Where Were You Conceived Part 1

Wednesday, September 28th


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In case you have an artist today look dust. No one noticed I mean spell enhancing discovery of the championship show starring before a lot of guys that we're talking about where you were conceived because I'm Monday. We were telling stories on this channel. And JP hits this would this one my parents celebrated 33 years of marriage over the weekend congratulations and John and Mary you did it. Plus you'll over shared. I got a little bit too much information. That I could no longer on here and they told me that I would concede on the couch about how spoke. And that reason why I like to swim so much about diving board because I would is made. At C. Sometimes I am house vote yeah I. Definitely have lost my appetite and is failure to think about your parents isn't it my all of JK. Then I coach house. Unhappy that they love each other but. Yet that image does not need to be there right now. That you're gonna over the phone lines for right now 404741. And 94 hunted. If you have a better. Inception story and JP. What I gonna define better. Again it's just more memorable than ouch and you're gonna classes in 1983. Yeah. Technically local. Ask your parents well I everybody who's born in early November is now. I don't think I have a great story and talent for. And they could be exciting. Betting line this year with more. Specifics around like where they in turn out. This line was involved president tiny little town in. Upstate New York I was aghast they went to the log cabin rest. Second answer everybody goes on the fancy night out orgy teasing. OK and I and you know for Valentine's Day dinner and intuitive. And a neighbor's house and afterwards male and wine in the and and we get to November 8. Jennifer welcome to the jets and Jen show where you can see. The root ball I'll well the great story like at the actual Rose Bowl itself. But aptly. Applied to all that but I got my belly and on the menu wrote that oh well. Yeah. I felt. Just a question like not in Pasadena Rose Bowl weekend Bentley act he is a gold Rose Bowl. It was like yeah I. Was at a time and go and. Alter it all right in testing our. Bathrooms now. And it I. That I bet on the I had all the. Philly though make you think your parents are cool. They do something crazy like that to concede you. Brittany welcome to the Germans engine. Hey. Where did happen where did Britney become Britney. I need on a wire. Aid to. Come on over here to the black actor. I'm guessing you wanna agonies baby ninety's maybe. Are born in nineteen IA. A lot of little tale. I'll right. Right we're getting heat the the phone lines have been 4047419400. Is the telephone number. We'd love your phone calls you answer the question. Where every conceivable awesome. Find out why this music. Was requested by Jenn hobby I just admit. If any. All. Your phone calls and James story after cheap thrills I. Seven Denzel yeah. And jump. Star ready for a one.