Where You Were Conceived Part 3

Wednesday, September 28th


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Bloody Monday and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Search stock in 941 Atlanta. Hey JP told us a couple days ago that used to seed them and so for the house. A parade and everything. And get into this whole conversation about where. Where people were conceived. Ken says the JP eight persons salsa music out there. Me oh yeah happy my parents in the community. All accounts for forty something years always I'm one. Four. And still frisky with each other and flirting with each other in front of me and my brother like that. But they told me I was conceived on one hot Miami. On South Beach. They went to. I'm really. Wild and crazy Cuban party and then came home and then there I am nine months. You are the result of a half dozen of these. Aside gets these calls will. Record and it's appropriate music. I last batch because Jonathan wary conceived. I'm my sister weren't actually conceived on I don't how I'm aren't. But the camper there is being pulled down the interstate are. Luckily I. Mean it's been a minute and ask myself it is Rambo is driving the tampered down. 85 or whatever going to and the beach or something and and your parents. Where in the back. Board. Three times there have been as in 1975. And it's a really alt keys are. And the cast of the track and are in order and back. Writing EB billion camper and that in the second round. On my hatred LA and my how. Could be in sent him as it currently alma. Darcy aware were you conceived. I have my parent commuting the law they get and I think he and I highly Mattel is Sally well Oklahoma. This family side you're lucky your name is RC a Adam where were you conceive since this. No actually it's a militia. In this yes. My parents as. Bobby where you concede. My daughter would actually conceived in the attic in the attic of the house you live in now. Well but I used to live in we're getting Christmas decorations on a. Very nationally. And honest with you and some zest and OK laughter. Very MacKenzie. And I and I hammock and now that export. My mom. Had a. I think that well. And then that's what. We use page John you know the last I. Barry can see Jack. My not me where's your sense urgency. On a blanket on the ground underneath admitted to watch. And it have a big plays and chocolate. Star in 941.