yeah I've had like one relationship go past six months. But Leguizamo album I could tell early let your little science I'm like damn than at this stage revolution is that something like it and I haven't seen those with this relationship so I don't know I'm hopeful. Yeah well. I Rachel thank you Fareed her honesty and happy holidays and and enjoy the party. Hot and thank you get that vision about it. Well into the party when she asks the right but this isn't us yeah a little bit out as. I'd encourage. We'll look. I gotta be and a city Janet was a little nervous in the beginning. At me yeah amen. It has to attack you came in strong buy it you can wrap it up and about. OK I was all of when he really cool you're right it was like easier than I will come right back and pick a profound and talk to Christine. Give her thoughts on that phone call we just had to bridge is toll in the relationship. And I think it's me sounds like he's exactly where he should be Freeman's right. I think maybe. Maybe he's even more in the hour we'll talk to Christine in three and a half minutes here and the jet engine engine irony for one. Peachtree City and all over really yeah. Demonstrate how little early enough. You just enjoy and Shia on snow or no need for a long line.