Why'd You Throw The Ring

Tuesday, September 11th

A local scuba diver filled us in to this annoying chore he does at Lake Lanier.

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This is good yeah things change golf. A local scuba divert told us why I he has to dig into the bottom of Lake Lanier to findings it's from people get ticked off. The biggest problem is sometimes she would get up certain and now they get mad you don't fight no pulse the ring and notes Willis excellent play. Where were they praying this so we have to ask you why do you throw the rank ratio Europe firms to why did you throw the ring in winder. And then I grabbed it and I'll be drinking and I got really. I don't even remember what I I had been at morning Ireland that re not. Right pick up the art. We had a metal detector and everything. I wish it like her the ring that had diamonds and step in and. You. I had a walk Bartlett and end up a whole other fight back if you open it ain't and I can't edit you know Larry it. You're like why can't we all. Know me. And it yeah. I hate. Bode I'm in you says it jacksons and now. What I keep hearing is that their vendor for a 4263094. Wine. I just why did you throw the ring that's it that's that that's the question. Sarah ram on Twitter. I got so mad I do my engagement ring in the lake at Piedmont park now. Oh he's got married leathery about me as a 25 dollar ring from the Renaissance fair the next. Isn't good fishing give them value of the original range. No link it Piedmont park. You were telling her be on base I got so mad and my husband I threw my and out the window while driving down 85. Did you have been changed now. For a Ford G 63094. Line and you didn't have any of those stories on those on the best times I. Star in 941. Be real real mad through your wedding ring right I mean that's like epic fight had. We tell until local scuba diver who digs to the bottom of slate clean air because if you get mad. The biggest problem is sometimes she would get upset and you know they get mad you don't fight no holes the rain and not Lois ex employee. This is that he's guided it down and go find them. He's got and there is of course are asking about your stories and their cracking as. Especially over unfazed that Greg Kelly she's oh my gosh there to you have to decide it and as the best because they're both so terribly. Add Jeannie 88 on Twitter says it. I was so mad I threw my rings and the yard while it was raining. After I was done being a brat and no literal storm passed through. My husband had to crawl around on his hands and knees in the mind. To find them. I'm more mad and not very tight and I hope she was down there on our hands and knees as well look at those praying yes and about their lives and they're under those fingernails. And then and this on his friend Meredith Farrell on and that face. My has been ticked at me off while we are in over the dumbest things I do my wedding band and engagement ring out the window into the backyard during an icy snow storm. It lasted a few days I try to find it after all of that melted with no luck now I Wear simple titanium band our government on. A low and that. Learn. Huff hit Helen I. I think Megan has been crawl around in the mind is worse because at least in the second story we know she tried to find on our own and see how. Okay wait for days for the snowed a mound knowing now arguments passer over. An anxiety and how pays him and tell them that you loss of. Ever and she admitted to the moon. And of play was over some civic and she about her own ring on Amazon to replace say so my vote the first run is worse Jan. I'm gonna snow peas never found. Them on sale so back home run all the road the nice guy faces the worst and thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion out on star not before one.