WITRG 3 09.22.16

Thursday, September 22nd


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Stinky you haven't heard it today he looked down. And no notice that colonies on enhancing will cover you. The championships you know us dollar and 841. We just talked to Whitney about where is this relationship going and got some insight on why. She's been dragging their feet and getting married says vacuum where it listening to all of that stuff. What do you think again. You hadn't that you had more information come out of her in. Five minutes and I've been able to get out of her in almost a year. While they call me the unicorn whisper. Week. But I mean he's he's Ito late. I mean you read that basically the way that and I mean I I don't wanna I'm not mad at her body I love or I don't want. I don't risk anything but it's its soul and spirit so aggravating after he does she doesn't say anything about it. Well now you can see it's a sense of pride attached to her fear you were so and I will I was worried about that. Yeah so your your hunch then was right but now the doors open. This. Table is that you can sit down and have a conversation and you guys can work it all out and findings as really nice there's some great new construction in just three. Sandy Springs and Los. When it is great and add today that Cobb County with the ballpark I mean I think you know just search shopping for houses when I'm thank him. Rod Taylor yeah there are helping with moves forward the merits. I realtors. We invite to the wedding when it actually happens exactly done. I broad go call Whitney and thank you for bring him as Larry with a gets a resolution for. I think so much guys. Think Zack another successful whereas this relationship going and I've been going shopping is where that telling me it. Average interest irony for one's. Like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta.