Where You Were Conceived Part 2

Wednesday, September 28th


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The switch is on. Knew this and all over. Mental moral and I. Just enjoy and Shia and stellar no need for a lawyer and. And yeah determine actual song that was fine and Chris I can about it if you know. Where you were conceived. Well I'll leave people out more information that I would ever want him. JP's Doug and tonight apparently his that not that she live in Chicago yet and Erica position this is the show on lines that I'm magic me. And she sent him Marty tells me text yes some more breaking news on my birth. And we're told now what did what did Mary say as well conversation started with eight he's saying. There's mom told them they use in the van the sofa. And house vote. I. Yeah. What does she says the reason is because we around the house because. Our friends arrived earlier to the bunk beds in our room. So I could have been he sits and a bump out of this may get a note of all the people we have on hold right now and great stories Jesse missy Lori Courtney. On hold and for the record as jot these nets down and ending everybody's name on all of these stories were the what do you mean it was I mean there's a difference between agencies tonight. I understand your judgment it's edgy you know Jesse A Jesse had used by name. Hi all okay if it was just with an eye what what would what judgement would you make about. I will know yeah I don't either and the Jessica Jesse Europe first. Aaron. I gave that back in January 19 in the a and we already knew where it started there well against. I can't tell board and the captain how particularly and track and they're looking on like they're okay. Nancy I ain't old they are these are. I don't know why they probably would play each year and the battle and we're saying that I near you ball and I'm. There. Let you know that. And I was late. I am not and why did I need to know that. And I lied on you want now. And do you think that every time you use the stairs in your parents as you like this means that right. I. It's no apocalypse I bet creative bunch of babies I that the apocalypse. Hey missy welcome to the death contention that. Are so great and you may see where that wire and I. Know I. Think now where he concedes Nancy. I'm so I'm not it so I get my act on their fat they care little bit too much information and trying to make up all the years. They cheated patted it on the ballot as big an impact in that car back in the lit a lawyer. Click anywhere on land to let them back east. Somewhere and it's like I did not need depiction that banks. You know. Well that they say keep it on that back putted and that that. He didn't do you by any chance now what kind of car wise thing. I don't I and that's all that they'd had enough with the back into the wall okay. At least that was the pickup truck. Larissa. Hey good morning how I agree. Lie and I need my daughter on a little daughter actually it was conceived on any lawn chair in the locker. Yeah it's okay leaves little bit share and Smart a little on hold until I don't Jerryd occasionally. Sometimes we need this hanging out the yards you know. Yeah it's. Yeah on the screen and yeah. Yeah. Until it ruins the chair. And now we take these are they suspect acorn eighty you know Larry you are conceived. Yet. Eight and eat it. I did it in an art and high. Eat out. It. A. Yeah I have learned to. It's certainly been. It's time for her. I JP and on that. And who's according and that I'm on the vote were. And I did yeah. And and a votes on me. Yeah. Wow kind hearted thank you. I found out that it. Right yeah Bagram. And wrong. We may have another caller how many of these phone lines will not stop ringing. Got to try to squeeze in for a force in Portland. After it. Are you ready for law and thanks for awake enough when Japanese yen.