Who Shouldn't Have Been Invited To Your Wedding?

Thursday, April 12th

There's always that ONE person that you really wish wouldn't have been invited to your wedding...

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So are in 941. That I don't say Swanee Tony yep. Should anybody have not been invited to your wedding. For 14630941. Is our number here at the jet engine show we wanna hear your stories of why necessarily column outlining now we don't don't do that. I dread I think. Can you think of anything. You know person breathing and your wedding yeah there's two what do you do yeah there's two people that to I was and I look back on it. I wish warrant and weren't there which that was I want him when I OK time. Hello. But two why were they together it was as a couple hour guided early twos at I do not have all nine samples OK I mean day. Live in the AT also got a bill careful. 4042630941. If you aren't. Share your story and that will they get in finer jams okay and tomorrow morning at this time confess that York rash with little Lena. Okay says she met him a party they've been friendly texting and she is ready to turn things up a bit so. She was like I could just sense. Thirty checks all are I think he used. Out until I've got a crush on him and lucky breast she says the radio so this time tomorrow morning confess your crash. On the Jeff intention but sometimes love. Ways squirted the ovaries are targeted by this this wedding topic is because we get a phone call from a woman named Stella. Who can fast. Then heard. Fiance at the time now her husband had a guy in his life who partied orbiting. He's way too high he just as in and he was like that guy at the party loses she's like. Even my husband recognizes because he doesn't wanted to be grooms men but he still wants and he's a lifelong friends he wanted the wedding. So. I'm gonna lose his invite when I take him to the post office it's gonna fly a down that crack between the seat. In the center console never to be seen again and big guy the fiance and I slash has been and that and that dude. Are no longer friends because they blaming each other for not attending the wedding and she and Eric as it is ironic take note. They imitation that quote unquote lost. So that leads us to where we are today. Why are who shouldn't. You have invited to away where it should you have pulled a stellar and lost someone's invite those who that is and why Amy in Atlanta Europe first. So they'll look at you keep restrict all that I ended up and biting my husband ex girlfriend. AT Lauren. I don't I don't need dated in high school I think very low but I don't we got married torture we will certainly very very. You know look back. On. Out into literally trampled because the whole day a little bit and we look like on people watched a making sure. It already that how could she stood out to a little one there it went that they're putting on an earlier today. Leave you where used their part of view 1% of your brain resigned speak now or forever hold your peace and she died. Am I am. I spent more than 1% and I was ready to bury them. It yeah. I. That Emma Samantha well obliterate Iran that they had together. Do you mean what they're like you that don't end right here I'm I'm there early as likely as we know and it's a little. And we had a lot of mutual friend but it won't appease. That person. I'll. As you if you didn't invite you would look jealous. All right so you're like I'm not going to be jealous summit invite her but the looking back on all that stress had less yellow cards. As as women less yells Hartford just haven't so many moving parts we just running through we think you're so many different potential center OK it's really play an all out online selling Clarin alana your eggs at first thinking we have Lou. I'm who you did your money your wedding well it has to do is dancing. The film include a hundred dancing dancing. And I declare unilaterally gotten. So. Annan. Invited or went there aren't aren't having people your girlfriend but definitely shared has not been an error but it sort but it. Because they did. Our. At one point eight said that you know my mom was invited out to her her her house but I wasn't invited out of her. They aren't the same guidelines so the way. There just mean people to year. Do good and everything is always about that. Any. I guess why people like that sucker up so much of your energy to pain you gonna hold Ogilvy who love you notice there is or you want your wedding day but all you can think about. Your moms who your friends greeted them money on unto that now law of. I didn't live there and I. Gotta party by a huge hurdle to. Ers are air. Yeah I thanks Claire. Angus I enter I think they have. You think you know. Yes. But I want to ask your question I don't wanna bring it up and while you want I was gonna ask you something before we do it's I'll bring you guys hey did we give media yet okay turn it up. And Justin Jan shelf all the men. We wish you never what is sentiment and I tier wedding day score well. A look at the muscle list truce should not have been invited to your wedding for a 426309401. The number here at the jet engine and show. I Jenna I think I have years figured out bred the you know yeah because you set headed your advancing. And I well one had to do you have 2101. At one has to be with dancing and I think. I don't think this is someone that you shouldn't have invited but I think it's somebody there would make you ago. Ballard died. You think he got it figured out are even call out what they did that you can't say. They're name. Why are you thinking you know it is a they're named as a matter of guys say who leads. Finalize a Janet I I have a friend who. For a long period in her I've heard a few years. Was taking dance lessons and then started dancing competitively with her boyfriend and rocket like their women. Competitions and