WITRG Andrea and Adam Part 2

Thursday, January 26th


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Sure I'll still are. Okay Jeff I think I am ready to board this in the way of where it's gonna work for Andrea when we. Call adamant ask where's this relationship now Jen has been plotting this the entire song I'm remember the exact way to Wear it because. The situation with Andrea is. Unique she's not this isn't a little long term. Relationship this is and let somebody she's been dating forever this is a guy. That she has only known for six weeks. But she wants to know. What the deal is before she starts talking directly friend again. Yeah I think I've got the way to go in on this. And and and get it where we we're not gonna freak him out but we're gonna get to answer that she needs so that she doesn't make a mistake and talk to the ex boyfriends. Are you get an engine into Reagan mentioned the X yes OK this is the way determining go into it. I'm not like you called us asked the question how many the united. OK in here and I think I think Germany get this plan. Jenn hobby working hard story. And they gave kind of viewing them here girl I entered into an you may listen and yeah that's it all right we're gonna put you on hold and pick up the phone and call. That. Yeah. I. If they speak the atom. Idea that hey Adam this is Jan from the jet engines now has and are already are doing really well. Hey I was just fine for some general quick I was talking areas with our friend Andrea. And she's a friend of Jeff Nuys and she was and times how she just you know. And things are literally really what you guys. Yeah you're out. Yes ID I think they're they're looking to. Yes she's been I've been on a plan like hanging out with you and she's like I'm talking to this new minis cool so we're talking prior relationship. And in. She was telling us about something came up and I was just calling it give you the heads. And so she was telling us that. Her ex boyfriend so any app and kind of once you get back together. But she was like I don't. Relieved. Serve why is going on because I'm really feeling at them and he's cool and all but I'm not trying to scare him mar. You didn't push the relationship or whatever he's like she's like I would really actually renting out I'm so I don't know fashion. Take this call from ex wife and I and we rely. Oh maybe we can column in NC. And open and no I mean here's the thing I mean it's actually been there that Gregory time whether Andrea Barrett. But where I met well right now. Just personally is that I am not interested in pursuing a relationship. Tom like. I am and didn't continue to debate Andrea and I am also enters it in continuing to date other people and I would never ask her to wait. Not date other people. But I will say yes I'm not. I don't wanna get involved in something between. Looking like an X at home that's a lot of baggage that it gets later and I'm just like not really interest DOS let's. You don't need anybody to China Beach out. Yeah yes that's not yet I don't want someone outside my work with a baseball bat. We haven't. OK so. You don't want a relationship you wanna keep dating. And you don't wanna be exclusive for you wanna keep creating. Yeah. By you don't wanna keep dating if she is gonna be talking to her ex boyfriend. How well it's it's. If she's going to be she can talk taken before and you know an immediate. There yet exactly at Clear Lake. Thinking about pursuing something that I am I'm not interest. I was just trying to work it out like a high school logic problem if you know that I learned that if they hit that night. Assume manner on Iraq one way is a 150. One weighs a 145. Pounds. Bad thirty pounds of coconuts. Out of they get it down the river let. Yeah I think I think that's pretty apparently took a pretty fair so. OK okay law. Well she's definitely and doing now with you and I wouldn't take our phone call has assigned she's definitely didn't take the ex boyfriend all. She just mention us and we're like hey we should on town. Sure now Heidi you know and so. I don't know it's it's there's nothing too serious right now obviously but I am I am having great. I'd that anger of a Q&A good one. Not a big rates before it pick Andrea out yeah I thought of a great radio. Segment just based on the way you handle that call. It's none of our business by. That would hire people just call us how they give us news to deliver and we call people live side. By side. Did you see America. Is counted. Exactly it's just is making it less. She wants a green person bright idea I think you did a great jabs now. I'll Los in the middle there did you see me just filling space with words you could find a guy that's. That's mostly what we do any. I welcome back here in three minutes and acting out Andrea and wrap up where is this relationship knowing. Three minutes from right now on the Jeff intention. There are ready for one. Where he doesn't feel like you're we have hundreds. Your son when you get to work and get ten songs in a row every hour on starting now before blind yeah.