Whoops, I fell asleep while... Part 1

Wednesday, November 2nd


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This was his own. Seen here wearing an all over eighteen yeah. A little girl and I. Jeff finch and Shia and sorry no need for blood and a swap that out J. D. Drew more appropriate amusing. Now Dennis Quaid and this is an area that is dogs are now if you push. And now. Actually go rates of the bones before even tell my story. Nick where did you fall asleep inappropriately. I also all right you disperse or they are not. I follows then that party is just filled with screaming and there yet but there ought. You know on what are. You after the second visa can't count out. That the sugar gets in your blood. Amanda in Gainesville where did you inappropriately flawlessly. I was talking human mother in law and she just kept going on and on and I hit a locally on how well. Cost them. Know whether or not. I'm. Did she wait a lot of furniture like clapped her hands dirty cheap no. Me up and let me sleep it was like I knew he left the room. Where's the blanket over your face also. Known whenever I ate there they I'd link him. Laying down and Madonna has the most inappropriate please you honestly. Apple. Way I look at I would let. Checking in at the doctor about an hour hour and we're really the last. And I fell asleep in a patient came in to check in Columbia. Thought with Wednesday with that your boss are patient. Now. A paid day in my box directly on that day thank god. Berry and layers. I think we're about to tell similar stories and I go burst in and you can. I'd tell your version of falling asleep on a day. I've currency here's my story. After this guy's the anatomy. Of mine. He told he shared with us this story. And I'm impressed with his recovery is I am with what actually. I attacked he's on a date with a girl that he met on the lines he had his first date which he calls an addition. At lunch or coffee talking years and afterward percent and and and they hit it out Nicole and he blames weekend. Which. If I think it's a big deal the go rate from the online you know that meeting online beginning Saturday night so. Beyond your best behavior for that so it's a Saturday night dinner Saturday dinner date she gets up to go to the bathroom. And she's in the bathroom. And guy is is human or things she comes back. He is completely honestly. In the boot in the I Collins that you go on the I'd. That the most 56 minute she comes back. So was he lying down. No head back mouth open he said series yet. There she gives back in geez I. Is as. I have my question now is this before. Or after the bay Max in his apartment OK earth lights came over to where you've raised its viewers and and is department in the way attack as she came over to him and they had one drink some. Then and then he took in who wins and somewhere that they walked Adrian Hoover. To the restaurant a kind and it wise. I don't know where in the mile after it was toward the end of the me up and immediately left. So we island full belly. You know you now wondering just like real and relax a full belly and then a snooze that's news in an act. But here's the deal was there a reason why B he been like. Burn in the mid night oil at his job lower Ian on some overnight shifts something and. Says she wakes him up Amanda going out and he's like yeah we're until late in the mornings in back mentally. Well yeah they went to it was last weekend so they went to a party. Inane. Went out afterwards. All done he falls asleep at dinner she stays with us he's go to HR AM -- wakes him up and he recovers from that and they still hang out in the party in my back in his place. First official I'm only. Which we may get better that's would have happened if people sleep while she was talking right or doing other things. I. I I Kerry in the floor is yours. On your falling asleep vanity. It was it who fell asleep as a year carrier is somebody else. It was me on. He and I'm glad I could be there. And for the gay and part that he came to pick me up. And then I let the audience hired me at me and then like sure diet that. They actually think that. You Rhode Island day. You Ellis Lee. Is your boyfriend. Didn't know. Diet. Yeah Alec multiple times like lion until Alabama on ballot and it but I. They got like. 8 in the morning goodnight book all learn at. So Keri did you actually fall asleep while having conversations Wear them. It. I'd be there and hit it Rick. Did we did we do like. It's something we we've we had a segment and the show where the girl. Big guy fell asleep during the movie was snoring in the movie did we does that mean yeah that's how we had the right in my having dreams are Terry thanks for the top. I they got Courtney. Where did you files recording. Are so clear that my girlfriend graduation there in a certain. This names over and over and have very again. Did her parents notice. Yes yes. She did say we are walking back and I know we talked about it later at dinner because. It actually quite a long story. I was pretty and he created the night before and Hulu hung over. And you know there's a lot of celebrating. It may did they let. You sleep in the ceremony or did you get a nudge from armored man. I go and and I can go there like oh this is coming up oh yeah are and that's. You be in its name because she has been named coach you are and I get that picture they can walk out and and then. I'll play as a moot excuse. That's going to be a party for graduation. Yeah. At odds and ends cedar town fell asleep on the job what do you do for a living Cindy. And I need to work at a bar. And air iron I had great job that was one that men and LA is Saint Patrick's Day Irish as tired. You know what I'm Nat and I can have my slate and I and customer outlook we have Luka. And I still couldn't handle and it didn't dawn set. Out. And I'll come to it like you got a that he can not sick and cancel the account. I I didn't ask you I'm sorry. It's yeah it. He had taken out of your beer of drugs aimed at. That the quarterback. They yen in the middle of the Super Bowl. And the log that damage and yet we're just costly. I didn't also you might well look closely and Iowa and already got it what are you guys you've driven in remote ports that are now. No debt. We did not eat it in the vehicle will be looking at me 200% as low tech and make note that yet although Robert arguing fighting. And where and about the arrest them and he like looked at your partners is sleeping on the job somehow I. Did in the car and back now oh. And see the a little island back up and Ali here is the snoring going I'm sick of see you you've got this guy might. My mind out of the vehicles inside utilizes expire whatever Lamprea handcuffs and and he's like human apart and how about. Exactly yeah you bright yellow and at a certain out Eddie I need to although I look back insert a key road. I'll look into sleepy. In the past the brokers are all like oh yeah. Or at. That and the police radio. I mean. I. Police shadow what do you got. I would think Colin and I fell asleep during a a lot of big jam. And I had my hand in hand looking ahead in my hand and it cooled down my god I'm. Plummeting down as a look at that kind of intrigued him and I actually it. And by your professor to this day wonders why as students submitted a damp and try and sheets. I mean everybody got merger possibly. I'd hate it but I had a life guard. I'd I'd better done in the lifeguards are on duty. You can't. They just pulled that hat down love it entirely their eyes in biggest news. Yeah I know collectively about Obama and very very good at it like a little bit back. And I. I thank him so so glad that at least keep Tennessee and they've added police officers and ours is only. Are right I was gonna say we're about to move on it but coming upgrade after. And chain smokers I think. We have the girl that might but he was outweigh. The one that stayed on the date with that right now Beatrice are. Out he may have exaggerated. Doctor.