Who Should Babysit?

Friday, March 11th


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Thanks for being a part of it. So yeah all of us. 4047419400. About to talk to Stephanie. Who only wants one person. To watch her baby and her husband is saying. That's not realistic. Hit ago however on what your babies that are built and what results. It go a decade. With one babies weighed only one babies and you've got to trust somebody else. Stephanie is a new mom and she and her husband needs a little you know. Married couple times they plan to stay patient base she only chose her mom to take your baby. Which as a and I understand that you can beat their particular it's okay now all of a sudden her mom into it's we're gonna find out what's happening now consisting occasion may be off. And her husband pretty hey Stephanie. I lie. I. I'm very weak or. And and I'd like I wore me current. Rule. And and light. Well I do. And there. My. I'd I'd. Earlier in the week. About. I Margaret I don't. My heart you know land that shirt and it was boring (%expletive) like that. I'd wanna be worth it right on how well I don't I don't. I don't I don't know how much it would certainly not how old leisure maybe. She captured one of. Beat them. Your mom and she can be comfortable if it. I oh. And you know offer for your daughter it's like. On his. Mind. And has the right. He. Inserts them before. Because like you are you're gonna stress. Why and what are you. I. Should have won eight hour. I. Urged not to rent. So is your mother and not involved in her life I issue around. Not at. Well. Why. The I why won't why don't you allow her to be alone in the media that photograph really quick 4047419400. Why is she not allowed to be we've. The baby he shivered at the. Now she had. Seen. My round. In higher site are much like she was basically a little out where. She sheep you are you know. Greg your hold on I'm defending the guy here right so. Which your mother around because that was your choice. It would vote and I think I mean he obviously want me out and my mother. I think it's on what. Because think about it wing year in a brand new mom. You wanna be as comfortable as possible income and who you most comfortable at your own right so they kicked off season. And it's the mom's mom that goes a lot of heavy lifting because however you're recovering from having your baby and all that stuff. That's who you want you want your help and a mom. Grandma it's a little bit more well versed and things were sometimes feel like mother mom and dad on. Is more often laugh at things not intentionally. But just beak is most comfortable with. I under stand that but your husband's. Right is obviously a functioning adult. So his mom did an OK job raising him. I'm just saying it's just a comfort level Suzanne and I totally get your coming from Susan in Conyers. OK and me like your mother in law watch that sweet baby she's going to be fine bill Byrne have a good time. And you we're too. I don't think I think Susan should watch the baby Q you have to be watching boy we. As has treatment and grandma. Her Stephanie do you feel like your mother and lie and your daughter have a good relationship is it. Is seen her three I just dropped her crap. Those thumbs staff and al-Qaeda network and back down hey Stacy organ of the shaft. Fight sorry re. She is not proper their mother I'd be about the time I worked at or urged in their parent there aren't. Purple. And then make it like a anxious to make the eight. And he popped up on. It really okay. Again but it's far Herbert it's Stephanie birthday. So if it was it just needs a drink some wine. Well that's all it isn't she she celebrated its logic stressful time for the birthday present. Hey Lisa from Atlanta are going to be jammed in champ. Hey I agree with I think you know I think that. Well I'm just proud at the height ever remember you know they put their heart and knew they'd better. It's the height of separation. We get out of my eyes and open. Jeff you have a puppy and you have bought a baby and I probably Microsoft Rangers more than she likes me I think my top aren't. It. For you expect me. Like. They don't really isn't immaculate and they do a bit but that around and they act at that particular care. And so I know art. Critic you think about it and. All right thank you Lisa. I brave what are your qualifications. Bob are. Okay cool I'd love something that she's actually. Well thanks writer could. All right when last call back in Jonesboro. I'm sure. Her life but her heart one thing I ever heard or pay he is out of here and it. Can't walk me art or what her. Permit. Think yeah. I think she's like yeah. And asked which. This conversation is over and lesser friend musicals. Her message from Tuesday how much she would say it seems like all teen mommy like UN to do everything we can't. She's whatever the husband watch this thing. Evening yeah we'll call Stephanie back is I I'm not buying them terrible wrap everything up we've Weaver and and any other thoughts you have yet shared story one Atlanta dot com they Stephanie. Carl hey Jeff hung up on our own. I'm sorry about that hope that you at least heard the suggestions that game and maybe some of them. Ariel and articles about the I it's gonna take about but I know what's gonna happen you know your. Yeah and my birthday that's. Right it's eat your guy comfortable you're going to be miserable. And I. And for that reason I would give yours if I was your husband's frank in the same advice let's wait on the trees. I. Quite support. Things that. So. It is the same one. Asking you shall receive. And you have your best friend in the whole wide world. Missy. C.s. React. I'm. Not yet I. Like I mean I app on. Twitter board. You got okay not at all I'd like I really enjoy that last sentence. You don't want any of anyone that and then you don't wanna be written up where. Board on the Twitter boards and now I. I. I'm. All caught. On board an eye on the leaderboard. OK. We. Knew the ball. It. Radio saying the heck am I here and not a real person and there's now you can't hang out there and give you mention. I. Well. I went out. It's your new times that. A ball out girl action. Go out and harper. Can't hurt our. That he and you'd go. Here. Now why. Are not a why. Are examined she. Aren't. It. She should not. Be caught at. A rock. But are. A cracked my. That man all right and again thank you missy walls after Twitter board we just made him. Like she is what you get out out enough how mad. She's that some real human beings right. I. So that's them. Everything it's like when you an argument and you just. Doing everything. And team. And I think that's where. It occurred to me wanna go out Rupert if he. Wants. And Asian character actors. Registering. Its. And and. And youth youth and jumping on trying to capitalize and I think. Tate Tiffany welcome to the sheriff. Hey are you at how are things in Woodstock an angry bird. What's going out well I would current account Obama. That end. And why we called that morning and I have art challenger Ed. They. Not allowed themselves and he would client out from. President about it and there but that. End what it. Then watch. It. I mean. Yeah I mean if it's date for Herbert and why shouldn't it work for. It's time or at some really good point he.