Why Didn't Your Elf Move

Friday, December 15th

Sometimes Your Elf On The Shelf can't take their nightly trip. Why did your elf have to stay put for the night?


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Okay Terna Nande. Justin Jan shelf ol' ball hi Jan actually had to. Bounce early tissues they'll look under the weather and oddly she left does resonate within a very important mission of very important question to ask. Why did your at all help on the shelves forget to go back to the North Pole. Just wondering how commonplace this is because. You know usually if you're a forgets to go back that it stays in the same place. Fer a day or two or three and obviously has to explain that to the kids. So. Why did your elf on the shelf for get to travel back to the North Pole. 404263094. Wine Amy in Smyrna. A wide as your elf which first of all what charles' name. Our came at a red. And why did read a different get to go back or why couldn't read go back to the north home. We already have what a dead heat it's not like to fly back and tarpaulin that whether that's a ranking you are sir did not go anywhere it. But he also had a patent has pulled up the look like that's. I can't the pack kind of erupted behaving that. You're not giving it his way of giving them another chance to behave the Korea Iraq apart. On. So rattled just stay in the same place in daylight I am I gonna tells and is he got. 24 hours out to redeem yourself so why. Then that's a good night. I think Jane is just checking to see if you know the excuses or whatever that her health ms. Karen Lee's. Our. Are ballads so I thank you for for passes information along Amy. I business for a 4263094. Line why you would Jeter has your alpha on the shelf. Forgotten to go back to the North Pole. A lot of pressure when year. Yeah that there's lot of traveling yeah lot of pressure AZ long distances delivering important messages. I Angela and Camden why this year I'll forget to go back to the north. It. Bad weather like everybody else a I think he just that is hazard lights on in cruise at twenty miles an hour down 85 that every either a half half past. And I do I didn't draw which are housing. Brett. Brits can. It's snow's got it thank you very much. Should a parent for a 14630941. Meredith and Marietta. Meredith what's the name of your elf. Roger wider Roger. Now. Where's that city county Heinz well the name is a man's aides say writer Roger the Alps now make it back to an arsenal. So help me my can make it Roger got sick you in the he would get through there on the replacement for a couple of days and I finally had chickened out you're only a peek into the doctor yesterday. Or Fuzzy feeling now. He showed back up. This morning with a bottle Kyle and eloquently Tiananmen. Okay cool. And I hope I'm not I hope chains Alice miscarriage and it is Jane's fighting a cold right now I would infamous candidate that it. And half to sit on the same trap p.s that. I mean it's going around out OK that's good appreciate it and I feel better Roger. I Ashley with a heavy woods and Amy view of your else. Aaron lynch went into Charlotte backe easily got on something or his flag or environments. Scott any won't get back to an article like teach you respect Erica maturity the other night. And you just got tangled. Or tangled as sticky pine needles and our skippy. Yet they can and act now thank you. Out of eight I wonder how many people are passionately taking notes just as they would like to document the different reasons. It all there's a good lineup trying to social media amounted or cared gets Kimberly took a picture of her health on the shelf. Broke his leg I don't know I know so unfortunately. Their at their house famous daisy Kia daisies I got railroad travel back to the North Pole for a solid week. But dizzy enemies he at least is in Milwaukee Todd here's some of those we communicate back. Well they did is say that daisy spoke with mrs. Claus who cleared everything up with Santa cars Everett so she's she's in the clear furlough while sound I Chris. And in Conyers. What charles' name. When and why did we need not go back to an awful. When he then sitting there are on the shelves and keep an urgent as the conversation and she now knows that might not you had not been doing loans go. And alone. And so what she's trying to do she's trying to be nice to make sure Sergio had a good Christmas and she's ready until she hears but it's great they're coming out. To allow you know. Travels back to north portal sanity in our. Thank you amber in a Monroe what's the what's the Al's name. Buddy and why did buddy the Al's not travel back to the North Pole. Well he got into some cookie and ill much and are great and I got it though. 100% and that ban it there are Meehan early on those east you have. Lane in Atlanta or why did journal tobacco backs the north all. They are actually he did go back to the North Pole there are certain counties are. He just came back to that saying thank spot guerrilla. Get good policy position early just so expect here I am what journal's name. Also Al short of the house. And and I last millions. RL or not eat sometimes at 98 that they didn't let him get back. So they're getting into that had some time full worries some health for Hillary than. It's a lease NL east you have a couple. We have a couple they don't have any navy. But sometimes they trying go and in the backyard and get out and with a dog that dog out early to say they tried to not ever get some streaks Sarah if they eat something bad. That eight baking it may have to. Ask moderate going to story. Makes sense. I Chrissie again you'd promised you last of millennia why did you hear Alf back Abaxis north. Well. When I don't go to bed on time. That I don't execute I'm here to travel back. It's a good ones oh and then you have the kid doused needs and they ain't. Yet get on tiny wrinkled like oh. Sprinkles nothing in Maine. It. Again. Brainwashing in stride I'm really proud I. 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