Who Let The Dogs...In?

Wednesday, August 15th

Having pets is all fun and games until you and your man are trying to have "fun"... and your pet think it's a game. 

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So are in 94 won our very own agenda is that a lot of growing up over the past twelve months. Maybe two years we've remained in front of these big milestones in adult thing you've had so much indulging a lesson it was a milestone last sailor it was a big wine and went to my first PTA meetings change and I. You crossed so firm. If you cross its parent is concealing your life all set then that you like puck on some kids and then you wake up one day in your PC. You leave the US and mom I. Always JP GAO's six months ago. Win the and unit has those trends are he and get a minivan. He had no minivans great break you've gone even farther aryan. And you sign up for a committee can't Imani committee for the fall yes it's going to be very exciting which should come any fall festival. Yeah it's going to be great and some big fund raiser for the school summoning help announced that all right so that they gonna come tell jokes and I I I I Apple's Qaeda oriented now come dude there's children for the parents for the peak times and I you don't need edge. Those. So that is this weekend and last week and we're made of energy and if she came in and I remember who the person was. But she does tell those who've done lions. And relate Netanyahu. And and I think Geneva is when is that from YouTube and gently. Yeah I have to count my babysitters to tell aim at police YouTube stars like Liza cost she yelled now lies Akashi. There's got over seventeen million in Saddam's followers he might wanna get a clue end how your old tale. I've got over fifteen million people on YouTube channel and I got it make up got to tell you know she's Canadian so hunting even had a heck yeah see. And so when your baby sitter comes or relay had to tell Tomlin Tommy the latest on YouTube stars tell you about this. A bad guys should broke my heart. Win it now okay isn't it is last year year before I think it is you moved to Marietta. And even work and am making a house perfect sense then. And you've got your bedroom finished and then you band they shared job. I got at Carolina is not allowed in the bed. Aren't linens are way too fancy for that now it's yeah. I am right now though it's grass she brings them and serve and outside he is not out on my. And beautiful. Indeed eight by your old time you grow up as college eBay site convert earning Martha do you say yes and I was after I asked the governor may have. Perhaps that's the way you have ragged on in your red light on until Lance announced he's just now sees kicked out wondering why did you change. Should not be in the bed and especially daring you know romance Jamie you can't they're not allowed around you can't say the dogs now allowed in the bed when you headed out in the bed for the first X number of years you're on the down yeah. But when you yeah like. I don't know we get married in their site and what another important person in there is a dog it's the bit. Especially now that the linens are nice April world on the hobby how man. Saying yeah airline agents that mavs had the door Warner and I want to hear. What do you let your dogs in the hair. Harder for well at nine you are a 100% of the time except when. You know. But I know later I'll live once once that starts I think they get scared and leave by it other than that there and they can lie in the into the red dollar war. You're allowed to like sleeping in there with you does one of them get under the covers millions and it's really discuss millions raid under the cover the sleeves of her feet. And named Sadie just campsite in the closet. Is she does his bed in the closet again Natalie back late aviation sensory should have your dogs is on the floor so until. You know whatever it until were were being grown ups right then then the dogs I think both get uncomfortable with it in the lead there room. You don't kick them out of the measurements time around Lance now that you're pet rule it's just because the pets are ashamed of view. Third issue and that's so tragic and I don't either. And you. Right. And doesn't really like it placing it's like I'm comfortable by that Browning and time again. Yes so it did leave their dog leaves the room like that which I think is the rule for 95%. Of human beings that you can't have another are living creature in your bedroom while you were. Having romance time allowed we want to know your pet policy is nobody that actually let's bear pets day and be apart of it. Guide Jeff and. It's the theater is what I mean I your house any spectator. You part of it gateway in the bottom of the show. I am. Comment oh my god below it early really are hurt we tried keeping out of the curtain and and try and I believe back in the air through the open holiday and that's all I've. No she met. All you spectator now might suspect hired. The slide back here. And it felt awkward and I won't announce that we know what your. Union do you and we look at her future. Yeah well. More and there's anybody who's like didn't know that they've they've the first time hookup and you don't even know the personnel to pack. If you look at these you look at guys there an edge of the dark corner of the room. I think a tennis match and. And at that went into the vacuum glitter yeah yeah. Came here every bone muscle and would serve freakish Marietta's that is happening there. Pen and Lawrenceville. I know. Look I'll let your policy. Ultimately I shouldn't. Apple and but I don't think eight. I can. Tell that he. And act. Like that not the class. It's plural are. 1063094. Why in the I would love to hear from the people who were OK with it. The pet policy that it's all right to have a spectator and as it did. CNN world war 2630941. It is is their number if you'd like to share a year and pets are welcome everywhere policy that's this is that the Shia and Shia and Shia. Is your pet policy allowed to stay in the bedroom when it is a romance time or alive because that is is. Nobody does that pretty. Diane wood's side wish your policy where is animals in the room when you're being grown ups would demand. Well he is a initially and now I am I let him in there and channel Adam he's very jealous of me and why I Dern adult time he jumped on the bed and he mark me. Yeah yeah. New nationals. To and you. That is a big cool weakest turnoff I ever heard is gone and lag on in the national. I. Yeah yeah he's Smart and back. I mean there's so much happening at a moment. I had guys that do you stop what you do plan. Yeah address this situation dash our first our clean that up what idea and it's like what I do to stop I wouldn't do you don't want to. How about from the guy's point of view anywhere and they asked. Melee I'm not her best. Yeah. I Danielle what's going on in Concord new. Yeah and toward your game I have. And and and honest and might not break out hitting number eight today don't in order to get any kind of try to time the bears didn't get it possible yeah. 200 pound Rottweiler appeared to agree. Adult I did not gonna happen here and the worst of the steadily ever how to play. As I'm good. In the meadowlands did not let me get network as I don't wait it gets it done I'm not a guy you might be don't. But I. Did he could get out not to articulate my advice I'm. And ordered. Tiffany and Lawrenceville. Spectators they just I'm just a pain yeah. Yeah. The way that Gary there's definitely man's best friend. And I said let's nativity. Don Black or an hour and error Dodgers that Dodgers tell us. In the. But I'll I'll I'll add meat that we have to go out at the night and you have adult. Almighty and you're renting hotel rooms and see. Later your dog and Bonnie and hackworth. I eat and play our great eight iron that I read that and other betting at the bat and not end of this important a lot of thought into it bit him on the back. All. The time the Baghdad are tired and my heart I. Yeah it was. He's he's sitting Trojan alert right. Whatever and you pal music well you know my girl and I we are doing it I'd say don't do it and obviously now. And then a dog bit me in the book. Let's see now for a. Honestly do not care at all to have my dog admiring at all times. That's the right answer. That's great interest thank you can't hear you for being our last caller we have at least some sensibility. He appreciates. Thirteen jumping genteel and baseline and inferior stuff.