WITRG 1 09.22.16

Thursday, September 22nd


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all the net. Where is this relationship going this is the Zach edition haystack Harry yeah. Hey guys good I get done we'll eat this is unusual because normally it's the lawmen asking the guy where the relationship is going. By not this week. Or right to be different consulate on renewable well. So who are we going to be tracked him down and finding out where the relationship is going. I actually Miami rolled my ex fiancee now while Whitney and excess. I eyes. I don't know sometimes I don't even know it if I should still caller yeah aren't they are a girl band and I am getting ahead of myself so. Basically we've we've been dating for five years and now last year in September on her birthday we we got engaged. And since then there has been zero planning and there has been I don't date that Freddie saying. You know she she doesn't talk about I bring up all the time meat on me then she just says there's no rush. You know will be together forever that dollar matter. Two lucky financially stable and I mean I get that everything but you know we are and hey I just wanna know what's what's happening you know it is is that something that you use. You're going to do rule. But he should never go into any kind of Ito's so I don't know. Don't know that and let's let's talk about this unicorn of a woman you found. You propose to tear her and she didn't whip out a binder full of years' worth of wedding plans. I'd gotten hot and Don Don I an enemy that you know what that reported seeing that even through our relationship always. Good that I always did you know rise to find attractive is because they wouldn't. The forefront that remind you know there was always somebody that we talked about that we would arrest until. But I mean it. I hate to pin to five years now so it's something that I think it. Important now. But she won't even when he can joke about just like why debate it just you know Adam Ellis an area I mean he had nothing happens. So so. Tell about wit I have a couple questions about Whitney and am. Just sushi Yasushi very career oriented. I see you chokes on a currently cannot write KGB. Hard fact that you know career and then to 45 lines down everything else kind of a girl. You know she didn't report her to portable device you know we we went the careers to be in place to be financially stable. By you leave didn't remember what so we've been able to retain that job you don't need there's more golf course the work were OK now that weekend. You know we we can afford to do other things. And has she ever been married before engaged before anything like that from her pass. The dollar done on these victories to its immediate did his first time regardless basically what engagements. You know longest relationship. I think that we both actually add. So you're just wondering why aren't we making plans to actually do this and have a wedding hard. Can't marry later go to the courthouse whatever it is. Yeah I mean and it's not even anything but you know being not terrorists are really you know we joked that I mean we don't. Need a big huge thing we don't need you know under a keyboard every week we always said I mean we be happy if there was just a courthouse thing but. And even that she's got she didn't talk about your blood diamonds are items I was kind of in limbo with the whole thing. And have you tried to have this conversation before work. Yeah yeah budget times. You know I mean it's Metallica daily thing but you know every. Every month or so I'll bring it up then you know it's it's just not playing and you know now that the capitalist and gave him right after apparent in like. Yeah I mean if there's anything that they know all the might be going on but they're you know they're they're solid on the whole thing I mean you know our data give me a blessing before ass and everything so. My parents recorder to grade I mean it's a do it it's just weird I don't I don't know what's going on. Hank. Well then what we do is that we call Whitney you get to listening. Jane who is quite the words Smith will find it very delicate way to speak to your unicorn. City. And see if we get some answers for you and then we'll come back to you is that send and but some awesome thanks guys I will put on hold welcome back in three minutes and we'll make the phone call and ask Whitney. The unicorn a woman who got the pros do but has not started planning her wedding dance. We'll talk to her in three minutes and the Japanese and you start 941. Star in 941.