Who Can Shotgun A Beer The Fastest?

Monday, August 28th

Who cares if it's only 8am? We're celebrating college today!

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And young star and 841. I generated videos you have for us I think so college students are back in session and and we've just been reminiscent about. How much women's college. I mean did you really appreciate it when you. I definitely did and I need to go back into Oliver and his I would so enjoy it so much more. I gen what did you make your way over to the bathroom and I'll explain whatever reason to make sure you read Canadiens and Larry you explain I have never ever done this before. I jam a proud of Florida State Seminole wearing her seminoles T shirt is making her way across the hall to the bathroom here in the studio hallway a way JP you'll be waiting for her. And add JP is going to be instructed Jane. On how to properly shotgun a there's a party in the background. And I feel like this is why I take in the closet right now we're in the bathroom with the years. We're in the bathroom goose toilet doesn't flush on the way and I know we're sending us so let's make sure that that's clear. Okay one idea. It's what you do. And you take you're here right here you flip the beer. And you make of flat. Whereas on horizontal beer and then it's close sometimes. I ask which introduced against data which in the middle don't yeah. Annuity I don't know and 99% of stuff this is not the 1% Genoa. So it's. Yeah many things. Am not ready yet though so what are we gonna actually do tell me what I'm supposed to be doing all you okay and is you know open attack. Open tab at the top and then what do I do would and is this going Immelt right isn't it demonstration I'll do. It's okay. K. You hit right in the middle. It is right there. So now. Your gonna pop the top. Then you bring it up all once. Now what you need to know about JP before he does this is he has a weird thing. Where he can just opened his strictly speaking drank a glass of beer look at 6020 ounce glass of beer in one swallow. So he's gonna make this look so easy risk you're willing to take James gonna do it in and have covered in netting like yup. OK so three. Do one go. Okay. I disagree twelve ounce beer like it was a shock I had a question not like you use that area on a triple. Well a little on his beard too. I'd eaten drink for two. Okay how do you not your mouse on the Tina. You push that teen and rather than act. We do town. I'm scared to. I JP and I just I just get the stories. Did you cut the can for her. And then now give us a countdown in general Shaq on her first you jump ball before it OK I can tell. Pretty news coming out of my knees cleaning seminar and authorities closed or an does not like natural ice is. Birds of the calls and natural high natural high peace. Mom. Acts as. Hello to him all the intern them there helping to learn. All in college right now yeah. So manners like and I nearly 21. I'd said. Are you ready we are assuming this he unit. So yeah. Huge huge play at a acne drug to another into the home yeah which amount over the okay. Well I want to know. Yeah it is doing everywhere. Her chick. It's a list is that it's an acquired tastes. I'm covered in beer. Percentage wise JP. How much and admitted she says she's got. See if there's twelve ounces and here's my head down about two and a half 30 mine Jane asked. I don't to Mineta saying how seance donned its. Fleet. Just coming in here he said now. Terrible radio happening right now but that's okay we're celebrating college and everything happens at colleges on some level terrible. Star in 941. And sick and tired backe didn't fashion this week so let's begins began on the Japanese and show. We are trying to figure out which one of us is the best shot banning beer to bully. OJP's the pro added. I just isn't my first time shut banning beer and let me just tell you that at eight. Thirteen in the morning it's a severe is disgusted he. He did just hurts too proud. Brad take him icons now just I'm imagining is back there right now many sack and his. Beer and feel and all life. Champion about it. JP can hear me and ask me now IGT is about to carve the beer opens forming a translate into Thanksgiving Turkey. And I don't think the crowd we had a bunch towels down. Jeff is about tee shot down a beard do you think you can BJP and timing because he crash that in about two seconds flat. By JD swallows faster than anyone I've ever met. He is the ultimate party guy he's a guy you want at your part along. Here's his party trick I when I first met JP one of his best friends. I met. What is best friends I and any tangle first and Taylor goes oh yeah as JP did you guess and then ask him to do that and then ask him to do this in the literally listed off. Different. Tricks that you could make JP do Leahy's some sort of addiction adult human lassie. Bullied or not I did get a degree in communications from the university of southern Illinois Carbondale so I had the degree to back up all my party. I'm Jen what's your degree in. Communications communication Amanda what do you and Escobar. Communications island. Journalism Savannah. Music mean I'm the only woman who didn't get a college degree so yeah. Who's winning today I got a history degree some practically right there with the jets. I Ahmad some what do I traded JP's leader Richard played Atlanta that. All right thank you just all you have to do is open at the top and once you open up the top you put it's your mouth right away and start drinking ready. It tells America over the towels just you know it's. Three 21. Judge it's. Alone that sound like you. The bit ended up on the ground. Don't get a job drinking it he just didn't sit upright so as he was drinking out of a hole. The other side of it started spilling on the floor there is a bit nervous aren't actually doing a little technique because. I guess I son JP just tilt his head completely backwards wet. Himself went right at you guys announces she's and I'm. OK so let's just how has your experience experience. I it was it was I'd campaign sticky. Well anyway and unpaid a reminder now that Matty ice is basically expensive water sold for this thing and that is easier to. As that flavor I have that I have to take things. Have much of a flavor to non. I mean net net I think it's. Like it's what's left over after they made the air right is that there. This sounds all right. So I guess a redone this portion of the college part of Asia I think we should be. And let's Kelly she's once HI her hand out and no never done in on ninety my record as having never shot and a beer all right Kelly whatever you better than all this week. You and your history to break. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion out on star not before one and it.