Why Does Jeff Hates Low Country Boils?

Monday, June 11th

Low country boils: delicious or disgusting? 

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This is the Japanese yen shop what is. The worst party theme of all times is you've actually already been invited to one of these this summer but Jeff is right and call it out as the worst. Why it's actually it's a friendship and great thing for me exam refusing. To go to this person's dumb party and it's not really it beam is emerges as the exit. Is that it's a snag and it's a stylus the thing people in the and they think it's fun and it's not it's stupid. Well it's not only is it stupid is the worst thing and the plan. I say and I agree with you I've put in the same category as would raisins. Or people who drive slow the fast. But it's awful. Talking about low country boils. I yeah I hear I. Aren't as well IRA did without a doubt the worst. Thing. I'm planet earth are you Syrians. Hey do you what do you wanna do tonight by an Al. We could order some pizzas and hang out or you can come over and will put an old candle lit who knows what might have been mandated some waning existence. Over a broken propane torch that may or may not burn down your entire house. Men will put a bunch of rain and food in there they'll take those party yard sale. Will cook it for an hour and then we'll dump it on old newspaper honour of rose table. You saying I just smile and and then people can use their ugly do it but hands to dig through it and separate out the staff menu confined to tiny little clogged something that was. They've been cooked up we beat the hell out of it for a good 45 minutes just to suck out one NM Eminem sides. Where the piece of meat if any do it all again. On my god it's not Iran. Is not on and yeah she is Chris stations dripping down your elbows and ever getting a bite of anything. Day it's almost like entities is say here's Arabia you worked to get this food out dig dig dig dig day. You're not gonna get any food apple we are gonna cover your hands and butter yeah got to know that there is good food or. Round and we're definitely gonna put some corn on the cob and their said that's stuck in your teeth all night long can I like nothing else can actually eat. Yeah and I am because it's such crap because. The theme of this is tiny foods. Well related news we're not even gonna give you a full ear of corn on the cob we're gonna take one ear of corn on the tab where it sharpen it a like sixth. So you can't even really hold I knew it to get addicted yet. We'll have some messed up friends first off you put across ads in there and you also put Jumbo shrimp and there's and it kinda word that cried and winning. Hey let's go dig in the minds under some rocks or some some. Some food some food that might actually be filled to prove. I don't Ashley asked woke up so you can kind of have the feeling you're eating lobster but instead generally getting a raise and size morsel of anger better food. And yes you put in a massive pop but says yeah lord knows it's been an and that's what adds the flavor and a fine and the. You don't have the flavor of the food I eat. The food. Ready for crowd can hate on it he's got his do you Sydney so some bread have been the case is. You just dump it all out on one big table on you value for Reagan messy together all of them. This great mess and it's fun. Then let's do it is a different way okay so are you gonna come over my house. And I say hey it's dinnertime and then I'm just gonna dump up out of barbecue again tiger about it's going to be and meet the Mac and cheese that Cole slaw. Right some corn bread I'm just gonna dump at all. On the table covered in newspaper. That you know why doesn't really do a good job of absorbing stab all it does is get wet it's. Upload a tragedy you can't help army commented dump all the barbecue onto a play under the table. And then you can dig through it you just pick out one little macaroni from macaroni cheese commitment. That's good meanwhile you can have sloppy from the barbecue jammed up on your fingernails so every time we go to write your base for the next month and a half you can be remind you of the miserable afternoon you spend trying to dig a piece of meat out of a club lane. You can. The Arab barbecue doesn't make any sense to do now barbecue just. Yeah. All that floppy is like shrimp and chronic I don't. Anger chlorinated delicious. It is sloppy out night vision weird press either. I believe there hammered because they're gonna feed PG cocktails and then you actually no food to soak it up way. Now you're gonna be hammered because you're drinking to be home. Escaping from the misery that is used saying here are you going to be doing is Genesee dove into the corner and usually hide out find the nearest pizza but you can't find it because your cupboard and butters or anything you don't. A god. Just saying hello I'm mile high I don't know what I now Elizabeth please back me up. Jazz you have Blanche your loving I. He thought there would be no what are they are now Blake well. I had. No they're not. You realize that when we invented things like aids and utensils and that ends and we did not have to do that anymore thousand and I've got complicated. Played and now Afghans and Boris until Larry did come back to your roots. No right here just does don't get dirty live in enjoy it. And I know that there's at least one person in the cars same preach because they get it is. Don't invite me to a low country well I'm not coming to it if I want a ghost damage in the water from my own food. Are you kind of thing. Am a guy who likes food I do not like fighting for it and I do not like only getting a reason sized piece at a time shot out to you. Look on your well promised we gonna have subs him then I'll be there. Thank you. Sound starring Heidi for online.