Who Didn't Get A Wedding Invite... Because They Would RUIN It?

Wednesday, March 28th

We all have family members that we love..but CANNOT take out in public. Who would not get invited to your wedding because you know for a fact they would be a hot mess and ruin the ocassion?

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Star in 941. Inspired by the royal wedding and wanna know your stories of who didn't get a wedding invite because they would have ruined at that wedding. I'm gonna get your stories here and just second but first of all Kelly she's wants us to know about a really cool event going on in town. To support some people who have really supported the jab and just show yet is that Chris when AD group Friday we let them. As they helped us on our breaking an entering Sam lane that we gave at Christmas sued that in think they're gonna have a Christmas. And on April 8 they're doing is really cool events. It's called the final round. And it's a party but also golf tournaments so if you're not a golfer like me over the party netted the drinks and at times and the charities duke. But it also golf charming on on all day and if you're a golfer you going get mad at the party yeah. I. She kinda golf. But it also silent auction was really cool gifts and all of the proceeds from the tickets you guys the money that they raise on an air from the silent auction everything. Are gonna go to what Chris on May be is all about and that's helping Atlanta's homeless youth. So we don't know we have over 3000 kids who sleep on the streets of Atlanta. And around the city every night which is just so tragic and Chris and eighty helps these teens and young adults find homes. Saying it back on earth Heatley healthy and successful lives. And icing it really policy that jet engines have friendly show out it's on April 8. And it's called the final round I'll put link up on our social media's first aren't any for one hand the job engines. Don't strangle Einstein for one mile an attack coming to your tickets in advance gonna support some really awesome folks Chris 180. Right so let's get in Sydney's wedding invite dis is this came up because they Merkel is not and I inviting some people the royal weddings mean you got to really passes and clearances to get in front of the queen and my. Ends its share mega Markel right all of a sudden the minute you becoming gauge your friends. Shares cousins popping up everywhere yes and this is. Her. Former. We know this is her half Brothers exactly Janice I am now. Armor sister in law. Not who used to be married to her half brother whose car she's not inmate idol. I don't think that we're going to get the invitations and that's just that's fine and we're OK with that but we're supporting our on than just having a good time so proud of her but yet. As supporting her from afar busy and I'm going to the royal wedding took us so that got us gotta think in about a who didn't get a wedding invite because. They would absolutely. Renovation of that wedding I'm just imagine and that woman of growing up around Queen Elizabeth tonight. Is cool that I win. I'm just saying back when I was seventeen I took up with the way that her brother step dad and I hate. How many did that Samberg and that's our man am I babies and want yeah I think. Am hers found during that time we never really had a relationship but add they use in the heaven mean MA event Amanda maybe bad maybe it'll get. And a greater very emphatically Dziena. Everybody's got a member of their family that that you used think about it 08 before you fill out that wedding invite lists he'll like. Who may be may be now uncle had I not. We went around the rim yesterday. When we talked about plan and a segment relate to clear that what they got married I am most recently I had deep do you have anyone and egos the I'll remember this. I can't achieve eight sheets polity. And give our you to see. You in Atlantic current. Or Albuquerque. Or turn are no connect and any validity. Tell me I have. Where are you cheap Pete speaks Paris. Issues. And it's here well it start so well I don't know where you. And doesn't. Pay uncle gave parenting comes up at this lagged. Alter ego Alter ego Pauline. So did jungle Gator Gideon by. Hitting get the invite I did it wasn't because I didn't want him there I didn't want Paulie back here. And I'm multiple members of my Stanley have swung on them you have. Puerto unquote put uncle Gator to sleep on lower than one occasion that I've been president. Lord knows how many times that happened wanna haven't been present so. Is your ear tell you this if something crazy happens and it's Heidi is the only member Fineman if that was your mind your legs are there is all that I have 404 RT 63094. On is our phone number. Kelly Europe India the against us now. For you and yeah I managed groundout and become mrs. grant's I didn't see that comment on alliance that come