WITRG Andrea and Adam Part 1

Thursday, January 26th


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Peachtree City and all over twenty. Did you pinch and Shia on stopping people will line and now it is time to queue. The overly dramatic where is this relationship going in true. Errors this relationship employing. The premise is very simple you're confused in your relationships so. You do the healthy thing and call a radio station. And we ask a question. Relationship going. I that's what we're doing right now for injury. Is it Andrea or Andrea. In a game Andrea walk into the and welcome to the jet engine show and we are here to serve you. And I'll. Tell us about the relationship in question. All I've been dating since eyeing Adam early week. While we next six weeks ago economic report such an inordinately loud that my main ex boyfriend he's kind of like. I get confident or ten years it's so you want to get back so you are and and I am I wanna know late on Adam. I don't I like you know relationship so either way they at a slower now it's gonna go to our data and then on and stick that out but if not then. Apartment. So yeah. You don't like one or the other banner. I I mean lately I I it's really wanna nearly jet so Adam and I. He's not into it and pursuing something and. I would try to get a man. That even trying to figure out Adam and where this relationship is going after six weeks I know trying to drop little thin stuff here and there. I would rather I would rather you relate to them but did not enter said that I don't want to. Is it even our relationship at this point like with a little weak on ads now. Okay yeah it and we do it and it down like liquidate it going really well. And that's it writes viewed text message or talk to him every single that. Most every day yeah. I mean like not all day long but lake. I'd announced an idea and ready to debate. By most days. So Jeff from that guy perspective. If somebody came to you and said can we go from talking to dating at this stage. Would you be like. Well. Here's the dangerous part you kind of and by it's weird for it to be so formally began and like I think. If we make that call on your behalf I think we have to be completely on. I think we just have to say what's his name again Adam. Again I think we just had to say Adam luck Andrea really like to buy her ex boyfriends knocking at the door and she is going to completely blow him off if you are into her but if you guys and just kind of hang out unilaterally ended any thing than. She's sent out an ex boyfriend she has once you step up with. And added we just have to put it out there is that okay for resale. To. Only because number one that's gonna rev up that feuds. Competitive juices. Yeah I'm saying and number two. I'm. That's also. Now that intimidate like the caller radio station after six weeks ago for that say. We go from being and brands to balance the daddy. I don't know I use that voice but it got I'm saying right hit it. That seems like. A lot of I don't wanna note as I wanna note that something it and jar. I won't move the way it works and I'm sure you know this and she heard this segment before is a welcome back here in about three minutes. Pick up the phone and call him while you listen game and have a conversation with him more we'll ask him the question and by we I mean Jan. Where she will ask him a question where is this man relationship relationship gone. Will get all of his responses feedback on another cent and that we can back when we talk to you on the other end and I. Anything else you run and as anything her forget. I. I think you know which angle on an ethnic. Parents. And you send it might be slightly less awkward and get us better results for Andrea Jane is plotting her interrogation out late stabler in the line ordering you I'm in wordsmith it here a tag. And right at the end of the day I am align forest for three minutes we will come rate back. And make the phone call to add am and and his behalf but it and a few dates over the past six weeks. She wants and now. Where is this relationship go call the next and the jet engines yeah. Jerusalem where they tilts yeah. Now back to the one story now before wants.