WITRG Angela and Carter

Thursday, September 8th


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In case you haven't heard it today we look down. And no one noticed that colonies on enhancing the discovery of the championship show star and 841. And hello welcome to the Jeff mentioned yeah. You know. The name of the segment where is this relationship going where there's something a little bit uncomfortable and we don't want you to deal itself we will. Not RU. Do when I'm done very good. Relationship we can match today. We talking about my boyfriend at Carter and I have been together for a year and a half now and yeah. You really have actually legal and England really really well. Cool. Yates. And meet Matt and Matt. Through friends which is an experience that gray area anymore. We just got together Adam. My friends friends which wanna get it spread so that's kind of just. How it happened at a little get together one night. Egg. Firm narrowly missed I mean it it sounds so cliche but it just cat has unfolded from there. So let games. The problem that would warrant you calling a radio station to explore the next steps in your relationship. Great rates so. They'll let it had been together for a year and a half and including great but they happen. Then any discussion of the next steps like it's easy and then together you know what are we talking about here you know and I brought it. It's not like as a state I had about a kind of sanity you know. Would you need it you know thinking marriage you're anything like that to get its spot he Murray only in Egypt usually kind of below the dogs aren't clean and it'll be our you know things are going really well now you know. It's not broke don't fix say you know Alicia role with say and let it change the such acts. A kind. So you want a definitive answer. Didn't spending here and hats and and you know I'd like to kind of have an idea of you know. They don't know where that's going every Arab League heading down toward marriage Catholic I would like Janelle you know does that. I mean it's nice you know I I don't see why you wouldn't honestly I mean everything has been going really well iTunes. He'll kind of alma field like hanging Al wondering. Still. What are we doing you know. Hi how are you that I'm twenty fives and and he's actually happen. And is there and knees miles and you feel like you'd like. More. No. Don't know at that Stanley he's not mine I've met him. I mean we do it it's great we all get along. Our lead menial. I mean how that really met each other. Yet but making and we do we have mutual friend we have our own friends everybody I mean it's. It's known you know. And Jakarta area everybody everybody knows that together so. And that's not only time I'm kind of dialogue I don't know how to move forward that he. So in me and care so. Okay well we can definitely make the call and ask I'm afraid we're a rock the boat. I mean what she's described as like the perfect relationship and being it's going to perfectly I feel like when we asked this question it could. Mess things up trio. Everything seems beyond really well side to one up on the founder of the radio station in. And having an inner fear in this and it's torpedoes and questions in the oh. We have any problem and entered connecting ourselves into your perfect relationship here. And. Oh yeah continued and yeah. Is not ideal I I I want NL I NE you know I. We will take three minutes here it is information. I'd get him ready to go in and walk call him while you listen and you'll be able to interact with them which will be able to listen to Omagh Ronald. And then woken up at you in Europe thoughts after we make that costs around and I Angela we will call Carter for this week's edition of where is this relationship going in three minutes. And the jet's engines you know starting before one. Like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta.