This is why International Women's Day & the Women's Strike is Important Part 3

Wednesday, March 8th


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And jumpstart. It before one. I Kathy welcome to the Jefferson Sharia. I'm sorry instead Kathy is calling us because a few minutes ago. We introduced you to a guy named Mike who didn't (%expletive) like James. In the loop story about international women's day. Which is. Explain it Greg broke redwood it's not strike it's a day of awareness. Sort rights international women's day is bringing awareness to all of the things that women contribute to society. The theme is Diebold for change and today is also a day without a woman strikes so there encouraging women to either. Not go to work for to show an academic economic impact of women. In the workplace also. If you have to go to work they're saying and you can not spend money today. And do your best to contribute to the strike and that way or Wear red to show unity. And might come up to see Nance. And would that give hey look today to wish doubt at this moment they are you serious if everybody a victim here. You really are able. What neck people would under fox beat that are written here they're victims too they're gonna have a date how shallow water color. That's what got my daughter and it Jolo where caller that's what you do you're you're at now. And that would is Mike's attitude don't we got a whole second cause of people who. I agreed with ham all women which is pretty shocking. She Cathy is that way you're calling. Yes I pay disagree with what you can. I then. In the military and I had eight Carolina law fired I'm a processor and I hate in the military I think the biggest ingested. Experience was getting. Denominated or eight promotion early. And going up against an analyst people and getting it. And then everyone. And said to my face and behind my back that I got that promotion because I my email because. Somehow the people I had never met knew what I look like and that's how I about the promotion. And I think Jane there's several times Larry you do you Wear cart and you do Baxter act like my. I said and I do that and I honor that. Every day at a woman to try to teach that they. That hasn't gone so far as how aggressive do you like the women that men and and it occurred and it it. I'm not whining I think you have the plug. So why I'm saying is that whining because it's actually gets back and it's dad dad right and it's and it's. Can't create yeah it's a campaigns and gender discrimination and so shine a light on it. Hey Shannon welcome suggestions and shout. Oh I thought I guy. You have got to be bought every ETV. You tied around with you you tell about women like Jan engine mean. Is that. Ought to know how do you say you. Do you need it can't keep your Anke to hang out and art art art it's what you hoping states. The definition of insanity he don't say thank you hope things change. I know I got people. Why don't think you're listening carefully to. Two I think the last kollar said you know just hope you ask an if you ask then you'll get what you deserve and she said the worst they can do is saying now. But that's happening everywhere thing to do like just say no like no I don't think you're quite whereas Edmonds McGwire it's a while because I can say an hour. And then do you just like that that and is that okay. I'll continue to work and they hear and they. And then it's. Only internalize it and think that we're not worth as much and then. The idea that it's just we're not working hard enough eventually it just becomes passable and accessible. And everyone thinks that a so now. Hey KVN Atlanta welcome to this year now. Need to add the armed and where are interact while I am I get great at what I asked thank you all audio. Add I'm guiding our great ally and I know I got complaints don't care act and. An appreciation and I co workers and. That. I melt on our. And edit. And you're you're talking about how we should wait at a time when the corporate jets had to waited and eat it I like. Those women who blood sport in their family and parents had anything. Why are women's right and that they sell ice I think it's a little. I eat for him say. Well thank you for the call I appreciate that if you strike in US history strikes. Typically have worked for unions and different professions. Do a general strike like this is going to be. More difficult to actually work and see the economic impact but you know when. And transit workers all our our show what it shuts down the match turned shuts down a city so. A strike is just a mechanism for getting your message out. And that's what I was saying about the protest is approaches the way to go out and show your voice this is a way to not show up and show your voice. I Sierra welcome to the show. They Sierra welcome your strapped. I no worries. I. So yes I do you teach regular education actually keep to a different subject here cartels that are. There has been studied the truth is that and just regular everyday classroom always call on more than girl. And that because of that especially at like math classes in science class but there has been an age. And a more or Blake and they're glad that. You know can't do it is that they don't feel empowered to do it and that lead on throughout the rest that there lacked because I know eat. I continuously say that I can't even happened while I'm very not good out. It probably started when Alan. A lot younger because that the female male the diet and you know but at least on later so I'd been in your jobs and salaries. And you I think being without where we have this idea mail at the providers we do current. By the wayside and don't pay attention that email can also be providers. Mike Tom welcome to this show. And my carrier. Thanks and. Hate I am completely women should be any today and how America got to where we have a choice that we would be. Reprimanded or worse Arctic and does not showing up today that it on actually on Utley connected. When he didn't show it today. And think about predominantly. Here the children the propriety. And the early childhood education in the school they get cute but I can't wait a patient elderly. And predominantly Winnick. Didn't care for people couldn't go to work and couldn't they went to favorably to take care of their elderly era. Everything else because it would. It broke all right let's just be on. That weak weak weak and a guy who are we just educationally. Or Carter. Well Pete thank now it doesn't happen. Jan to aim at Logan bill welcome to the shallow. And where our blood is boiling and hear how are you. Oh yeah I yeah over it okay. I can't. Say that light keep you solid rock he had no idea. Well it's I don't mind. It's find hard to hear from someone who just says that. Acts aren't hacks. It's hard to now take his opinion seriously. I think he would come forward and said to us. Less and still go to work today. Because I don't believe in strikes as a tactic to get your voice heard like in general. I feel like there could have been a real discussion around that by it and I think like you know it's individual women are fine. Well paid the same what do we potter what was shocking to me about that thanks Janet what was shocking to me about that is that she said he has a daughter. Thinking and he. I pressed him a winner off the air have in the conversation. I pressed him to to put his daughter in a situation where she wasn't being treated fairly. And his response was well I would just tell her to go somewhere else. And and I work harder and I don't think that's accurate I don't think he would do that are rightly and Mary and a. Good morning guys I'm so. Yeah I think I worry a bit agreement might. Aaron internship. I've been trying cute they called iTunes. And make irrational com. So there are few things back in my mind so he. Everybody was calling it keep hanging budget to work harder it is an individual being what you wanna belt or it. I'm in these kind of magnitude that are being that even against scientific. Restarts and and against what. You know what so many people now. It all the public being fed during you know the civil right the banner or even back our thirteenth two minority like to work hard keep your head down don't argue you know I don't. It'll get better. And it almost went brain washing yeah. I've never heard a group. Like. It like limit put themselves down like they do an and it's hard to keep working our own arm because. Interesting hey you know we need to curb battered by. Would you keep fighting or and it even if they don't see it come and thankfully people about a hundred years ago to. I'm thankfully people brought kind of done that even when people there won't be that great the need for it. But it'd hit it. It Ellen looks although sometimes. I does Leah I'm Mike fighting back tears to sum up yeah it's still raining because. All those all those women is from from. The wind from this effort jet generation work so hard for us so that we have those voting rights that we take for granted now. And I want us to keep working really hard far. My daughters our daughters our granddaughters. So that they can take for granted that they make the same amount of money is or milk count are parts. And that's what today is pork is not us today and our paycheck tomorrow. That's our daughters and our great honors so that they will look back on us and history MB. Star in 941.