Who Celebrates Halloween Early?

Friday, October 28th


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Knowing what she. You can go and work due to so many pins today. On starting now before one. Jay and I trichet is on the soundness and she is unhappy with something that. He opened the show early something that we talked about with regard to Halloween right yes I cherish a welcome addition. It is unhappy the right word are you unhappy lists. I mean I work. And executed it's kind of being sucked back about. Howling mean talent Saturday. And I the I think it can be really really gets hanging. Right so we talked about this because I was saying that their I was stressed because I'm not ready yet if I have stricker traders. On Saturday or Sunday. And I have heard of both unfazed by K with some mom friends and and moms circles. That some. Families really wanted to move. Halloween to Saturday instead of Monday because Monday is a school night. Way I keep Halloween and then on Monday the trick or treating what happened on Saturday at the dot. Yeah. Yeah. And we just that's just ridiculous goings on now right. Nobody's gonna come to Jens house and Saturday. In trick or treat the district of treating happens now in the Monday. It's thinks that I got until Monday to get my king. Right but I think I have been asking people that sit back I have been trying to organize my neighborhood and to act. How is that and received. Most people the kind of back. Being that I'm being not that lake. You have to understand you know my honor you know wiggle out of its own ING Sox did every year in November. I mention my I. Every time to leave early so where are on Halloween. You need to tell you give me late some night Ali got a kid at the end. Oh it you know I. Until late I can make a significant Saturday which is be someone eat your current parent. And act it could be higher score any. Larry our bowling Alley and he. Because that's the holiday the holiday is. And it's always on the thirty our scout no matter what day of the week right. April we have like her little school parties not in next Indian in their little in school parties signed. On Halloween at school that didn't have the ticker cheating. The Saturday before. I mean it can make so much worse I mean I don't know what you eat at. Argue that you can't move another like you know move Christmas it's an army. It does. Happen to her like a real I mean it's like not a real how are they that they act where like you know into huge huge. Religious holiday that leads to some I'm ninety so why can't we make it more fine. They're living at the Saturday early and panic dot its. It's it's a no brainer Q acne. He LA where. I can see Jeff actually getting mad over here I think this is ridiculous well I just on that made it doesn't make any sense to me because. I mean am I understand where you're coming from again it but that I think my point is. You know move fourth of July accuses thinking I mean it was a fourth of July at a Monday or Tuesday this year but you know movement you know move their kids out of school that. Yeah it and then cool. Cellular network and I I think the proper solution. And used in me. November 1 the school holiday. I mean have a good luck but back and it to have in your time and in golly I'll lean. It's Saturday. Violate making of undercurrent that school holiday idea kids feel about that. I mean they eat out there and they're bound and we're actually going to retreating on Monday night ilk that didn't hear you we're gonna go to Italy are arena with a hurry on Saturday and attack and attack. Italian unit tiny candy there. And then where you know Monday or gonna go to all they have their holiday party there Halloween party school. And then do we know where carbon molecule homer and I regret that and I. I mean idiots here. You all you can UBN a which. Unity kick. You can't do that going to be in their house and looking out there at the front lines that every kid in the neighborhood all dressed applicants. Superhero Laura Laura W tying. EE now they're gonna happen on Saturday at any time. He had not been a deal. And prevent everybody from knocking on your horse intricate. Or return why not egregious. How many unleash share welcome to the jets and tension. I had no idea where are you ready to move Halloween. No I am not and had it actually they're better at bat and I. It demands and have a lien is not how only. I think that. It's ridiculous at the time this trick or treating. Another page and then had tallying on Monday afternoon. That's just ridiculous I would not do that actually it exploring their its rating on how he had Monday. I'm in pain bad. You know bait you two. 08 and iTunes so security and they planned. Come ha and then I do know Ed I hate you know at every time so the next day. Especially occasionally even if you are now they're in bed in time. You still get home media dump out any distorted island a year. Best candy he's remember this match most favored by elk. This is my kind of favorite child is my book out yeah in this is the dead can have this. That's how you divide everybody device or any day that. Right Salina by color. On the scene at sixteen bags of seed and it prologue to the shallow. Why. Do you think about the weight of I'm Halloween ended on call and critic on a holiday and that alone and vitality and they're all. It. I'm caught it I'm gonna hurt every year you how the F one of the eight here are a little bit more are a little bit or no warning. Okay part of being a parent and I'm like you do your held this Monday. That's what makes it special Halloween. The whole thing. You put out a little flammable plastic suit me go dark outside yeah hey they got past your bedtime. It's. Gonna do if I have to look at it crashed faces of children like Trisha is on Saturday when they come to my door and I don't have candy yeah. Give them whatever you got your fridge and if you say you still get gas rose from is not present and ego or here's an eggplant parmesan what. Could show up and get anyway. Candy you should be an expert on this is here and let's have an. Hi. I think she kind of crazy. I grew up in a retirement community and they would actually all are they called ahead in the waiting room and did not want to kid going out on a school night and. So they moved their hocker holy the Saturday before. Everyone hated so we were never able to do anything on Halloween. It. How many kids who lives in a retirement community. It was actually the entire count. Though is accidentally inherit county alone and so they did. Halloween on Saturday I made it on I ain't gonna leave the county can do if you don't weekend. Please explain attrition how much that was terrible. Yeah terrible because you would get delegates out of my cousin who lives in another town another city. And Eric not only after treating tonight he's going to be treating them like Powell because. We had our and Saturday Billick why you have on Saturday. Evidently it was horrible let go I have been kept in doing that so you feel like you don't want to go out on Halloween. You don't want Colleen you do every dude your kid to let everybody else into it there on holiday. It's here that aren't yet it. Crashing. Through Q and that I'm just imagine them peering out of the blind little dealing memories. I I'm calling because. I'm pretty ended that the First Lady and how we had several all day. I knew about it people didn't ever every real holiday and you know it can either. You're you're supposed to pay respect your ancestors into the gear it you know and does that missed a family member or. You know something like that. And even if you don't like it about spirit about turning over. From the harvest season and do you know wintertime and you know giving me giddy or what is giving you pretty year and to get. And it's also free candy from strangers. Let's really I mean that's. And all that you can't you know that's an offspring that you're getting backing and academics and artists when they would allowed in the harvest. Tootsie rolls and you are. Only you know eight to find you'll somewhere I don't I. All right thank you Sarah. Okay candidates. Patricia I hope I do we change your mind at all. I doubt I don't I I don't think it around holiday I mean media at least the situation called and in keeping a terror holiday. But I I. Now I and it's as it gets hurt climate expert head and it's not planned limit yet they have late. Yeah it kind of candy and don't don't get exactly and then they're crazy people Iraq Iran and Iraq are all week. Right. A nutrition while the happy Saturday. So great and didn't. Have a good day we're in have a great and I ran great. The toward an informative and then and there. Yeah. They just insure and younger. You can imagine the kids. They get like at Sara McLaughlin song about remembering that they always use of the dog shelters. And I hear remember you yeah her kids just looking at the Venetian blinds in the final. You know that are on the front window looking in the street and other friends on him. Is he's 32. Picture crackles pre. No special dark very you know like many raids. She's running Dennis in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. It's very common overload off the jet engine Shia on starring Betty Ford Lola and.