WITRG 2 09.22.16

Thursday, September 22nd


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He's running get itself in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. Straight coming overlook knocks. Justin. The way where is this relationship going works is simple. We call someone and ask him that question in this case it's Whitney. Whitney and her fiance he's actually been engaged for about a year and he's wondering why I'm moving forward with getting married they're planning a wedding out keep small enough so. We're gonna ask Whitney who just keeps telling me you know. I did you assume that all women just wanna get Mary I assume all women at once they're propose to our it's game on let's go get married. Well she's not one of those we'll find out exactly why she's getting cold feet or not. Right. I exact are you ready to make the call. Do it I it will put you on hold you'll get to hear the conversation but you don't get the saint giving into weakened back to you afterwards hands. Find out your thoughts took act. So tonight calling. And we can't. I. Mean it's from the jet engines show hasn't. You are who we are great thanks for coming on with us today. You are well we have been talking to your sweetheart fiancee Zach he is totally oss. Yeah I then. And he said that you guys got into a year ago. Coming up on a year and so he got the brain and he's carrying. Smoke and and with the plans. So we said we collier and just kind of chat about it. I don't where you are in the relationship and how you're feeling about time or not and are you getting cold feet. All. That would probably get Blake and about there lately. And I'm and I love and then. You know doctor may limit Italy and everything now it and noted earlier I get like that and Kate who. And every dating back like I know he's no line and I am you know can be heard about I don't know why we are rationale. You know get get married. Say it a year out from engagements trillium rush. So if there's nothing that's given you any hesitation and I'm moving forward with your plans. I mean not now play. Yellow mean. We were both with each other and we can't or attack an issue Ernie being fat. Would you can. I'm sorry go ahead. Buzz is as they would you considered unusual. Like. Three lead among Euro group of friends. Is it unusable. That. You got engaged and him Napster to planning the wedding after almost twelve months. You. Now a little light. And people waited longer back. In the late ninety brands you know our. In the hotly engaged like around the patent and potter you know are like me your wedding will path. His or is it something that you realize is sort of hurting Zacks feelings 'cause I think it's aren't hers and it. You don't I don't know why red light. And I think it no problem hearing me naming and healing we don't want kid turned right and you know the kid that we don't want our lights. And it hairy ears now we're not Arabs like start and I. And is it marriage in general is anything at all freaking out about marriage in general all the time line anything freaking now. It breathing how can. You know like when we do get married and it's like gonna knock her. I live on like his family and you know all that. It acts like they're right. What's gotten the wedding. Thank you wanna make sure you ask around like a big fancy wedding. You speak into the patent Blake and the Bryan yeah actually that are actually in China lighting back. Allan can't elite all the companies though they're like Barry what do you end. And I'll and they offered I think they'll really who. Like I can't really want to and I care I just want to make sure and it's great. So yeah so. You and your family are all moving this along slowly so they can save enough money. So they can pay for the wedding and his family doesn't have to. Didn't say that is like. They were during the. But is that what you're doing and can talk to. I'm. Looking at the problem which we hit. Late. Well I think that's that would via. OK I get that. I think you're usually maybe if you tell him. I don't think UV. IR I mean I don't know that while I've known for seven minutes now so I don't know what I know of him I don't think that weighed. Bother him to say my family wants to do this wedding the traditional way. And we will complete nerd Africa and that that really aren't. Did you Olympic internationally. And I can't we what I. We have a plan and. And see you look out for your family and I'm guessing if she toxin outage after. He's gonna go it's me you won't pay for racquet she doesn't want to go back of the back and forth with but she hasn't cried for her family's and it's weird thing to talk about money isn't weird thing to talk about. But it will say once again Mary money's going to be a big topic of conversation. I'm so my practices. So now Ian Howell wrote out there's here and there hasn't about it. Yeah. I didn't write it happened it just to eat that it play they'll be like a problem like what you're doing it and and even an replied I don't want ending like eight. Well I can't RDR and it can eat I'm like why are holding on the landing and don't want to cause any like problem with that I had an opportunity traditionally linked and that's really important to pick. Yeah of course. It makes total sense. Thank you Whitney for a. Honestly I think it's not yeah they're not just convince them to buy a house. Through the. Just yeah. We don't on the blanket. You could definitely be downtown. We would you ever would have any problem living in a house they paid for. Credit apnea and it didn't. No. And as. Yes that's definitely the answers we used my. All right thank you K thinks I'm glad you're awesome girl out. We'll be back in three minutes we will rabbit Zach will find out his thoughts. I'm in will get his feedback before he calls Whitney in 2000. And pigs and cows and wow we'll talk to Zach here in just three minutes and the jet engines used aren't you forums. She I'll still.