Who's Right: Carrie or Darren? Our Listeners Decide

Wednesday, April 27th


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And Jen shall we just. Idea I cannot believe these phone calls. They had their welcome to the show. Hi when I. I'm gonna say I love that would nugget that make that next thought he'd play like had to do it they're 100. You know anybody else notice that that we all do it all kind of. I know that's you know golf club here from Reno yeah totally unplanned we see where I'm as silence and share your secrets as the segments are coming together he's them. You scramble and and and find just the rates on the platform. Anyway I don't see where it's a problem that issue and let her breath they're they're grown like. I'm very deadly or my mother led to a great show I don't see how all like one days. I don't see how that would hurt somebody that they live with a family member like Brad great gag and it bit the same time like. I would love you mama don't let it may. Yeah right I have you brought dates back to the house and your mom's there. And they don't get me I live via. Well I mean we are on opposite sides of our president though it's not like. It's their problem like I know relationship me and my god they haven't got to bring your that we have a baby she's not under any delusions that I am not. You know that's the that's different. I think that's different than the Jennifer Dana can issue will be and I feel like everybody is missing the point hey Chris that. Hey go ahead. My question then would be. If somebody happy that have or are they look at they trapped more than symbolic. Think that she it's not about her living with her brother it's just him. About him wanting to get round may take with our love her brother in house it's do you think it's about bad joke what's gone on. Our Gary any hurry. I'm hit I had which. I was gonna say yeah I agree with and that you know how do you really. Can you get the call and you worry. But it you know he does come to a comfortable. I think not only say he should elicit her hit it a get our not a. Right but here's where I think we're here for I think the problem is here's where I think the miscommunication. Is happening it's not about. Whether or not it's cool to have a sibling as a roommate or parent is room. That's personal preference that's what ever he's had judging her for helping her brother friend what he's saying is he. Will have a problem. If the relationship progresses. Going over to her house. In May be spending the night in having a brother on the other side of the wall that's the that's it so I give them performance anxiety any it today. It doesn't matter anything like he might make a big sister and all of the enemy and it paid it back let's say there's a million so my point is. The issue is not whether or not it's cool to have a sibling is a roommate. The issue is. That he is it's been it was one day. There is something will potentially make them uncomfortable so we back held to just one date in imminent in utter something. Played younger acted like the they've look at it well for jet yeah. It was pretty early on. Yeah okay I even thought or too early to just not that Smart I know Laura obviously they have Smart water in Smyrna and your trash. I just gonna say I act like they're ready they're very acts yeah I don't think he was acting crazy and I don't think she would make and that they get that deal about it. Thank you. She wasn't that he wasn't making a big deal out of it she kind of out the defense. What's so I don't think that you are going out that he and I don't think that. I know I palette and pay. She's gonna talk about al-Qaeda they don't water and Smyrna. Aside and let her finish let her finish. I can't I don't think mean act and maybe we heard a different version haven't but he didn't he might keep it backfired that we need you didn't sound like everybody here. Talk a lot protect it ever been in the situation. Justice entity take. Phone calls until somebody agrees with them and weird and all the I'm I'm look in there isn't there is nobody fits into a it was going to be mad you can be the last come I come from Calhoun without. Say good morning guys I think it's a little early probably to be goes running but. Yeah he's got more than that because that he'd like period and wanted to continue they eat it straighter hair you know that kind of keep me out the back in my wage they can work it out a couple. They're always there but they what they think. And I think Madson got a good guy perspective like maybe that was just his ninth excuse when we went goes having an asked him for a reason he could easily say brother and that sort of took everything else off the table. But you know as a guy there may be other reasons why don't want a second date. And he'd assume knows which I commend him for being respectful. I feel like I'm on planet all by myself here you might be it just feels so I just feel so this is involved. It's darn 841.