WITRG Andrea and Adam Part 3

Thursday, January 26th


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Driving it. Yes sixteen and binge and solid sixty. Hole and still in great and wrap up this where is this relationship going we are talking. Who has the plan for the most of the zone hard at you we've ever heard out. If and when the falcons to win the Super Bowl we're gonna talk to him coming next and jet engine jet. I'm gonna use it Jenn hobby word to describe what Jenn hobby just. She should urged the phone call. Hide and we had to call Adam on Andrew's behalf. And ask Adam. How he felt about his six week long relationship where is Andrea but we couldn't freak him out. The Jen played all of that body. Yeah it was like our Andrea had just happened beats us about you her ex boyfriend buying it what do you think about that I tried pointed directly saying where is this relationship going to Thabeet. Too weird after three or four dates right now we've done before and has gone terribly. So I was trying to do a better job and are what you think you heard all that. I'm Eric and I did really good directing it at fifty. They are you surprising piece that or did you think that was what he. I don't really think ahead expectation. But I did not to cry. And yeah I learn from intact. And I'm I'm happy it but he said. And anybody that goes. So does this mean you will you will not take the ex boyfriend's phone call. Now and again I mean I mean enters the. I so just ran to the year competition. Axle and yet only woman and I can get him. I. Would you like I serial. Relationship person like you always have to be in a relationship. OK if you own it isn't getting it. And lightning and let me ask you this question just between now. You will dangle something or do something to keep the ex boyfriend on the on. Just in case things don't work out when man and a right. I'm not worried about me and you don't do anything when he's on the hook forever. I. I can't. Welcome lack I hate that look at it all. Out. I really really thanks Andrea ivory. I really like her sassy. Yeah I got. I'd say I say an all time behind Scruggs. Hottest thing that a woman could have use. And coming up in three minutes we are talking to Scott he's got being tied to plans. When the falcons when the super ball I know what those are with us next on the jet engine jet. Peachtree City and all over its yeah. Demonstrate how little early enough. To just enjoy and Shia on snow or no need for a long line.