staff. Bites. This I think your marriage would have banned at this stage. Of their dancing life. When they didn't realize that may be the spotlight should always be on them. Because if I. About that I explained I. It's not. Horrible ever held back because they got and the dance floor. After a day after the first set dances the father daughter and that first chance and and an all those stances they got and the dance floor. And didn't get off and I'm not talking about like all high school bands like it's made and throwing swinging from the lineup. I like the dirty damn paying I. All that is bad light doesn't arrow at somebody came out at the end of Jane's wedding and gave them a mirror ball trophy. So it was another dancing related. Why who is only he. So we think these calls are quick and I'll tell you a second let me think about how against. Oh my god I can't believe this Jessica. You led BI you IB because we might be spent a couple of minutes just MLB at a time I guess Justin though Erica who should not have been invited here wedding. I hit it great and I hate mail I can't credit. Is it and then about. Her writing that Kerry actually I like dirt. I don't hear an issue that will not let me. I didn't like it there. You know. Closer to get back at her for getting married to somebody else. No I do you know I. Am happy alienating I happened out there where it. Let me the next day talking about you know might there. Where issues message you the next day. When issue is where is her. Are there any room. 00 science. How soon. So you had heard dated like them. Broke out in the bed and she married a man. So did she where you like com a phase. Or her or did or was she. Did she love everybody or. I need everybody. To her husband that. And you can hear it before they got here it. I didn't. Air while nine and that what's the relationship between all four of you like now. I'm bringing me here in top out in the early outs. Ha ha ha how long this is a few years may. And how that came Montpelier a lot of fun ability land okay. And apart and it Intel ones and number. I was that is am trying to think if there's anybody that I really don't. Don't lying and who I'm invited to their wedding because I would like to find a reason to bring her as my date and why there. Destroy the whole thing from the inside out type thanks Jessica things just began. I Jenny and tell your story at. Not yet come hunt because there. Sarah and noon then. I whose should not have been invited here lining. So that might have been had a friend growing up and she. Call me if I don't mind are wedding day and told me that. She heat with the toast you go out with my heart then that date Russell are ready to. Are not the way it is the day before our first date. And then she. Also told me that he disposed to beat it wanna come I had it. I'll tell. You where exactly I had a lot of good friend of mine that decided that they wanted to keep her putt but it. Lanny I kind of knew darned OK let our. IPod has been items which are completely cut down. I didn't writer has it it there. And there aren't as I mentioned be allowed to have. Made decisions yet they don't get that I don't look at that yes less side says that in this that this started. This whole conversation started. We is that Stella who predicted something like this happening sushi finger quote. Lost. The invite that was supposed to go to what are her husband's friends. There are people in their car now they are like going through that wedding and who we combining honey. Who are terrified right now kids kids at an outlet wait a minute timeout one question Lotus Notes. I jobs. I. An agenda we've got to mark causes and by the end these you nausea and figure out away. To say yeah you can't. Hear why the first cause going to be about the mother line and the second call is going to be from a woman who's like I'm the one who shouldn't have been invited. Some cam Europe's first what's happened Douglas hill. I shouldn't and I think it might mark there while some highway and you are. Or you're not got it. It and not yet how low and the impact. On not only people are there are what you are there it. Top bit. Which are in no way. I own you know. You would. Horrible eight. I have a heavily so we're well you know. How well I don't want Luke air but what may lie and it we've been married. Out all. And they're all night. An integral. How. Why wouldn't she do it why wouldn't she I his profession. We don't alone we never and the 00. In particular. I'm inaccurate or. That sentence. I really have heard him kids like you're trying to tie your future on our on line and you really just crush your son's feelings and so all. And then they win a ring the I'm wedding is out of them together churches start to fill up. And you realize on the bride's side and has taken all wears a wears a favorite cousin and returns favorite uncle or whenever. OK Lori and it make Donna I would like to confessed that she. Should not have been invited to a wedding. Dad I am the line he should not have been invited. Italy they count that trend and I broke her front seat at around eight Symbian. I Richards and and as we go belly up to the reception mind. We introduced me to do is bring it right I had ever had in my life. And this is the woman I would have married if I had Larry at Yale. All I'm doing and where do I it I need a bigger and it didn't unfold. You know there are. How is that received by a bride. Aren't you Luke Luke you don't do you really well. And had dinner at her happy. Power is like I just on the sink into the floor right now to sink in the floor and disappear. Wait it was. Awful it was really awful anyway if we didn't allow Iran through you know it was not a story like her eighteenth. And you are here. Introduced me and my husband. Didn't come to our wedding because it was in another state particularly sexy and I hit two free years he pulled I