and now pound nose area now can invites the house upcoming on the on the landing time on the tide is gonna come back on saying are gonna be night. Was happening. I. And I know anti Aziz I got it anyway I'm Tania let me tell them or have a little crunchy like. Huh huh huh. I had and he bailing members from Harlem or urgent that are not enemy yeah I had it's so many see that even having a wedding. Thanks for making this way it's indigestion just go out on star not before one. The wedding invite because you know they would have ruined the wedding. We just mentioned. JP who has a family member that is been. I'd in fist fights with multiple family members back I didn't get an invite to his recent Mae and mark girl's half Brothers former sister in law. As you not going to the rural at. I Charles should have to cut blondes really Eminem and I can go weapon as she defense and me. But yeah. Married at the time and I know a twinge Napa has been bartenders. And raise them as my own first we. That would be your euros so a series too well you're scaring me. Good to be just more adept fork. Montana and. I had to borrow 1463094. Wine stellar by joining that jet engine and show. With a story. Of wedding in trying to sabotage. They still welcome to the shell. Hi. I let's hear the story of looting get invited here lending is they were gonna ruin it. One and my hadn't been dashed just hot match and gray. He did not get an end but hey I mean showed that happened I but it secretly. Oh really. Wish. So. Well let's seal like why did he have to be excluded. One of the good guys are all going prosperity. We want gay. Hot nineteen year old so we always get. Completely plastered at any abandoned. An actress plays a total laps and my husband wanted him to be at 8100 orbit. At its friend but he like I don't want to group manager when he told me how terrible that this guy concede. I took it upon my. Chewed me. Right in and diet and credited combo are so when I went to the mailbox I removed it indication from the back. So yeah any holes sorry you sat around the dining room table or whatever and made the guest list and he made the cut. And your husband and her fiance at the time. That all Bragg who will become an of the fiery. Great. But somehow between your house and the United States Postal Service blue band. And invite just calendar a lot of weird yet then learn he drag I have a party is not like. Did you have did you has been ever figure out that he wasn't invited ordered his dragged its natural opera that I'll play now. As saying I didn't. On any drama I didn't argue about it I was very stealthy about as I had. They ended up getting into its huge by eight and now they're not trends. So who kind of fixed itself and I still. I am taking it to my grave like okay. It I don't need my husband being and what. Somebody that act like there's so encouraged. The frat party. Where is this huge fight because he did not get an invite to the wedding. Wore my and you never found out that you what you did ever. I Aaron your night you just got lost in the mail our lack. I would like I can't really set you know all about our DN. And even question that I want. Because in the back here husbands and he's saying he knows Greg's not responsible so he thinks Gregg got an. And it just ended up with the pod bottom of the pile of the junk mail basket or whatever and then Greg Natalie only playing at about you know I did another problem. I'm happy that you share the story with this I'm sad that you think taking it to your grave mean sharing it with our. Our show is is this the fat cat. My instant I think still was actually really Smart. You do polian right now works hello is so manipulative. Think of it wasn't a family member. It wasn't something he somebody he was close enough to be Emeka grooms men rain like an old party friend she doesn't want in their life. Eight Canon given her the praise emote jeering now. Whip okay would you say the same thing in the situation were reversed. Did she really yeah. If your husband slipped out. Like any invites to somebody who he personally didn't care for your past do you want there. I would give them credit for being Smart any told you that you might look the reason that. They're mad. He's gonna say it is great he's just an ecologist and tension that's what I'm to arsenic. I autumn in Atlanta. My mother. And I really bureau and Adam. Rule. Why AM. Well actually I am eastern drinking problem yeah it helped not. Drink and am very species right back freakish like a hot sixteen year old when she drink. Like she Ari it's. Who's got it. So eyes so rather than have to monitor every glass of wine that she got from the are huge as. Didn't invent. I played really wonderful and how did echo her with mom. Well why don't I understand I mean there are a lot of things I don't include Reynard because it. Yeah yeah I'm telling you much. He's Arianna it's. Star in 941.