Why Do We Rewatch Entire Show Series?

Wednesday, November 30th


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Money Doug. All over its yeah. It's very common overload on the jet engines Yahoo! on starring Eddie for a long line. Hi Alison you're gonna help explain this as a society it's. It's the ending the and that gave me some clarity. We're gonna we're gonna talk about evenings watching not. Of a news here it's that the re watching an old one. And I'm I'm gonna talk about Allie my wife and her obsession. Ways Gossip Girl and they counties as well that's why I'm guessing you're one. Yeah. There were Edwards I went legislative quick reminder though I'd of phone scam that we we played earlier on the show this morning call on that daisy who. Was planning holiday party hands. Didn't specify what holiday ends up nearly a heart attack eight it's gonna play again about 9:15. This morning so few minutes ago. Your friends coworkers. And 915 feud game here. How's your show. Our IRA I will look great anatomy and friends. I. Now. Wu yeah you'll. Die a thousand. I don't let it be argued that are added I. You luck and you know you love it but did you get back and realize it it'd play deeper Allen later although we believe that I get the inside. Leah so how many times would you say you've watched Grey's Anatomy from the. Our guys. From the beginning probably only quiet but I'll go back into it like certainty MP. And watching and watching the first episode of seasons is the backs it's so early don't. And I Kelly chief which are sham I had a couple I love Gilmore Girls though so. Dad. I'll. Match and all the new episodes are released on Netflix are now so but like JP Societe they really are an hour and a half to two hours long. And I got to bed at. Six BM site it went in and Clinton. How did not become the Gilmore Girls correspondent here on the jet engines show you've been watched the new episodes on Saturday and we voluntarily told is that amber Gregg. And I regret it now so why how many times have you seen the Gilmore Girls series. Oh. I don't pay college or five. Explain it to me OK so now cartel members for a 47419400. I want to understand it. It is because Alley is now probably am if watch of Gossip Girl. Yes so now at the point that seeing them all so many times. Where it's you know a Sunday morning and you went out different night before and I'll sit around is pain out of the house and but both at some dent on and I can just watch any episode of Gilmore Girls. And just I'm Alex isn't feasible. But we want nice feeling re watching the series from the beginning. Oh yeah the very first episode of of they have the very very first episode of these kinds of series. I will our man the mounties are you got it on in the second and then you get a third and Perino you're like season Fuller and your crying over Rory and dean and that. We don't even. Well I have a friend who after a Gilmore Girls ended on if it was a joke because her boyfriend east news or if she heard this. She was immediately start crying plus all after the written original ones and I Abner I'd never implement. Wolf say that's why got to start. It's just look at it it's gonna really in what else. But weather issues. Well I'm man new show that I started watching and now -- watching episodes of LA now what's happening is the crown. On man and so game and so then. Dialer which are shown. One trademark of how many times you've seen. What our I. Easily guess actually at an older woman. I might add Chad Michael Chad Michael Murray is that his name his and it. Yet now like I can't even sell as Kurt locked. Yeah why. Okay see that president nineties and early two thousand's my highlight you are on tips on Chad Michael Murray was just like every eighth graders three. Yearning yearning and yet I I know I know this growing. Whitney I look. At the half but you know how many games. Doesn't matter that he could get it they. Audrey welcome to the Asia. Gingrich who shall. Not obsessed. My goodness you. Earlier that I did the same name it this weekend like this I know I wanna cry out specifically why the wedding episode ended. Ball hall yet the gallons of any episode and it you added there isn't shuffle. End I didn't watch any any office episode and begin again. You know I'm often at the idea that right and. Is it an out of we're not idea Renato which you show. Gilmore girl Friday lives homework what's your favorite thing about tomorrow girls what is it. Com. Well I like on her wedding has been and how fast they cannot play at our. Existing that in a moment and I think the best mom. Other whence they came opposite post this and basement trying to understand. Other ones and that you know I hold on hold unless I don't hang up a Teradata. I can't. Other ones and if it came up a million times were friends. He. I than his Amphenol water fountain. Yeah it's bad it's sex in the city. And I tell you he's Gossip Girl she. SS is addicting because it's all about his young attractive rich kid and. Must be nice hey I've ran out of how many times he seemed Gilmore Girls. The entire seventeen times from beginning to and hope he just watch that at all times I think yeah that is just what in the background line is homered. All it on and my house held area until they came back yeah ice on ecology and exam. I'm a college education nation right. Seventeen times maybe the record we're gonna try to beat that thank you pay sixty welcome to the show. Hey there which Russia. And Harry are in it and beginning and yeah yeah in order. Think I'm at bat and got. It right. Now we're. And Adams a stab at it don't go. Into it don't eat it like it might have an eight. And then you're like oh yeah. I'd Jennifer what's your show. And it. Anonymous. You watched it beginning game six times. I'm honest I'm watching it yet and that when the new season starts. We've started over again you one of those people who that before the new season starts and we watched. Went through six yeah there is the first whatever 45 army sees Q you fork yet. Oh what a bad. And I'm Tony at halftime to get an oil change. You. Eight. Cents at aaron's yeah. Well a red pants that are too long for Lisa and the intimate theaters there. That and the passenger seat cover for a month and I have been watching him yeah crystal every single day what do you do. Every single day. And I own it looked diet I watch and very operating. Everything. The girl I love Harry Potter. I love you watch them grow up and you watch him grow in the wizards and it is. Seems 32 years old and a mother who. Do you. I can't help but it is literally on every single night. Had so. We windy windy here at my high wind. I'll turn on the memorial opinion get technical I'll turn it off I don't think you'll come back and we all. I'll watch like lenient when it outside street artist. And how great is it to see the first may be where everything's all pray and they're so young and it's all new and hot wars is like this unfamiliar plays and it is amazing in the very last episode they're older and it's all dark and dreary. My favorite like I don't really why he never worried that it's not like the look at what I've read about a million I'm. Ital what like portrait that in part you know art over. And I want when I want he could have deleted me by only prevent. And how how how long have you been in this far. They know. I. Apparently he's eight hey Mike my own pay every day that Michael would not. Gonna hurt and all the and and you're like same today. Which what are you watching today crystal. At a march in. A odds and we have to be acuity. I don't get him an identity yet how many times. Mean. I don't all all even on dvd. Well. Yeah. So impressive with. It hung up more time for Iowa go out compete. So I ate and then just get it out you can be last well what's what's your general. I get your blood our time. And every single at least politically content. Into camp really. Glad I. Now and it and it's replied back and so many references that and then I'm surprised nobody's mentioned pretty little liars. He had going to college and that's they've got a Red Hat did you need yeah. And yes see I never really got into the may and the houses on my friends and yet have you heard about maybe she's AA and among his way. Fascinating so much free time and that's awesome and I have you got like meaning for Gilmore Girls and I go on those that you now know. And. If you look at what can open championship. Turn O'Sullivan worked today to go home and keeping them. Now back to the 01 story nannies or wants.