heard that site. Patrick accident that I just remember even though it all over between Lori I never even dated a guy girlfriend. I know. Moves so you have John behind. Wedding day. You are. Madness. It's that everything written and and then that adds everything's sounds fine you're gonna have a long uneventful life. I don't ask the county's event sounds like some that would happen in your world. The entire time. I'm glad I'm letting Marta yeah. NC I'll still are. Right now we've been talking about who should not have been invited to your wedding day and these stories. Jane stabbed and Jana has a story about somebody who she wishes didn't get him ready Vera Wang to be 22 people. But there's one at only one of arm's bothering. They both thought they do India. I'll tell you I figured out a way to say it and I. Pretends like let's take a few more phone calls me Jim we've been in the stomach ninety foot putts. From these tiny stereotype. Of seven you tell your story and then we're not taking any more calls yet any comments on this got a taste but who took the bazaar I'm Janet and the audience ready examining. Carl we have eight every brand will be loud. Referred to as uncle Eddie eat like from dean big vacation nationally and you hat on here yeah. In this thing irritation where I called my experience it Taliban that oh my gosh this guy I had been you know now husband has asked you know carrying him my neck. Sting out of my mouth was I'm do we have to buy now. Okay oh why. Say why deceit. If the questionable and by. So back at him by the heart and debt that it OK that's is honored at a part but. He after. Eating the remainder back in share. And instead. Good. You know maybe. Trying to get the out of the heat with acute bickering like that. He can't unhook his pop in church is what's the Iraq without and stopped all the. And Abel. Yeah. Audibly like that won't come out while on the back at it yeah. So. We're due to last. I'm IE I may get. So they instead of my husband and I couldn't let. Everyone else that you called at a wedding and you guys are like a little Ares I that would light you re either. I put it evenly unit at a place like the late in the day. Account like. Tell I had and I are gonna sit up there we don't have to see anything that about to go out. We had a Turkey dinner buyer sell those very. And you didn't get splashed with alleluia. Little heady player. And as you banquet chicken to lash back from. He's now at that age that each workshop may I did not I don't like what you are out. Your husband's like come on honey you've got a little cobbler on your cheek hinged like any need any allergies like I know what Eddie did stuff. And I thank you Stephanie. This intense spotlight is kind you are right burn through okay. You people I rescinded and nights and my wedding one of them was my friend's day ET game actually started throwing roles at another table. Yeah you down. Jim lakes herself a good events and her wedding was that led a very nice country club type setting. All girl lucky we belong to that country club or anything but one of the members of our church like sign the thing that we were OK to have our reception hasn't hit that would make it worse. If you are rigged led. If you were bounced for yes we were about sports have been able to have our event there and then my friends date got really really. Hammered and started tossing rolls over to another table of my friends from childhood. That he and even know. And it was like he was trying to really drunk funny guy even on like this is a certain level I all the do you dinner. May be at bat that ended the night air throne of food I don't know I don't know I just so weird. And I wish he'd just had not done that yeah. So where you wish bad your friends choose a different a different date and then there was somebody who was invited. Who came with a phone former coworker of ours Jeff parry. This is when there's nude dancing that I can't figure out this is the on the has youth anti gang said the date of the former coworker. Drank a lot. And line to show off her moves. I laughed rape before this happened from illicit text immediacy if I could turn around. I don't see any kind of out. Did look you know job. What is it I'll wildlife on the topic that has claimed that with her dress the way that it was an eight. Hiked it up above her ties. Just below a little feigning crack. And I was not a random on the trombone player in the ban. Are you serious seed trombone player who is sitting down the only member of the band sitting down zinni can live band which is my favorite part of the wedding like I love live music I love having it it was a cool cool man you are tired. This man. Was probably 75 years Ole then he his. Heavy he's exactly what what was it like a but it wasn't blues jazz. They don't funky jazz band will be allowed cover tunes but they had a jazz play by got Mara yeah labored blues he taped but it was gonna ensembles there's ten people up onstage at. Three women and sparkly dresses here as well as Dennis Blair who would have thought it was such a great band in this and they and there's there's one dude. Who can belt it out and it was a trumpet. OK and again trumpet and yeah has and he was. Churning down and she decided Shea height her dress a and it did this then erupted on him now this patties bumping Brian on the radio non performing and it actually your formal change. Well the thing is my parents for is all gonna let my parents go do what it's saying. What do you do in that situation has so many stop. And I have some reason to doubt her ever because there are a whole bunch of pictures that great CN every I had them. I can't say it in December the trumpet player either that or any impact on our news I'm. Get well thank you I'm glad you finally show that storage and finally thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One start now before want to.