Who Else Is Tricking Someone Into Making Healthier Choices?

Thursday, April 12th

Kelly has been tricking Jeff by getting his coffee order with almond milk instead of the normal cream... She claims she was doing him a favor!

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Thanks for making this wedge. And adjusted just. Job on star not before one and we'll talk to you if your trekking and other adults into healthier choices we still man who want to get it done during an early this morning 40426309041. X yourself mad because I. Kelly geez goes to sirens every morning. I get the same thing at Starbucks every time I got to step because you're not really a super coffee person knows. I death I had doctored up in arms and the and I don't wanna have. I wanna have coffee with a splash remote I would have milk shake with a splash of coffee. I'm saying. It like that caffeine that you don't like the coffee takes a man only get Colbert to and it's like crack coffees. Also got a really water that is they actually do dilute it with water and then only put Cramer and a. Now and so the way they drink that I get is even Nellis sweet cream cold Deborah. Okay which is basically the Dallas week frame with an Allah let me dream and goal last dash of Kohlberg tough as. For whatever reason. I noticed that the story where. Yeah and every steroids load different on the breezes Achilles or is that not a Buick as this that's a tough finally I asked her about McCain's nasty. Making mass and make it Devery is nasty and she's like well. Couple weeks ago I sort of making yours at Amon Mel says I thought I'd go lunged again and instead of an ally put sadness and. I know I'm happy you have for whatever reason music and they had been dairy free and like I earned three year ever said that Santa and I stuck. I give Bain to a pizza restaurant we don't know Elijah is I never did. He said he's never had a glass of milk but when January came and like half and half try. I. What do they say Jen use said I haven't had a glass of milk since I was a kid. I don't drink I never I don't have milk in my housing never. Pour a glass of milk and trinkets alone I'm with your chocolate chip we know there's a good school where folks. Oh I thought I was do you favor like low you like saying for the last a year and a half Bob Bynum. And sleeping called brute Darian any hand picked up on the ice yet. Some under the rail sly. Socialism Amon -- man why would you real sly do that don't you think about wanna comment on what's my other drinks that night yet. Well it's a Los elite arm and milk with them. That's right it's a latte that I win the Allman Malkin Hardaway ordered from you with three shots of regular stare at him three shots of sugar free zero ands. And on the mound today and I or go blue G when I sorted that out laws have quit as head of the staff focused. There when I ordered the minnows we dream cobra. Do I ever say the words almond milk. Know when lord the other 1 July I just thought you didn't know that the sweet cream had Darian that you've shot I was too fat to be drinking material DREAM Act he's also only giving him a compliment on a per. I'm sorry I was I drinking a pot all. Then they tell us tricking you into healthier eating cats and yes. And she I'll still all. I suggest it's been getting tricked into Allman milk. And he is now okay you know why I just popped into my head. Showed Cali wants them. You. Are claiming to have made the decision to have the sweet cream removed. From my eight pinellas we cream Cole Borough. Because you thought I was Gary Frey yeah even though we've had pizza together and whatnot you thought it was Terry for great okay. Why did you come back and the develop pumps. You dead. You know yeah there's four pounds of in LA in the than us we cream called brew and she kind of back to Warren. I mean she starts dating Captain Crunch and she hits are healthy and now and announce a healthy pusher. And I still get my regular and ilsley greens at no you do not know I knew you know. I saw. I got to drive on the hill insulted just know why did you come back and the than Allah kind of Sosa leaps. And I and his style like the I don't know. And timing honestly the really great. You know any of three com's own show every Vanilla and three pounds a regular Vanilla tenure on the Monta is and how to cold group. Yeah I'm going into it means a whole lot. But it's Alley I walk in here and he knew it airbrushed. I thought I. A box tied I'd imagine as a learning it and everybody and a half is an old army hard for a board too easy Syria and I'm pro and is currently trekking another adult incest healthy eating habits. I can't wait to commit one day and just randomly for robberies. Stephanie in east Cobb is actually doing the opposite. Of white Kelly Jesus there and hazel avenue in. Saying hi I and I hate to I have to laugh hearing all that but I'm actually doing pop with that let my then hang. Let's say no and I feel it in my dissent throughout the bat that it would accomplish your. Many different things that my strategy by saying I'm back could protect story is that. My husband. Just happened so Berkeley and an office. British law. Those. Very attractive. Twenty something weird theory great obviously. Met and I at one point oh boy it's one of those items that are. 220 don't hurt Blake who haven't really type I. Could replace. And my and sell a home. We haven't also have a really great passions were you. Good attitude help. So I feel. Only a few pounds over the years has checked like hash tag committees and I don't know I've DeLia that's good though. Are you Beijing. For your husband's knowing that he's gonna take this into work. And it. It may potentially soften up some of those type bodies that he works round of I hadn't thought of that I thought she was trying to give him the ultimate dad Biden says that the bodies aren't attracted are okay is our. Which when it well it's an ice at. He'll likely to be attracted to them by a I feel like you know. See if he shares with a well with this co workers know a couple times a week. That they might not be those. Firm as. No way. You're around her I thought it was the opposite I think she's an amen aplomb Panama Iran on. That's good this is agree this is you know part one of the story lines and mean girls so I immediately in my mind that it is that's where you live yeah inside the net income bracket. All has so Massa found is pretty messed up stuff and now are you eating your own baked goods. Didn't Hannity come and they. Make it look really good baker and I really enjoy it I'll tequila I hate in a way of being. I hate them hiding and sneaking image she's now tied for saying. Now you know women's heads eat she's just. Presenting the shot error calories and sugar so you are looking dollars delicious sense sure it's like putting a man by an in front of Kelly geez like you can't resist camrys fashion. You'll climb that man like a tree. I sent him a thank you for sharing that way that's. Thank you got a come and good luck in your requested. And make America fat again. Okay turn it up. And Justin Jan shell hole now.