WITRG Christine & Rich Part 1

Thursday, December 8th


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I mean Doug. All over eighteen yeah. Jeff finch and Shia OnStar in 941. Where is this relationship going we're gonna ask that awkward question on behalf of Chris CNET here in just a second she needs to figure out if this guy she's been dating. These companies Christmas party material. So we will talk to her in just back. And then at this time tomorrow this has come up three times in 24 hours so it's an urgent need that would and felt. You're being asked the question and few people sent me messages and eight. I don't know what to buy my guy. For Christmas. Because they have been dating along exactly. That they're wondering from guys waited years I'll try to help outsource at. Can be a little bit tricky when you do that yet we'll be. Where is this relationship going Morgan talked to Crist now. As the end. And I I don't think you for bringing your sensitive. Nerve wracking thing to do. The inserts that question is this. Fair and unsteady ground yours is specific. Days. Yeah exactly. I'd tell us about this guy rich that you are the. Now and couldn't beat a guy rich and beating her right arm and he's super duper great. And a lot. By late attack that. Pot. And I actually just avoided bringing up my complete picnic her. The Kinect me Jack. Yes I did like. Aren't accurate account of a big deal that somebody around my coworkers and you know as we didn't settled shortly like I don't wanna you know it's and that indication if you know you. Dating other people are like you that much in department told me batter or you know I died and now. So Christine if that's the other weird part is that all of your coworkers are going to be like so is this your boyfriend's. I would do exactly what you introduce him hat when you're like oh hey you know Los meat pie. And. Mighty lately I think. Yeah yeah you know to put aside what they saw. You know aren't why am I but I don't want that are out yet you know it I didn't you like Ian and it's going to net. Healthy direction. I don't wanna see and. Women are so. A multi fascinating is that make it more polite. Because if I'm talking lately you would describe it diamonds. There's a lot of services that can catch the light. I was as edit it right to. But what's the big deal gives the company Christmas party it's probably an open bar. It. Well she respects her coworkers her coworkers respect her that's an environment you're bringing a guy into if he's gonna be right for awhile. Again which you say. All right well the way where is this relationship. Works are winners this relationship going works days you get to listen and while we ask him. About the status of YouTube. Together. So. Is that the exact question that we need to ask that because that's that's that whole future. At W Moore won and knows how do you feel great now or do you really want to know about. Feel and how lake as I'd like having a really at any. Time and you know I like you but you never know each day that I eat I eat and you know I wanna I wanna I wanna know should I items in my content are here not by Akron at the pump unhappy you. And Christine I'm I missed this at the beginning of the conversation did you say how long you guys been dating. You're three honestly I'm already that they. Attack. Is still pretty new. OK. I while I'm happy casual about it's not about are you gonna get Mary is right. It's this or no not at all and in. So there's really no answer that you give units were you. Because. No matter what he says you're an equal place. I got obviously I am black and that would be nice if you like you back play if he doesn't panic that you know now you know. I that he neatly attack. All right while Iowa just ask you then hang on for. I three or four minutes here will align everything about it aren't in them weakened back weak call him. In you don't get to the dismayed that congress is used to listening now welcome back into it you're thoughts after we talked to him call. I Kristi is Christina our Christine. Mean I Christine hold on forest for three and a half minutes and we will come rate back and we woke with Susan she's things. What's his name Richard and me. Rich rich. We will come right back in we will call bridge on behalf for me. And it's been racking. It's a that this is an easy. Albeit three and a half minutes here on jet engine is there any one. Star in 941.